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April 7, 2018

“The genocide of the Roma by the Nazis…”

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The title of my blog post is a line from this news article:

The news article begins with this quote:

The genocide of the Roma by the Nazis remains for many the “forgotten Holocaust”. February 26, 2018 marked the 75th anniversary of the day in 1943 when, following an order issued by SS leader Heinrich Himmler the preceding December, the first transport carrying German Sinti and Roma arrived at the “Gypsy Camp” in Auschwitz-Birkenau – the beginning of a wave of mass transports which peaked that March. By war’s end, some 20,000 Sinti and Roma had been murdered in Auschwitz or died as a consequence of their internment there.

The families of the victims of the Roma Holocaust still struggle for compensation and equal rights. Meanwhile, institutional and rhetorical anti-Gypsyism is sadly becoming politically respectable in parts of Europe.

End quote

Note that the popular name for the Roma people was “Gypsy”.

I first heard the word Gypsy when I was a small child, around 4 or 5 years old. A group of strangers had set up a camp site near my house. I was told that these were people who were likely to kidnap me and take me away with them. I never left my house, as long as they were there.


  1. I’m still looking for the smoking gun here! Can someone please show me a picture of a real homicidal gas chamber.
    All this talk of people being killed yet we don’t have a picture of the murder weapon.


    Comment by Jim Rizoli — April 7, 2018 @ 8:48 pm

    • You wrote: “Can someone please show me a picture of a real homicidal gas chamber?”

      The state of Missouri has a real homicidal gas chamber, which I haver seen and photographed. I have a photo of it on my website. When I was a child, I was taken to Jefferson City, Missouri on a school trip where I saw the gas chamber.

      Comment by furtherglory — April 8, 2018 @ 10:22 am

      • In Germany or Poland


        Comment by Jim Rizoli — April 8, 2018 @ 5:08 pm

    • Here you go, Jim:

      Comment by blake121666 — April 8, 2018 @ 5:01 pm

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