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May 14, 2018

Young girl leaped from a moving train on her way to the gas chamber

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On my blog post today, I am commenting on this news article:

The following quote is from the news article:

Begin quote

Rachel Black almost always writes [music] in a plaintive minor key, but the Lawrence singer knew that this personal piece — the true tale of the moment her great-grandmother forced her daughter to leap from a moving cattle car on the way to the gas chambers of the Holocaust — cried out to be written in a major key. To Black, 33, that’s the sound of bravery, hope and a mother’s sacrificial love.

“This song is very much about the strength of mothers,” Black said recently. She sat in the living room of the Americana Music Academy, 1419 Massachusetts St., where she is executive director. Her voice is clear, her long, straight hair the color of her name. “I’m here because of their strength.”

End quote

This reminds me of the old expression: “Throw mama from the train a kiss”. [It should be “Throw a kiss to mama from the train.”

Did the Nazis really tell the Jews that they were on a train that was headed to a gas chamber? I don’t think so.

Many years ago,I lived in Germany for 22 months while my husband was in the American Army there, and I talked with a lot of German people. My impression was that the German people were very, very intelligent and they were always careful not to make mistakes.

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  1. Dear Sir, after feeling personal angst about your May 23, 2020 posting about Jimmy Gentry and the liberator of Dachau, I thought I could perhaps shed some light on the story I hear told several times by the great educator and coach. Like many kids and teens, I got the opportunity to know this man. The only times I heard him dicuss the Liberation of Dachau were at a yearly camp out with a group of 30 or so kids and parents by river that happen once every summer. He didn’t mention it every year but on the occasions that he did it was always late, when fire’s embers were dying. He never waffled on his narrative. It was always consistent. You could tell he was telling us because he thought he should , despite the pain in reliving it.
    He was not known to tell the story to many. But it was always consistent. I know numerous professors who have flown down to speak with him, as several have stayed at our house on their trip to do so. He has eagerly been incorporated in the archive of World War II witnesses by numerous respected scholars. If you have further questions I’d be happy to provide whatever information I can.
    You should rethink your skepticism of this man.

    Comment by Patrick Rhea — March 12, 2022 @ 12:00 am

  2. Silly song, but still too smart. Too bad for her. Had she looked like a fat geisha mimicking a chicken in a stupid singing performance, she could have won the Eurovision song contest for Israel’s 70th anniversary.

    “Stupid Goy. Stupid Gooooy…” 😉

    Bibi making fun of the dumb Gentile Europeans for losing to such a musical crap performed by a singer from a non-European country:

    And to make the farce even more ridiculous and the mockery more insolent, be aware that the Israeli geisha-sumo chicken defeated Austria (winning the jury vote and finishing in third place after the [rigged?] televote during the last seconds of the show) and her negro contestant with a Jewish surname (César Sampson – from Linz (where Hitler lived between the age of 9 and the age of 18).

    Comment by hermie — May 14, 2018 @ 5:32 pm

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