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May 18, 2018

The Gypsies who were murdered in the Holocaust

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You can read about the fate of the Gypsies in the Holocaust here:

The following quote is from the article above:

Begin quote

The Gypsies of Europe were registered, sterilized, ghettoized, and then deported to concentration and death camps by the Nazis. Approximately 250,000 to 500,000 Gypsies were murdered during the Holocaust – an event they call the Porajmos (the “Devouring”).

A Short History

Approximately a thousand years ago, several groups of people migrated from northern India, dispersing throughout Europe over the next several centuries.

Though these people were part of several tribes (the largest of which are the Sinti and Roma), the settled peoples called them by a collective name, “Gypsies” — which stems from the one-time belief that they had come from Egypt.

Nomadic, dark-skinned, non-Christian, speaking a foreign language (Romani), not tied to the land – the Gypsies were very different from the settled peoples of Europe. Misunderstandings of Gypsy culture created suspicions and fears, which in turn led to rampant speculations, stereotypes, and biased stories. Unfortunately, too many of these stereotypes and stories are still readily believed today.

Throughout the following centuries, non-Gypsies (Gaje) continually tried to either assimilate the Gypsies or kill them. Attempts to assimilate the Gypsies involved stealing their children and placing them with other families; giving them cattle and feed, expecting them to become farmers; outlawing their customs, language, and clothing as well as forcing them to attend school and church.

End quote


  1. The portrayal of Gypsies, Zigeuner, Romani,
    Travellers, Gitans, Gitanos as unfairly portrayed is PC revisionism. I know for a fact that they are not industrious in the manner we understsnd, actually kidnapped preferably blonde children so that they could lighten up their next generation and provide beggar fodder for themselves in the same way it is still practised in India with parents maiming their own children to attract pity and alms. They would arrive in rural communities in their wagons and set up camps and children but mostly sheeps would disappear. Villagers would gather posses snd set theirvrncsmpmrnts on fire to drive away their scourge to their hard labour. When police would raid their camps they’d find drugs, stolen goods, guns, knives etc. When Roumania joined the EEU they flooded Germany and no one is safe in Köln and Berlin from pickpockets.
    Are they an asset to the communities they invade? Unlike the Jews the answer is no. Never mind the fo Goode testified glossing over the facts and blaming Europeans in an élan of wishful-thinking typical of Girlie-men scribes and story tellers embellishing and distorting news to fit the image of self-righteousness of the anti-fa, ivory tower drones, serial bureaucrats and cashiered politicians.

    So no, Europe can well do without the Gypsies (and other assorted parasites such as Arabs). Not PC? Sorry dreamers. Need a man’s DNA ! Unfortunately, while you can easily swap your gender clothing and change sex at will you can’t change your mediocre DNA.

    Comment by Earl — May 19, 2018 @ 10:48 pm

    • Earl wrote: “Unlike the Jews the answer is no.”

      Very funny, Earl. You patently need to do some research on the Jewish question. Nothing is more toxic in this world than Jewry is…

      Comment by hermie — May 20, 2018 @ 11:08 am

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