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March 21, 2018

Were Jews sent to Auschwitz merely for the crime of being Jewish?

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The following quote is from this recent news article:

Begin quote from news article:

“… being sent to a certain awful death at Auschwitz merely for the crime of being Jewish?”

End quote from news article

No, no, no! The reason, that is given above, is not why the Jews were sent to camps, and not why the Jews died at Auschwitz.

My blog post today is a comment on the quote above, which is from this news article:

The Jews were not sent to camps by the Nazis for the crime of being Jewish. They were sent to camps because they were lying, cheating and stealing during war time.


  1. Comment by hermie — March 23, 2018 @ 8:09 am

  2. FG

    Couldn’t have said it any better than that! The Jews were declared “enemies” of the Reich and had to be dealt with as homegrown terrorist.
    Most of them were of the Communist viewpoint and a danger to the Reich. You can’t have people like this (partisans) running around taking potshots at the German soldiers so they had to be contained and putting them in the camps was the best way to do that. If Hitler only knew how big a problem the Jews would become decades later he would of been better off shooting them all. Hitler was actually to nice to them by keeping them alive. I’m not saying this because I hate Jews I’m saying this because of how things eventually played out and what this world has turned into today directly because of them.

    My only wish is for the “good” Jews if any actually do exist, to see the truth of what really happened during this troubling time period and if presented with all the facts they would see their fellow Jewsters from years ago were not the most gracious and decent people that they are played up to be today. The Jews today are actually the villains and working against all the good decent people trying to do good in the world today. Now can you see why they are called the Synagogue of Satan in the Bible book of Revelation chapter 2:9—3:9 They will meet their maker when the final day comes for judgment against them….. as we all will.


    Comment by Jim Rizoli — March 21, 2018 @ 1:48 pm

    • Jim Rizoli wrote: ” The Jews were declared “enemies” of the Reich and had to be dealt with as homegrown terrorist.”

      When WW2 began, Chaim Weizmann (9 years later the 1st President of Israel) made sure in the most explicit manner that they were unambiguously considered as such by the leaders of the Third Reich.

      A fact so embarrassing and incriminating that the Israeli prosecutors of the Eichmann mock trial felt the urge to lie about it during the proceedings by denying its existence.

      Mock trial of Adolf Eichmann (10 July 1961):

      [begin quote]
      Q. [prosecutor] You told a story here to the effect that your hostility towards Jewry began after the late Dr. Weizmann had declared war against Germany. When did he make this declaration?

      A. [Eichmann] That is correct. From that moment on I, too, recognized Jewry as, shall we say, a potential opponent which could become dangerous to my fatherland. This declaration was made public a few days after the outbreak of war, in 1939. And that is, if I may say so, an understandable reaction on the part of any person who loves his fatherland.


      Q. And from then on you regarded the Jews as an enemy […] ?


      Q. And Jewry all over the world – through its leader Chaim Weizmann – had evidently declared war on the German Reich. […]


      Q. And the war which Chaim Weizmann declared on Germany, was it, as you have stated here, also part of the war which was forced on Germany?

      A. This declaration of war against Germany, decided on by Chaim Weizmann, is in my eyes part of a chain of mutual misconceptions. To be more explicit – I think both sides are to blame here.

      Q. You have not answered my question. You have spoken here of the war that had been forced on Germany and of the fact that Chaim Weizmann, as it were, had declared war on Germany. My question is this: Was the war which Weizmann had declared part of that war which had been forced on Germany?

      A. Globally seen, yes.

      Q. And if I tell you that this is a lie and an invention; that Weizmann never made any such declaration of war, and you have never heard such a declaration, and you have never in your war used this declaration as an argument – what is, then, your reaction?

      A. In that case I can only state again that we had heard it, as it was officially dealt with. I personally actually had files about it.
      [end quote]


      Comment by hermie — March 23, 2018 @ 8:39 am

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