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February 14, 2018

Everything you ever wanted to know about Bergen-Belsen concentration camp

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Bergen-Belsen Exchange Camp and Concentration Camp

“The fact is that all these were once clean-living and sane and certainly not the type to do harm to the Nazis. They are Jews and are dying now at the rate of three hundred a day. They must die and nothing can save them – their end is inescapable, they are too far gone now to be brought back to life. I saw their corpses lying near their hovels, for they crawl or totter out into the sunlight to die. I watched them make their last feeble journeys, and even as I watched they died.” Peter Coombs, British soldier, May 4, 1945 letter to his wife after liberation of Bergen-Belsen.


Dying man struggles to survive at Bergen-Belsen camp


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