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February 17, 2018

I wanna hold your hand…

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Why won’t Melania Trump hold the Donald’s hand? Does he have sweaty palms?

You can read all about it in this news article:

Donald Trump tries to hold Melania’s hand – but she is having none of it

I think that Melania won’t hold his hand because she knows where that hand has been — on some other woman’s pussy. Trump’s nick name is “pussy grabber”.

After 9-11 and Sandy Hook….

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This morning, I heard the words in the title of my blog post on a TV show which told about the recent shooting at a Florida high school.  It seems that every shooting by a crazy person is now being compared to 9-11 and Sandy Hook.

9-11 is claimed to have been an attack by a foreign government that wanted to bring down the buildings owned by one man, so that he could build more spectacular building on that spot. This foreign government has never been identified.