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May 11, 2018

Fumigation cubicles, where clothing was deloused with cyanide gas, by the Nazis

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During the Holocaust, the Nazis used poison gas to fumigate the clothing of the Jewish prisoners in concentration camps. This was done to save lives, not to kill the prisoners.

My photo of Dachau fumigation cubicle where clothing was deloused with cyanide gas

The following quote is from a newspaper article:

In May 1945, the US Army released a photograph of a fumigation cubicle door with a caption that said Dachau prisoners were murdered in a gas chamber here. On the interior wall is the device used to heat the Zyklon B

End quote

No, no, no. The cubicles were used to kill any lice in the clothing of the prisoners — to save their lives — not to kill the prisoners.

Dear readers: You must get over the idea that the Jews were good and the Nazis were bad. The Jews were lying, stealing and cheating, while the Nazis were trying to save Germany from the Jews.

Jews in hiding were killed by the Poles during the Holocaust

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You can read this news article, about the Poles killing Jews who were in hiding, at

Begin quote from news article:

(JTA) — According to new research done in Poland, two thirds of the local Jews who hid there from the Nazis did not survive the war, mostly because of the actions of their non-Jewish neighbors.

The figure comes from a two-volume work of 1,600 pages that historians from the Warsaw-based Center for Research on Holocaust of Jews have compiled over the past five years in nine out of Poland’s 13 regions, the Tok FM radio station reported Sunday.

Arriving amid a polarizing debate in Poland over a law that limits rhetoric on Polish complicity in the Holocaust, the study suggests Poles are responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths by Jews in the Holocaust — a figure that is significantly higher than previous estimates.

The findings of the research, which were published earlier this year in a Polish-language book titled “The Fate of the Jews in Selected Regions of Occupied Poland,” pertain to the fate of more than a million Jews who went underground to avoid being killed in Operation Reinhard — Nazi Germany’s campaign of annihilation of 3.3 million Jews in occupied Poland.

The issue of Polish complicity in the Holocaust is highly controversial in Poland, where the Nazis killed three million non-Jews in addition to about four million Jews.

End quote

The poor Jews!  They just couldn’t catch a break.

Why can’t old ladies deny the Holocaust if they want to?

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The following quote is from this news article:

Begin quote

Serial Holocaust denier

During her trial, [Ursula] Haverbeck spoke of an “Auschwitz lie,” claiming it was not an extermination camp, but merely a labor camp. [I believe that Ursula is correct.]

She and her late husband Werner Georg Haverbeck, who was an active member of the Nazi party, founded a right-wing education center called Collegium Humanum. The center was banned in 2008.

Haverbeck also wrote for the right-wing magazine Stimme des Reiches (Voice of the Empire). She used the magazine to express her views that the Holocaust never took place. [I believe that she is correct.]

Under German law, denying the Holocaust constitutes incitement to hatred and can carry a prison sentence of up to five years.

This article was originally published on Its content is created separately from USA TODAY.

End quote

I believe that having an opinion does not make one a criminal.