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May 8, 2018

And now it is time for some country music…

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Jews were allowed to write a letter to their loved ones minutes before they were gassed

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My photo of the gas chamber at Auschwitz

German people have manners and they are famous for being very considerate. I know this because I lived in Germany for 22 months while my husband was in the American Army. I was amazed that the Germans were such nice people, after everything that I had heard about the Germans gassing the Jews. Could it be that the Germans were gassing the lice in the clothing worn by the Jews?

A recent news article  confirms that the Jews were gassed:

The following quote is from the news article:

Begin quote

That Vilma Grunwald’s letter even exists is extraordinary.

She penned it in the minutes before she was gassed at Auschwitz, addressed it to her husband, and handed it to a Nazi guard who  did the improbable — he delivered it to the man, who was also imprisoned at the camp.

The Washington Post reports she accompanied her eldest child, a 16-year-old named John, who limped, to the gas chambers. The Indianapolis Star has the story of the July 11, 1944, letter, which has for the last four years resided at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

“I’m always reluctant to say it’s the only such document ever created,” says the museum’s chief acquisitions curator, “but to the best of our knowledge” it is the only surviving letter written at the concentration camp prior to a gassing.

End quote

I have seen a real gas chamber in Jefferson City, Missouri. A real gas chamber looks nothing like the alleged gas chamber in the photo that I took. How come nobody ever tells you that?