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December 21, 2016

“Hitler: The Monster” on AHC

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Last night, I watched the most recent episode of the new six-part Hitler series. This episode was entitled “Hitler:The Monster”.  Including this episode, which ends with the Allied D-Day invasion of Normandy, on June 6th 1944, I have now seen five of the six episodes in the series.

One interesting aspect of this series is that it addresses the issue of the fact that there is little or no evidence, in the written German records of the time period, that Hitler ordered the Holocaust.  This idea was first brought to light by the research of David Irving, when he offered a cash bonus to anybody who could find a written order from Hitler regarding the Holocaust. Irving’s offer was considered a serious act of Holocaust Denial.

The show never mentions David Irving, nor introduces the topic of Holocaust denial.  Yet, on the latest episode of the show, a whole group of Holocaust historians basically admitted that Irving was right.  Maybe all these Historians should be put in jail; if they get a lawyer and try to defend themselves, their lawyer should be put in jail as well.  They have, in part, vindicated the notorious Holocaust denier David Irving!

I updated the section above of this blog post with a quote that you can read here:

The show does point out that Hitler MAY have had dinner with Himmler. On the show, there is speculation that Hitler and Himmler MAY have discussed the Holocaust; however the reenactment does not include any dialog, so we don’t know what they MAY have discussed.

I made a new blog post expanding on the dinner party mentioned in the paragraph above that you can read here:

This latest episode does show a lot of footage about Hitler’s time spent in the Wolf’s Lair when he was commanding the battles on the Eastern front.  The show emphasizes the time that Hitler spent training his dog at the Wolf’s Lair.  Also discussed, in great detail, is how Hitler had a tendency to micromanage military efforts on the Russian front.

Ominously, at one point, there is a map shown, which shows a red arrow pointing to Stalingrad.  Those of us who already know the story, knew what was going to happen, but this part of the show was really aimed at young people, who might never have learned about Stalingrad until now.

While the show made no mention of the German defeat in North Africa at around the same time, it did a pretty good job of explaining that Stalingrad is viewed, in my opinion correctly, as a major turning point of World War II.

The show has a lot of history to cover, in just six hours, so it couldn’t cover everything, but I was a little sad to see that the issue that it was believed that Stalingrad could have been resupplied by air was not discussed.

A topic, that was also not discussed very well, was the issue of why Hitler was micromanaging his dog, and his troops on the eastern front, but he seemed to delegate most of the daily Holocaust operation, to Himmler.  To me, the show seemed to imply that Hitler wanted to confuse later historians and give credence to future Holocaust deniers, by micromanaging some aspects of the war and not micromanaging others, including not micromanaging the Holocaust enough to even leave a paper trail.  No clear interpretation for this differing degree of micromanagement phenomenon was offered, and it was not explained that alternative theories could well result in jail time for their proponents.

December 18, 2016

New TV series: Hitler — a 6 part event, all new, 6 episodes

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There have been 3 episodes so far in a new 6 part TV series about Hitler. The ads for the show claim that Hitler is  the most hated man in history. Why is Hitler the most hated man in history? Hitler killed Jews, that’s why.

The first episode in the TV series was entitled “Hitler, the opportunist”. Tom Weber spoke on the first episode, about which I have already written.

The second episode was entitled “The actor”. The third episode was entitled “The Führer “.  The 4th episode, which we will see next, is entitled “The Victor”.

In all these episodes, so far, we have seen Hitler standing before huge crowds, as he gives his speeches. The people are cheering, and throwing flowers at his feet as he walks through the crowds, without fear that he will be killed. Could Donald Trump, who is called the new Hitler, do that? I don’t think so!

The 4th episode, which we will see next, is entitled “The Victor”. I will do a new blog post after I have seen this episode.

December 11, 2016

Hitler had a “Trump” card. Who knew?

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A recent television program named “Hitler:The Opportunist” revealed some startling new information, which was apparently derived from “recently discovered documents.”  At least the show featured, on the AHC (American Heroes Channel), talks about recently discovered documents quite a bit, but at times it is unclear what is recently discovered and what has been known about for years.

I have watched this episode several times now, using cable on demand, and I have started to notice that in minute 44 of the program, it tells about when Hitler got out of jail in 1924 and the Bavarian government took away his “Trump card”.

At first, I thought they were going to say that they had recently gone back into the Bavarian government records, from that period, and had rediscovered this amazing card.  I still don’t know if they actually found the original card; the show is a little ambiguous. They might mean that his trump card was his public speaking ability.

Thomas Weber, one of the commentators in the show, makes a very good point about Hitler’s experience at the start of World War One.  He said I believe, “they were utterly unprepared for  it.”  He is very right about this.  One statistic that the show gave a little ambiguously was that “Hitler’s unit lost more than 2,000 men.”  Close, but more correctly Hitler’s Regiment, which started the war with 3,600 men, was down to 611 after only 20 days.  His company, of which a Regiment has many, which started with 250 men was down to 43 in the same time period.  Their Oberst, or in English, the Coronal who was leading Hitler’s Regiment was also killed.

Very early in the war, in this same time period, Hitler was promoted to the rank of Gefreiter and assigned to be a message runner.  I have been thinking of late about just how backward the military thinking had been at the start of WW One. I am trying to understand what the German word Gefreiter means. If we try to understand it, by looking further back to the  time before WW One, we may gain some insights.  I have written about the German word Gefreiter in a previous blog post that I recently updated.

Google translate, which is perhaps the ultimate arbiter of truth, renders the word Gefreiter as “Freed”.  Those of you who are familiar with the slogan, “Arbiet Mact Frei”, or “work will make you free” which appeared on or above the concentration camp  gates, will recognize that Frei and Gefreiter are based on the same root word.

My son suggested that it might help some of our younger readers to understand more about the rank of Gefreiter, using this approach of understanding its meaning, by looking backwards in time.  My son thinks that a famous example of being promoted from a lower rank to the rank of Gefreiter takes place in dramatic fashion in episode 24 of the HBO hit “Game of Thrones”.  (Season 3 episode 4).  He suggested that this might shine some light onto a few relevant concepts for some of our younger readers who are familuar with this show.

Spoiler alert, if you have not seen this TV show, you might want to watch it before you read the rest of this blog post.  It is one of the best ones in the whole show.

At the very end of this episode the “mother of dragons” buys an army of 8,000 slaves called “the unsullied”.  She trades them for one of her dragons.  She hands the slave trader one end of a chain with the other end attached to the small dragon’s leg.  He hands her a symbolic whip.   She asks him, “its done then, they are mine?”  He answers “you hold the whip.”

She calls out the name “unsullied” in perfect “High Valerian”.  For those who are experts in Game of Thrones, there are claims that this is the first instance of the use of “High Valerian” in the show.  The slaver only speaks a lower uncouth dialect of the language. Her new solders snap to attention in perfect unison.

Her first order to the unsullied is to march forward.  They march forward in perfect lock step.  Her second order is to halt.  They halt in perfect lock step.  Then her third order, which I think looses something in the translation from high Valerian in the subtitles, is to strike off your chains, kill the solders, kill everyone who holds a whip, but harm no child.  They wipe out their old masters in short order.

After the battle, she climbs up on her white horse, and gives a speech. She immediately promotes them from the rank of slave to the rank of freedmen, and then asks them, “will you fight for me as free men?”  In an older sense of this word, each one of them, if they had accepted, would have become a Gefreiter.

I have always thought that there is something very “old German”  about the mother of dragons.  “High Valerian” reminds me a little bit of “Hoch Deutch” sometimes translated as High German, which was the language of Prussian noblemen.

The “unsullied” have always reminded me of the Hessians, who were German solders, that fought in the American Revolution, on the side of the British.  The Hessian soldiers, somewhat like the unsullied, were not free, but rather they were serfs.  Serfs, like slaves, are pretty much owned by the Aristocratic Noble class of Lords.  Like slaves, serfs can’t leave the land, or run off of the plantation, so to speak.  The helmets of the unsullied ,to me, are reminiscent of the German Stahlhelm.

Unlike a plantation owner, a landlord in feudal Europe could not sell his serfs, unless he sold his land with them.  The serfs were bound to the land.  That not withstanding, the Hessian aristocrats saw fit to train their serfs to be expert solders and rent them out in fully equipped army units complete with their own officers.  Fredric the Great, the Prussian ruler at that time, decried the practice as selling German blood.

You can read more than you ever wanted to know about the Hessian solders in the America revolutionary war here.

My favorite part, in the old book above, was the attitude  of these German Hessian serfs, when they were taken prisoner.  Back in Germany, a lord’s serfs had to work on his owner’s lands, but they were also given a little bit of their own land, on which they could  work and grow their own food.  The serfs worked part of the time for their masters and part of the time for themselves.

When these German peasants were taken prisoner, they thought that they should have to spend part of their time each week in the POW barracks, to fulfill their obligation to their Lord, but that they should be able to go out and work as farm workers the rest of the week.  Remarkably, not only their own officers but the American colonists who were short of manpower, often agreed to this.

In doing some research on Hessian Gefreiters, I found some interesting comments from people doing genealogy  work from the revolutionary war period.  The researchers explained that, in your own research, you might run across the German word Gefreiter.

The researchers explained that the word could be translated as equivalent to the rank of Lance Corporal in the British army.  But then, they added something very interesting:  They claimed that the word Lance, in Lance Corporal, had the same roots as the lance in freelance. I looked it up and sure enough the a historical definition of freelance was a medieval mercenary.

But getting back to Hitler, what had he been “Freed” from exactly?

In the TV show Game of Thrones many of the characters are what are refereed to as High Born.  The key thing is that, to be “High Born”,  you have to be born that way.  It is a hereditary status.  In the past, the Germany nobility got their status as a birth right.  In order to be an officer, it was required to have been a member of the nobility.  To be “High Born” so to speak. To have the word “von” in your last name.

In American, we use the words “upper, middle and lower class,” but in the old feudal system everybody today would have been considered to be a member of the old feudal middle class.

In America today we have no hereditary royalty; we have no hereditary serfs, and since 1865, no hereditary slaves.  In a sense we believe that “all men are created equal”.

It is a misconception to believe that in later feudal times, that the Royal class were always rich.  In reality, they were very often flat broke and had to borrow money from the “middle class” which included everyone who was not a nobleman or a peasant.

An example, in Game of Thrones show, of rich members of the middle class would be the filthy rich bankers from the Iron Bank of Braavos.  The feudal middle class also included priests, merchants, and skilled craftsmen.

In Bavaria, in 1914, they still had a very autonomous king: “The king of Bavaria”.  Bavaria was a kingdom, but also part of the German Empire.  Bavaria had been a kingdom, since 1806.  Bavaria had its own department of defense.  Like Hesse,  from where the Hessian solders came, it had its own army.  Bavaria had its own dialect of German, which was called Bairisch. When I lived in Germany for 20 months, when my husband was in the American Army, I learned to speak Bairisch. When I came back to America, I took a college course in German, to learn to speak properly.

Serfdom had been abolished by 1806 in Bavaria, but the more I think about how they fed their troops into machine guns at the start of World War One, it makes me think that their Aristocratic officers, thought of their men as more like medieval serfs.

Were Hitler’s officer’s minds, in some ways, still stuck back in the middle ages?    In their aristocratic minds, could Hitler’s officers have been thinking that they were giving Hitler a promotion, reminiscent of that from a lowborn serf, up to middle class freedmen, when they promoted him to Gefreiter?

November 29, 2016

New TV show about Hitler, the opportunist…(updated)

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I have been watching a TV show on the American Heroes channel. The first episode was called “Hitler, the opportunist”.

At first, I thought that this show must be a re-run from years ago.  I recognized all the footage. But when I looked more closely, I recognized the name Thomas Weber. He appears to be making the controversial claim that he has “discovered” that  Hitler was actually promoted to the rank of Private First Class. Weber is often quoted, in sensational media articles which trash Hitler’s service record in World War One, at least sometimes a little out of context.

When I watched the television program, the first time, I thought the show made it sound like someone had gone back and looked up Hitler’s military records, and discovered that his rank was actually not Corporal or Lance Corporal but rather Private First Class (PFC).

There was no rank with the name Private First Class in the German Imperial Army during World War One.

Many sources maintain that Hitler was promoted to the rank of Lance Corporal. There was no rank of Lance Corporal in the German Imperial Army either.

The truth is that the one promotion that Hitler received during the war was to the rank of Gefreiter.

The website, cited above, has an image of a Bavarian Gefreiter rank insignia near the bottom of the page, which I have copied.  Letter B in the photo is the correct Bavarian badge of rank insignia that Hitler would have worn.


On the same page, the rank of Gefreiter can be seen in the NCO table, which translates the rank into English as Lance corporal. This is a rank in the British Army which roughly corresponds to Gefrieter in the German Imperial Army.

Note that a Lance Corporal in the British Army was, and still is,  an NCO.  A Gefrieter in the German Imperial army was the lowest rank of NCO, at least by some accounts. Again the table in the web site cited above lists Gefrieter as an NCO

The American Army currently has no rank of Lance Corporal; however, the American Marine Corp does have this rank.

A Lance Corporal in the American Marine Corp is NOT an NCO.  In the modern Bundeswehr there are many classes of Gefrieter.  The lowest class is closer to a buck private, and also not an NCO.

German ranks in World War One did not correspond with ranks in today’s German Army (Bundeswehr).

The following quote is from the Wikipedia page in the above link:

Begin quote

“Throughout the periods of the Royal Prussian Army, Imperial Army of the German Empire, Reichswehr and the German Wehrmacht, the rank of Gefreiter was considered in English the equivalent to a British Army Lance Corporal rank.

End quote

I will refrain from commenting on Weber’s book until I have read it. In the comment section of this blog post, Weber said that he agrees with me that Hitler was a Gefreiter, and notes that there is some difficulty in translating this word into English.

The TV show does not make Weber’s position clear.  Before I ordered the book, I went in and read the 31 reviews on Amazon.  The majority of the people who read Weber’s book either loved it or hated it.  It got a lot of five star ratings, and a lot of one star ratings.  While the people, who gave it a one star rating, criticized Weber’s methodology in reaching the conclusions that he reached, even his most virulent detractors  admitted that the book was well researched.

Again, I will reserve further comment on Weber’s book until after I read it.

November 20, 2016

Defending my blog posts about Schindler’s list

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Amon Goeth stand on the balcony in the rear of his house

Amon Goeth standing on the patio in the rear of his house

Over the years, I have written several blog posts about the movie entitled Schindler’s List.  Before that, I wrote about Schindler’s List on my website at

Now the subject of Schindler’s List has come up in a recent comment on my blog, written by a newb who knows nothing.

To understand the movie Schinder’s List, start by reading this blog post which I wrote five years ago in 2011:

Then move on to a blog post, which I wrote in 2010:

I am now 83 years old, and literally on my death bed. I don’t want to spend the last years of my life arguing about whether, or not, Amon Goeth shot Jews from his second-floor balcony or from a spot on the ground in the rear of his house.

In 1998, I made a trip to Poland, accompanied by a tour guide, who took me to see the house where Amon Goeth was living when he allegedly shot prisoners from his balcony. The balcony, and the patio, are both at the rear of the house. Did Amon Goeth have a special rifle that could shoot over the house and hit prisoners who were working in the camp, a mile away?  I don’t think so.

October 10, 2016

The Trump vs. Hillary debate

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I am still trying to recover from watching last night’s debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, who are shown in the photo above.

You can read about it at

I think that Hillary won the debate and that Donald Trump showed us again why he is not qualified to be the President of the United States.

Donald Trump thinks that Hillary belongs in prison. Read about it at

September 11, 2016

The strange story of 9/11 victim Barbara Olson

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9-11 victim Barbara Olsen

9-11 victim Barbara Olsen

Today, I have been watching the coverage of the 9/11 attack on the 15th anniversary of the event. I have been switching channels to see as much of the coverage of the event as I can. So far, I have heard nothing of the story of Barbara Olsen, who was on Flight 77 that day.

I previously blogged about Barbara Olsen at

Here is what Wikipedia has to say about Barbara Olsen:

Begin quote

Barbara Kay Olson (née Bracher; December 27, 1955  – September 11, 2001) was an American lawyer and conservative television commentator who worked for CNN, Fox News Channel, and several other outlets.[1] She was a passenger on American Airlines Flight 77 en route to a taping of Bill Maher‘s television show Politically Incorrect when it was flown into the Pentagon in the September 11 attacks. Her original plan had been to fly to California on September 10, but delayed until the next morning so that she could wake up with her husband on his birthday, September 11.[2]

End quote

Could Barbara have missed her flight and something else happened to her on that day? Her husband did not seem to be grief stricken, and after her death, he never talked about her on TV.

September 10, 2016

Memories of 9-11

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The anniversary of 9/11, one of the saddest days in American history.

The 9-11 attack

The first tower that was hit in the 9-11 attack

 As smoke billows from the north tower, the second hijacked plane bears down on the south tower

As smoke billows from the north tower, the second hijacked plane bears down on the south tower

On the morning of 9-11, I woke up, as usual, around 6:30 in the morning and immediately turned on the TV set in my bedroom. The first thing that I saw, on TV, was images of the twin towers in New York City as they were hit by planes.

I immediately called my daughter and told her to stay inside because America was under attack. I assumed that we were being attacked by a foreign country. Why would anyone in America attack these famous buildings in New York city? Including Building 7, which was empty.

Later, it was learned that Building 7 had been wired to come down safely, and no one was hurt. All three buildings were owned by the same man, who stayed home that day because he had a doctor’s appointment. Normally, he would have been having breakfast in a room at the top of one of the towers that was hit.

I have written many blog posts about this sad event, including this one about the memorial ceremonies:

There were many strange things about the 9/11 attack, but none more strange than the story of Barbara Olsen, a well known person:

Strangely, Barbara Olsen disappeared and was never heard from again.

I wrote this blog post about an interview that Megyn Kelly did  with Ward Churchill, in which the 9/11 attack was mentioned:

I wrote another blog post, in which the story of Ward Churchill continues. This blog post has lots of links which add to the story:

There were many stories about the 3,000 Jews who allegedly stayed home that and did not go to work in their offices in the 9/11 buildings.  However, this news article defends the Jews and claims that the Jews DID go to work on 9/11 and that there were several Jews who died in the attack:

Where was George Bush, the president of the United States, when the 9/11 attack happened? He was in a school classroom in Texas, reading to little children, when he was told that America was under attack.

The Pentagon was also hit, but strangely no one was killed.

March 13, 2016

“victimhood cannot be the foundation stone of Jewish identity”

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The title of my blog post today is the words of Charles Krauthammer.  For those readers who do not know who Charles Krauthammer is, I will save you the trouble of looking him up on Wikipedia.

The following quote is from Wikipedia:

Charles Krauthammer, MD (/ˈkraʊt.hæmər/; born March 13, 1950) is an American Pulitzer Prize-winning syndicated columnist, author, political commentator, and physician. His weekly column is syndicated to more than 400 newspapers worldwide.[1] He is a contributing editor to the Weekly Standard and a nightly panelist on Fox News’s Special Report with Bret Baier. He was a weekly panelist on PBS news program Inside Washington from 1990 until it ceased production in December 2013.

End quote

Charles Krauthammer

Charles Krauthammer

Charles Krauthammer is a frequent commentator on Bill O’Reilly’s TV news program. I have listened to Krauthammer speak many times, enough to know that he is extremely intelligent and highly informed about literally everything.  He is a person who should be greatly admired for what he has accomplished in his life, despite the adversity which he has had to overcome.

Today I read  a news article entitled Krauthammer: the Holocaust and the Jewish identity which you can read in full at

The following quote is from the news article, cited above:

Begin quote

Memory is sacred, but victimhood cannot be the foundation stone of Jewish identity. Traditional Judaism has 613 commandments. The philosopher Emil Fackenheim famously said that the 614th is to deny Hitler any posthumous victories. The reduction of Jewish identity to victimhood would be one such victory. It must not be permitted.

End quote

The newspaper quote continues with this explanation:

Begin quote

Bernie Sanders is the most successful Jewish candidate for the presidency ever. It’s a rare sign of the health of our republic that no one seems to much care or even notice. Least of all, Sanders himself. Which prompted Anderson Cooper in a recent Democratic debate to ask Sanders whether he was intentionally keeping his Judaism under wraps.

“No,” answered Sanders: “I am very proud to be Jewish.” He then explained that the Holocaust had wiped out his father’s family. And that he remembered as a child seeing neighbors with concentration camp numbers tattooed on their arms. Being Jewish, he declared, “is an essential part of who I am as a human being.”

A fascinating answer, irrelevant to presidential politics but quite revealing about the state of Jewish identity in contemporary America.

Think about it. There are several alternate ways American Jews commonly explain the role Judaism plays in their lives.

(1) Practice: Judaism as embedded in their life through religious practice or the transmission of Jewish culture by way of teaching or scholarship. Think Joe Lieberman or the neighborhood rabbi.

(2) Tikkun: Seeing Judaism as an expression of the prophetic ideal of social justice. Love thy neighbor, clothe the naked, walk with God, beat swords into plowshares. As ritual and practice have fallen away over the generations, this has become the core identity of liberal Judaism. Its central mission is nothing less than to repair the world (“Tikkun olam”).

Which, incidentally, is the answer to the perennial question, “Why is it that Jews vote overwhelmingly Democratic?” Because, for the majority of Jews, the social ideals of liberalism are the most tangible expressions of their prophetic Jewish faith.

When Sanders was asked about his Jewish identity, I was sure his answer would be some variation of Tikkun. On the stump, he plays the Old Testament prophet railing against the powerful and denouncing their treatment of the widow and the orphan. Yet Sanders gave an entirely different answer.

(3) The Holocaust. What a strange reply — yet it doesn’t seem so to us because it has become increasingly common for American Jews to locate their identity in the Holocaust.

For example, it’s become a growing emphasis in Jewish pedagogy from the Sunday schools to Holocaust studies programs in the various universities. Additionally, Jewish organizations organize visits for young people to the concentration camps of Europe.

End quote  from newspaper article.

1389.3 Holocaust F

Hungarian Jewish men selected for work

Hungarian women shortly after their arrival at Auschwitz-Birkenau

Hungarian women shortly after their arrival at Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp

Jews waiting for their turn to be gassed at Auschwitz-Birkenau

Jews waiting for their turn to be gassed at Auschwitz-Birkenau



March 10, 2016

Jeremy Meeks “the photogenic felon” is out of prison and ready for fame and fortune

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You can read the latest news about “the photogenic felon” at

Jerermy Meeks the photogenic felon

Jerermy Meeks the photogenic felon is out of prison now

Several years ago, I wrote a blog post about Jeremy Meeks:

Bob Beckel is no longer on the TV show named “The Five.”  Maybe he will come back as a guest so that he can comment on “the photogenic felon” once more.

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