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May 12, 2018

Did non Jews butcher their Jewish neighbors in Poland?

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Say that it isn’t so. Non Jews butchering their Jewish neighbors? Why? Did these Jews “lie, steal and cheat”, as some people believe?

This news article tells about the fate of the Jews:

The following quote is from the news article:

Begin quote

Arriving amid a polarizing debate in Poland over a law that limits rhetoric on Polish complicity in the Holocaust, the study suggests Poles are responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths by Jews in the Holocaust — a figure that is significantly higher than previous estimates.

The findings of the research, which were published earlier this year in a Polish-language book titled “The Fate of the Jews in Selected Regions of Occupied Poland,” pertain to the fate of more than a million Jews who went underground to avoid being killed in Operation Reinhard — Nazi Germany’s campaign of annihilation of 3.3 million Jews in occupied Poland.

According to Polish Chief Rabbi Michael Schudrich, no more than 2,500 Jews died at the hands of Poles during the Holocaust or immediately after it. Efraim Zuroff, Eastern Europe director for the Simon Wiesenthal has disputed Schudrich’s estimate: He believes the correct figure is “many thousands” of people, including in at least 15 towns and cities in eastern Poland, where non-Jews butchered their Jewish neighbors.

But if the new study in Poland is correct, then those estimates are just a fraction of a tally of well over half a million Jewish Holocaust victims who died as a result of the actions of non-Jewish Poles.

The issue of Polish complicity in the Holocaust is highly controversial in Poland, where the Nazis killed three million non-Jews in addition to about four million Jews. In January, the right-wing government passed a law criminalizing blaming Poland for Nazi crimes. Protests by Israel, the United States and Jewish groups over this law prompted what observers say is a wave of anti-Semitic hatred with unprecedented intensity since the fall of communism in Poland.

End quote


  1. Well according to holy Jewish law so called “Halacha”, lying and cheating towards the Non-Jew is endorsed within Judaism, and according to some rabbis even stealing is allowed. There is however no consensus among the rabbis under which circumstances and when stealing is allowed – see page 118 and 112

    What every serious Torah scholar however agrees on is that Non-Jews really have no property-rights since everything was created by the Jewish god (HaShem) for the Jewish people..

    Non-Jewish life has no meaning according to Judaism if it is not dedicated to serve the purpose of god’s creation – serving the Jews.
    The influental rabbi Yitzshak Ginzburg therefore argues that the Torah would allow the taking of the vital organs from an innocent Non-Jew passing by if a Jew needed those. It is therefore not stealing per se. See the next to last section.
    With the same logic follows that murder of a Non-Jew perpetrated by a Jew is not really considered murder, and therefore cannot be punished in a Talmudic court so called Beith Dinh.
    With the same logic follows that a Non-Jewish woman or girl who is raped or have consensual sex with a Jew is put to death as an animal who has been the subject of bestiality.

    When the “redemption” manifests itself i.e. when the Mosaich ben David has come, all people will be slaves to the Jews and the people who don’t want to fulfil god’s purpose for their creation, being slaves to the Jews, they will be exterminated according to Jewish theology.

    Since a slave has no property rights, does not even own his/her own body and the Moshiach has not yet arrived there is a dispute regarding if confiscation of Goyim assets can be done before “Mipnei Darkei Shalom”(=peaceful ways) is over or if it can be done before. The rabbis who argue that it can be done before the Moshiach has arrived impose the condition that no the Jew must ensure that no other Jew will suffer repercussions -it must be done cunningly and deceitfully.
    “to take anything from a shop keeper by weight or measure is also forbidden , if it be done openly and honestly, but allowed if it be done cunningly and deceitfully”.
    Compare also the mitzvah “Lo Tsichonaym” which states that it is forbidden to save a Non-Jew from death, but only if the Jew can get away with it.,5081,5140#msg-514*/,5081,5140#msg-514
    The Rabbi David Bar Chaim emphasizes that a Jew should not take the easy way out and save the Non-Jew from death but be Torah true, and instead try to use creativity in his/her deception to get away with it.
    He also gives examples regarding how the Jew can lie to get away with it. “There are many ways”, he says.

    Please study the 20 videoclips in my playlist “Criminality of Judaism” and read the associated links.

    Followers of the criminal religion who know this stuff but refuse to denounce and whistle blow it must be put to death, especially if they instead of whistle blowing pretend that Jews are eternal innocent victims .
    This means that if the Holohoax TM happened as described in their official narrative it must be seen as legitimate Non-Jewish self defense.

    Comment by Lasse Karagiannis (@Amalek_) — May 13, 2018 @ 7:36 am

  2. Simon Wiesenthal lied 6,000,000 times about the number of Jews that allegedly died in the holocaust!

    Comment by theskepticalcynic — May 12, 2018 @ 5:54 pm

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