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April 16, 2018

Whatever happened to the Nazi gas chambers?

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A new generation of young people is now studying the Holocaust. Many people in this generation do not know, nor care, about Auschwitz, which is the main place where the Holocaust happened.

You can see photos of the Auschwitz gas chambers on the Internet.  The following quote is from another website:

Begin quote

Already mentioned, Bunker 2 was reactivated for the “Hungarian Jews Action”, and finally demolished.
Crematory IV was set on fire by its Sonderkommando during the uprising on 7 October 1944, and thereafter was no longer use able. Crematories II and III were blown up by the SS on 20 January 1945.
Crematory V was blown up as the last one 26 January 1945, just before the liberation of Auschwitz.

End quote

You can see my photos of the Auschwitz gas chamber at