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April 19, 2018

It all started with the Warsaw Ghetto upsising

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I have been reading in the news recently that young people today don’t know anything about the Holocaust.

Where to start? In my opinion, young people should start their Holocaust education by studying the story of the Warsaw ghetto.

I have a section about this on my website at

You can read about the Warsaw ghetto heroes on my website at



  1. You wrote:
    “references made in the “report” were also examined to conclude that it was likely the product of Jewish propagandists, not Stroop.”

    What references, what conclusion was reached and why?

    How did the “Jewish propagandists” fake the album?

    You are 11 years behind the story Alan:

    These are people that do real research.

    Comment by Anonymouse — April 21, 2018 @ 11:23 am

    • But I’ve already chatted with Mr. Muehlenkamp. See here:

      He could not confine himself to a discussion of the Holocaust itself – he needed to attack me personally. By clicking on my name in his “Answer” you will be sent to my profile page (what remains of it after I was banned). You can click on “Edits” on the left side and read through the history of my edits, comments and interactions etc. over the few months before I was banned. Use your “Find on page” tool to read comment #351068806.

      You ask “what conclusion about the Stroop Report was reached and why?” Did you not read the essay? The links work fine.

      Comment by Alan — April 24, 2018 @ 3:24 pm

      • Alan wrote “Did you not read the essay?”

        Unfortunately, I did waste some of my life reading it; it’s complete nonsense. Please see links posted previously.

        Comment by Anonymouse — April 26, 2018 @ 2:39 pm

        • I know that feeling. I “wasted some of my life” at Bobby Muehlenkamp’s clown farm as well. But in life sometimes you have to spend time – or “waste” it – examining even the claims of fantastic liars in order to then fairly, thoroughly and demonstrably debunk and dismantle their lies. But you did ask “What conclusion was reached and why?” So were you lying then or had you not actually read the essay before posting your “rebuttal” links? It’s one or the other. Because your statement alone implies that you hadn’t read the essay at the time you posted your comment which would mean you were merely reflexively posting propaganda then. But if you had then you were lying. No, I think you’re just someone who found that Muehlenkamp had posted something in response to Denierbud’s essay (in an effort to shore up the fading Holocaust narrative and myth) and this is why you latched onto it. You also miss the point: You keep referencing “these people” (by directing me to the links) when I’ve already pointed out to you that not only am I familiar with “them” – “they” (Bob at least) – are familiar with me. As evidenced by the link I provided about my time on Quora with Bob. Which, although being poignantly limited – I do not really see as “wasted”). It doesn’t bother me too much being banned from Quora. I’m hardly alone (and have much more time to get other things in life done!). I am a little bummed that half of all my Answers (about 28) and a lot (or most) of the comments – of myself and those who challenged me on my Answers – are now gone, removed, censored from the record. It would be wonderful for many to read the kind words and logical arguments that were offered to me by those supporting the standard Holocaust story and my terrible, horrible apparently very bad responses which must’ve justified my banning for not being “nice” or “respectful”. Gosh, I wonder how Quora decides to ban some while others can do no wrong…

          Anyway, blindfolded I could throw a dart at a chart of the Holocaust myth and hit something that can likely be debunked but I’ll jump in starting with this question – because that’s why you’re here right? You know and believe the story and you can explain it? Great. Back before the cremations began and the Germans were intending to plant the millions of Jews of Europe directly and physically into the ground they supposedly buried 80,000 of them in the “extermination area” at Sobibor. Let me know if you need help in locating a model of this camp made by an alleged survivor of “the Holocaust”. I want to you to point out exactly where in the “extermination area” these “80,000 gassed Jews” were buried before being later dug up (according to the story).

          Comment by Alan — April 28, 2018 @ 1:06 pm

    • Also read comment #369244652 of Feb 6, 2018 in my edits. The postscript “PS” in my “Answer” summarizes my experience with Bob Muehlenkamp.

      Comment by Alan — April 25, 2018 @ 12:52 pm

  2. That ought to be “uprising”.
    Whenever someone wants to learn about this subject I always suggest “One Third of the Holocaust”. The maker of that video series used to have a website with a lot of research material beyond just his videos. There was an article on Konrad Morgen’s investigations of Amon Goeth and Karl Koch. There was also an essay on the “Stroop Report” which argued that it was a fraud created to arouse sympathy abroad (in the US and Britain, I guess) for the Jews’ uprising in Warsaw, one point being that it was unlikely that any military official would produce for posterity such a “commemorative” album which appeared to gloat about achieving a “victory” over what the purported album itself noted were untrained men and women and children. The materials, photos used (including the famous “little boy with raised hands”) and the references made in the “report” were also examined to conclude that it was likely the product of Jewish propagandists, not Stroop. Part of this article (missing a lot of photos) exists here:

    Comment by Alan — April 20, 2018 @ 10:58 pm

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