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October 9, 2016

A Czech volleyball team named Zyklon-B

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Some people have no respect for anything – including the Holocaust, in which 6 million Jews were allegedly killed, including many Jews that were allegedly exterminated with Zyklon-B, a poison gas that was used, by the Nazis, to kill the lice that spread typhus, a deadly disease.

You can read about the volleyball team in this news article:

The following quote is from the news article:

Begin quote from news article

Czech Jews slam volleyball team named for poison used by Nazis

Nazi flag displayed at volleyball game

Nazi flag displayed at volleyball game

This caption is on the photo above:

Czech Jews protest the naming of a children’s volleyball team Cyklon B, after the poison that Nazis used to kill Jews.

This quote is from news article quoted above:

Begin quote from news article:

Czech Jews protested the naming of a children’s volleyball team after the poison that Nazis used to kill Jews and Roma in gas chambers during the Holocaust.

The team Cyklon B – the Czech-language transliteration for the Zyklon B pesticide that the Nazis used — participated recently in a Prague tournament featuring teams from Czech Republic orphanages.

Fans at the tournament, which was sponsored by the ING Bank Fund of the Tereza Maxová Foundation, shouted “Go Cyklon B,” the Pravo daily reported Thursday.

End quote from news article

What does this have to do with anything?

People who study the Holocaust need to know the history of the Czech people, so I am going to tell you a little bit of history:

The Czech people initially had their own dynasty, known as the Premyslides. The famous “Good King Wencelas” was the ruler of the Czechs in the 10th century.

The Czech homeland of Bohemia, which along with Moravia, now constitutes the Czech Republic, came under the rule of the Austrian Hapsburg empire in 1526. It was Joseph II of the Hapsburg family, the ruler of the Austrian Empire, who built a town and named it Theresienstadt (Theresa’s city) after his mother, the Empress Maria Theresa.

This is the same Joseph II, in whose honor Josefov, the Jewish quarter in Prague, was originally named Josefstadt in 1850. Although his mother, Empress Maria Theresa, was an anti-Semite who had expelled the Jews from the Austrian empire for three years, Joseph II was an enlightened monarch who emancipated the Jews of Prague when he became Emperor in 1780 after the death of his mother.

In 1780, when the town of Theresienstadt was originally built as a military garrison at the junction of the Ohre and Elbe rivers, near the Sudeten mountain range in the province of Bohemia, the Czech people, who had lived in this area since the 5th century, did not have an independent country of their own.

Under the terms of the Treaty of Versailles, which was signed after World War I ended, the Hapsburg Empire, by then a multi-ethnic country called Austria-Hungary, was broken up into the separate independent countries of Austria, Hungary, Rumania, Yugoslavia, and Czechoslovakia. The new country of Czechoslovakia was made up of the former states of Bohemia, Moravia, Slovakia, Russian Ruthenia and part of Silesia.

Czechs and ethnic Germans had been living side by side in Bohemia for over a thousand years, and the new country had a population of 6 million Czechs, 3.5 million Germans and 2 million Slovaks.

The Czechs and Slovaks were both Slavic people, like the Russians and the Poles, but the Germans were a completely different ethnic group which had rarely intermarried with the Slavs.

Do these children, who are playing volleyball know anything about the history of the Czechs? I don’t think so. They just want to have fun; they don’t know that the name of their volleyball team upsets the old folks who still remember what the swastika once stood for.

October 8, 2016

What is the true story of Babi Yar?

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The ravine where the Babi Yar massacre took place

Ravine where the famous Babi Yar massacre took place

Babi Yar is back in the news. The photo above is included in a news story, which you can read in full at

The following quote is from the news article:

Begin quote

Each one had a name, each with a face, each with a story. The agonising story of Babi Yar, in which more than 33,000 Jews were murdered and thrown into a ravine outside Kiev, Ukraine, was revisited last week in ceremonies at the site to mark the 75th anniversary of the massacre.

End quote

This photo has been claimed to show the children killed at Babi Yar

This photo has been claimed to show the children killed at Babi Yar

The photo above is a still shot, taken from a documentary film made by the Soviet Union when they liberated the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp. The Soviets used this photo in their false claims about Babi Yar.

The photo actually shows a few of the 611 children, who were left behind at Birkenau. The children greeted the liberators, holding out their arms to show their tattoos.

Notice that the boy in the front, in the photo above, is wearing a prison uniform which looks as though it would fit an adult. This same film clip was included in a film entitled “The Nazis: Nazi War Crimes,” produced by the Soviet Union. It was claimed that this film clip was shot by the Nazis just before these children were killed at Babi Yar, the ravine near Kiev in the Ukraine.

I previously wrote about this on this blog post:

The following quote is also from news article cited above:

Begin quote

For years, the Soviet Union demanded [claimed] that Babi Yar was effectively covered up and even today there is an insistence that those who died there were simply Ukrainian citizens — which they were — rather than having been killed because they were Jews.

For their part, many Ukrainian nationalists believe Soviet oppression was a direct result of the role played by Communist Jews.

One of the harshest critics of the direction of the proposed Holocaust Memorial Centre for the victims of Babi Yar is Vladimir Vyatrovich, director of Ukraine’s Institute for National Memory. He is angry that Ukrainian nationalists are painted primarily as collaborators with the Germans, and frequently cites a case of a member of the local policeman in Kiev who saved a Jewish boy and was himself shot by the Germans.

End quote





October 7, 2016

Holocaust criminal Hubert Zafke still being tortured

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You can read the latest news about Hubert Zafke at

The following quote is from the news article:

Begin quote

[JURIST] A German court says the trial of a former medic who served at the Auschwitz death camp [Guardian profile] must be postponed due to complaints. The Neubrandenburg state court has received [AP report] numerous complaints that the judge and others in the court are biased, and the trial has been held up as prosecutors have been attempting to remove several of the judges. The medic, Hubert Zafke, faces charges [AFP report] on more than 3,681 counts of being an accessory to murder. The trial of the 95-year-old Zafke [JURIST report] got underway several weeks ago but was stalled [BBC report] numerous times after judges ruled he was unfit to stand trial over concerns about his mental and physical health. In response, the prosecution team and lawyers representing the victims’ families have accused the judges of bias, causing a delay between sessions as the judges respond. Due to this delay, the court now says that the trial must be restarted.

End quote

This photo accompanies the news article:

Child survivors of Auschwitz-Birkenau

Child survivors of Auschwitz-Birkenau

The photo above is not appropriate to illustrate an article about the Nazis killing Jews. The photo shows Jewish children who were not killed during the Holocaust. A photo showing DEAD Jews should have been used.

I have blogged about Zafke numerous times, including this blog post:

The news article continues with this quote:

Begin quote

German courts have recently seen an increase of war crime charges against former members of the Nazi party. Prior to 2011, German prosecutors often chose not to charge individuals they regarded as “cogs” in, rather than active members of, the Nazi war machine. The 2011 conviction [JURIST report] of former Nazi guard John Demjanjuk may have emboldened German prosecutors to pursue cases against all those who materially helped Nazi Germany function.

A court in Kiel, Germany, ruled last month that a 92-year-old woman charged with Nazi crimes is unfit to stand trial [JURIST report]. In December a German court allowed [JURIST report] the trial of a 95-year-old Auschwitz paramedic accused of being an accessory to the murder of 3,681 people at Auschwitz. In September 2014 German authorities imprisoned Oskar Groening, known as the “accountant of Auschwitz,” who was charged [JURIST report] as an accessory to the murder of 300,000 people. Last year Groening was given a four-year jail sentence for his role at Auschwitz, a sentence he said he would appeal [JURIST reports].

End quote

The Jewish motto is REVENGE, REVENGE, REVENGE.

Now you see this motto in action. The Jews are not increasing their popularity by putting old men, with one foot in the grave, on trial.



What is the real story on Jan Karski?

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Jan Karski

Jan Karski

One of the readers of my blog put up a link to an old article about Jan Karski, which was written in the year 2000.

You can also read about Jan Karski on this website:

Jan Karski is famous because he is the man who first TOLD THE WORLD ABOUT THE HOLOCAUST. No one knew that the Nazis were killing Jews, until Karski BROKE INTO AUSCHWITZ and told the world about this horror. I wrote about this on this blog post:

One of my very first blog posts, back in the 2012, was about Jan Karski:

I also wrote about how Jan Karski told the world about the Holocaust in another blog post:




October 6, 2016

another trip hosted by the Holocaust Educational Trust [HET]

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The photo, that is shown above, is at the top of a recent news article, which you can read in full at

If you have extremely good eyesight, you might be able to see, in the photo above, the words “Arbeit macht Frei”  which are over the entrance into the main Auschwitz camp.

In English, “Arbeit macht Frei” is translated into “work will set you free”. This slogan has now been twisted into “Nazis killed Jews”. The original meaning was that work would set one free in the spiritual sense, not literally.

The following quote is from the news article:

Begin quote

The former Nazi concentration camp [Auschwitz-Birkenau], now an eerie expanse of ramshackle buildings, once housed 90,000 prisoners during World War II.

It is not known exactly how many people were murdered here in the years the camp was operational, from 1941 to 1945, but it is thought to be around 1.2million [including 1.1 million Jews].

Earlier in the day we [British students] began our trip with a brief visit to a Jewish cemetery in the small town of Oswiecim, better known by its [it’s] German name of Auschwitz.

In 1939, around 58 per cent of the town’s population were [was] Jewish, and before the war they led normal, peaceful lives and when they died they were buried with dignity. But during the war, the Nazis used the resting place [cemetery] as a toilet and knocked down all of the Jewish headstones, using them to form paths and roads in and around Auschwitz.

End quote


The photo above is a still shot from the movie “Shindler’s List” in which it was claimed that Jewish tombstones were dug up and used to pave the roads around Auschwitz. This is total fiction. The Germans were the best engineers in the world. Did they build the Autobahn out of Jewish tombstones?  Holocaust True Believers would have you believe that they did!

October 4, 2016

here’s the deal on the new memory enhancing drug Prevagen

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You can read about the new drug, called Prevagen, at

I have been watching the TV ads for Prevagen, which is claimed to improve “short term memory”.

A few days ago, my son bought me a bottle of Prevagen pills, and I tried them. After taking only one of these pills, I was able to recall the names of every President of the USA, starting with Obama and going back to Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was the president in 1933, the year that I was born. I was able to rattle off these names without missing a beat. It was a miracle!

I was overjoyed. My memory had been restored. The next day, I had trouble remembering my own name.

What the ads don’t tell you is that you must keep on taking these pills because they only improve your memory for one day; the next day, you must take another pill.

IOW, you are now hooked on a drug that costs $40 for one small bottle.  Who knows what will happen to you if you keep on taking these pills!

Fortunately, my memory has not been wiped out completely, but I am glad that I threw these pills into the trash after only two days.

The only use for these pills, that I would suggest is that the pills could be used by students who are taking an exam and they need to remember what they have read the night before.

In my younger days, I had an eidetic memory, which means that I could literally remember whole pages in books.  I could see the pages in my mind’s eye. That is gone now, and I have some problems with my memory.

October 2, 2016

How a 15-year-old girl was saved when gas chamber number 4 malfunctioned at Auschwitz-Birkenau

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On the website cited above, you can read the story of how 15-year-old Yvonne Engelmann was saved when gas chamber number 4 malfunctioned at Auschwitz-Birkenau — AND SHE WAS LEFT NAKED IN THE GAS CHAMBER OVERNIGHT.

Were there other naked girls who were in the gas chamber with her, and were also saved? The news story doesn’t tell us. Maybe the other girls are all dead now, and they didn’t get a book deal.

Gas chamber number 4 building

Gas chamber # 4 building

The building, shown in the old photo above, was blown up by Jewish inmates in a camp rebellion on October 7, 1944.

The photograph of Krema IV was taken in the Summer of 1943,  just after the building became operational as a gas chamber.

The gas chamber in Krema IV, which was disguised as a shower room, was located above ground in the wing of the building which is on the left side of the photo.

Note that the roof line of the gas chamber is lower than the roof of the main part of the building. Zyklon-B poison gas pellets were allegedly thrown into the fake shower room through windows on the outside wall of the gas chamber. [a good example of German engineering]

Crematorium IV was across the road from the beautiful brick building, called “die zentrale Sauna”. [the central sauna] This building was used for disinfecting the clothing and for processing the incoming prisoners, by giving them a shower.  The movie Schindler’s List shows incoming prisoners taking a shower in the central sauna.

Crematorium IV was also near “the little white house,” where gassing operations allegedly took place, starting in June 1942, before the Crematorium IV and Sauna buildings were completed.

In the movie “Schindler’s List,” women prisoners are shown exiting from the shower room in the Sauna building; they see the high brick chimney of Crematorium IV, which is across the road from the Sauna. The gas chambers in Crematorium IV and Crematorium V were above ground, but in the movie, the prisoners are shown going down steps into an underground undressing room.

The following quote from the news article tells Yvonne Engelmann’s story:

Begin quote

“I was 14 and a half when war broke out,” Yvonne tells

“I wasn’t allowed to go to school, I couldn’t walk on the street, I had to wear the yellow Star of David and couldn’t mix with any non-Jewish people. Friends I’d grown up with now totally ignored me, solely because I was born a Jew.

“My father was taken to the police station many times and we never knew if he would come back. One day he returned and his front teeth had been knocked out. We lived in fear constantly — we had no idea what would happen to us in the next hour, let alone in the next day.”

Born in Czechoslovakia to shopkeeper parents, Yvonne was an only child.

“I had the most wonderful childhood that anyone could wish for, but unfortunately it was short-lived.”

In the limbo of uncertainty, things went from bad to worse. Her parent’s shop was taken away and the family was forcibly removed from their home to a cramped Jewish ghetto.

At the approach of her 15th birthday, she and her family were taken from the ghetto — along with hundreds of others — to the railway station where they were piled into dozens of cattle wagons.

“Men, women, children, screaming babies — the journey was too horrific to even describe,” she recalls.

“There was no ventilation, it was hot, an overflowing tin bucket was the only toilet … we were stripped of our humanity.”

After five long, gruelling days, Yvonne and the rest of the human cargo had arrived at their final destination: Auschwitz. The most notorious Nazi death camp in history.

End quote

The news article includes a photo of the entrance into the Auschwitz main camp, not the entrance into the Auswitz-Birkenau camp. My photo below shows the entrance into the Birkenau camp.

Gate into Birkenau camp

My photo of the gate into Birkenau



October 1, 2016

The little boy with his hands up is back in the news

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Famous photo of little boy with his hands up

Famous photo of little boy with his hands up

The famous photo above is from the Stroop Report; the photo was taken in the Warsaw Ghetto in April or May, 1943.

You can the read the recent news article, which includes the photo of “the little boy with his hands up” at

This headline is from the news story, cited above:

LOOK BACK: Hitler and the Holocaust

Begin quote from news article:

President Rodrigo Duterte sparks outrage after he drew parallels between the Holocaust and his own bloody war on drugs …

End of quote from the news article.

Here is the full story about the controversial “little boy with his hands up” photo:

Seven-year-old Tsvi C. Nussbaum, who claims to be the boy shown in the photo above, was one of the Polish Jews who had been arrested, along with his aunt, on July 13, 1943, in front of the Hotel Polski on the Aryan side of the Warsaw ghetto, where they had been living as Gentiles.

Since they had foreign passports, they were sent to the Bergen-Belsen detention camp as “exchange Jews.”

Little Tsvi’s parents had emigrated to Palestine in 1935, but had returned to Sandomierz, Poland in 1939 just before World War II started. Tsvi was one of the survivors of Bergen-Belsen.

In 1945, Tsvi went to Palestine, but in 1953, he returned and moved to America. He became a doctor, specializing in ear, nose and throat, in Rockland County in upstate New York.

Tsvi Nussbaum claimed to be the little boy in the famous photo.

However, this photo was allegedly taken during the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising which took place between April 19, 1943 and May 16, 1943 before Tsvi was arrested; it is one of the photos included in the Stroop Report about the liquidation of the Warsaw Ghetto.

The soldier, who is holding a gun on the little boy in the photo, was Josef Blösche; he was put on trial in East Germany after the war and was executed after being convicted of being a war criminal.

End of story


September 30, 2016

Had Mr. Irving won his case, the potential repercussions would have been catastrophic.

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The title of my blog post today is the last sentence in a news article, about a new movie, which tells the story of David Irving’s lawsuit against Deborah Lipstadt:

Irving lost the case because he made the mistake of arguing the case himself, instead of hiring a lawyer to represent him.

David Irving is like a walking encyclopedia: he knows the Holocaust backwards and forward, but he is getting on in years and his memory is not what it used to be. He should have hired a lawyer.

The actor who plays David Irving in a new movie

The actor who plays David Irving in a new movie

I think that the photo above gives a wrong impression of David Irving. On the two occasions, in which I have met David Irving in person, he wore a three piece suit, not a sweater. The actor, who is playing the part of Irving, does not resemble Irving at all. David Irving is much better looking than this actor; at least in his younger days, Irving was better looking than this actor.

The photo below shows what David Irving looked like the last time that I saw him, a few years ago.


David Irving in 2013

The following quote is from the news article:

Begin quote

[The movie entitled] “Denial” begins with Mr. Irving loudly interrupting one of Ms. Lipstadt’s lectures at Emory University in Atlanta, where she teaches history, by offering $1,000 to anyone who can prove the Nazis gassed Jews at Auschwitz. It’s a tense moment for Ms. Lipstadt, who has vowed never to debate with anyone like Mr. Irving, a notorious gadfly who has built a lucrative career by claiming the Holocaust didn’t happen.

End quote

David Irving does not claim that “the Holocaust didn’t happen.” No, he claims that the Holocaust didn’t happen the way that the Jews claim that it did. I agree with everything that David Irving says about the Holocaust.

The news article continues with this quote:

Begin quote

Shortly after his visit, Mr. Irving brought a lawsuit in Britain against Ms. Lipstadt (Rachel Weisz), and her publisher, Penguin Books, for calling him a Holocaust denier and hurting his reputation as a historian. In his writings, Mr. Irving, an admirer of Hitler, insists there were no gas chambers at Auschwitz and that any deaths there were the results of illness and starvation.

But in Britain, where libel laws differ from those in the United States, the burden of proof is on the defendant. To Ms. Lipstadt’s chagrin, she and her legal team must focus on disproving Mr. Irving’s evidence.

Surely the creators could have found some compelling drama in the characters’ personal lives. But “Denial” rarely ventures outside its narrow journalistic parameters. Once the verdict is rendered, there is no judicial post-mortem, only an exhausted sigh of relief. As the world knows, the court ruled in Ms. Lipstadt’s favor.

End quote

In my humble opinion, I think that it is a crying shame that David Irving’s illustrious career ends this way. The Jews have won the case, but at what cost!


September 28, 2016

Donald Trump, Jr. made a “gas chamber” remark and all hell broke loose

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By now, everyone in the world is talking about Junior’s gas chamber remark.

Donald Trump, Jr. has tried to deny that he was referring to the Holocaust when he said, ” “I mean, if Republicans were doing that, they’d be warming up the gas chamber right now.”

How do you “warm up” a gas chamber? It is the Zyklon-B gas that has to be warmed up in order to release the poison fumes. Junior revealed his ignorance when he made this remark.

A real gas chamber in Jefferson City, MO

A real gas chamber in Jefferson City, Missouri

The newspaper story continues with this quote:

Begin quote

Trump Jr. also said that as a Republican running as an outsider, “every day, everyone’s throwing everything they could possibly throw at him.”

Gas chambers were used by Nazis in the Holocaust — the genocide of 6 million Jews and millions of others during World War II.

Trump’s campaign denied that Trump Jr. was referring to the Holocaust, saying he meant the “gas chamber” used in capital punishment.

“The liberal, dishonest media is so quick to attack one of the Trumps that they never let the truth get in the way of a good smear,” Trump senior communications adviser Jason Miller said in an emailed statement. “Don Jr. was clearly referring to capital punishment to make the case that the media continues to take words out of context in order to serve as the propaganda arm of the Hillary Clinton campaign — something that’s only gotten worse as Trump’s poll numbers have improved.”

End quote

In my humble opinion, I think that Junior should get off the campaign trail before he does any more harm.



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