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February 13, 2017

Free Movie, Slaughter House Five

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I have added the link above, which goes to my favorite movie, which is about the bombing of Dresden.  This link goes to a free movie.

In the movie, if you listen closely, you can hear when David Irving’s book on the bombing of Dresden, is mentioned in the movie.

You are encouraged to take some time today, to watch this movie and think about what happened on February 13, 1945.

Trump failed to mention Jews in his Holocaust Remembrance Day statement

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You can read all about the latest controversy on this news article:

The following quote is from the news article:

Begin quote

House Republicans blocked a resolution advanced by Democrats on Tuesday declaring that Jews were the primary victims of the Holocaust. From the Washington Examiner:

Led by [House Democratic Caucus Chairman Joe] Crowley, Democrats tried to force the House to vote on the resolution he introduced last week calling on the White House “to affirm that the Nazi regime targeted the Jewish people in its perpetration of the Holocaust.” More than 100 House Democrats co-sponsored the measure.

End quote

Where was Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner? Why didn’t Jared advise Trump that although some non-Jews might have died in the Nazi concentration camps, it is only the Jewish deaths that count. Nobody cares about non-Jews who might have died in a Nazi concentration camp.

On this previous blog post, I wrote about the records kept by the Nazis:

In 1998, I wrote, on my website, about the classification of the prisoners at the Dachau concentration camp. This was written before I became a Holocaust denier.

The following quote is from my website:

Begin quote

The Dachau concentration camp prisoners were classified by nationality and by the type of crime allegedly committed. When the Dachau camp was liberated on April 29, 1945, the largest number of prisoners in the whole Dachau system, including the 123 sub-camps, were classified as political prisoners, who numbered 43,401; the majority of them were Catholic. The political prisoners included Communists, Social Democrats, anarchists, spies, and anti-Fascist resistance fighters from the Nazi occupied countries such as France, Belgium, Norway, the Netherlands, and Poland.

Before World War II started in 1939, the number of foreigners in the Dachau main camp was insignificant, as most of the prisoners were German or Austrian, including a few Jews. During the war, the Germans and Austrians were a minority among the Dachau prisoners; the average number of Germans at Dachau during the war was about 3,000, according to The Official Report by the U.S. Seventh Army, which was based on two days of interviews with the survivors of the camp.

The Official Report states on page 16: “Some two thousand Germans were evacuated and killed in the last big transport a few days before our occupation of Dachau.” Other sources say that the German prisoners were released and forced to serve in the German Army.

The largest national group in the main Dachau camp was the Polish prisoners, followed by Russians, French, Yugoslavs, Germans, Jews and Czechs, according to the Official Report.

End quote from my website.

You can see photos of the German guards at Auschwitz here:

February 12, 2017

today is the anniversary of the last day of Dresden

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February 11, 2017

Here is what Wikipedia has to say about Holocaust denial

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Begin quote from Wikipedia:

Holocaust denial is the act of denying the genocide of Jews and other groups in the Holocaust during World War II.[1] Holocaust denial often includes the following claims: that Nazi Germany’s Final Solution was aimed only at deporting Jews from the Reich, but that it did not include the extermination of Jews; that Nazi authorities did not use extermination camps and gas chambers to mass murder Jews; and/or that the actual number of Jews killed was significantly lower than the historically accepted figure of 5 to 6 million, typically around a tenth of that figure.[2][3][4]

End quote

I was banned from writing on Wikipedia long ago. Many years ago, I tried to make a correction on Wikipedia and I was banned, even though my correction was correct, and it was later written by someone else, and added.

If I were allowed to write on Wikipedia now, here is what I would write:

The official figure for the number of Jews killed by the Nazis is now 1.1 million.


Leaflets that deny the existence of gas chambers are dropped on college campus in the UK

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The following quote is from a news story, which you can read in full at

Begin quote

Literature denying and belittling the Nazi genocide [of Jews] has been found at University College London, Cambridge University, Edinburgh University and Glasgow University, according to the Union of Jewish Students (UJS).

The leaflets deny the existence of gas chambers.

End quote

Gas chamber in main Auschwitz camp

My 2007 photo of the alleged gas chamber in the main Auschwitz camp

Look at my photo above, which shows the alleged gas chamber in the main Auschwitz camp. I composed this photo to show that there is an open doorway into the oven room where bodies were burned after they had allegedly been gassed.

Actually, this doorway was not there when these rooms were used by the Nazis. It was added later so that tourists could easily move through the rooms, on their tour of the gas chamber.

If gas had been used in a room right next to hot ovens, it would have caused an explosion. That is why Holocaust deniers say that this room was not a gas chamber. The alleged gas chamber room was actually a morgue where bodies were stored, waiting to be burned in the ovens next door.

You can read about the oven room, next to the alleged gas chamber, on this page of my website:

February 10, 2017

Donald Trump’s ban on refugees from certain countries is “troubling”

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On this new blog post, I am commenting on a news article which you can read in full at

The following quote is from the news article, cited above:

Begin quote

President Donald Trump has barely been in office for a week and already he’s being accused, by prominent and credible people, of aiding and abetting Holocaust denial. Both Sen. Tim Kaine, D-Va., and conservative commentator John Podhoretz have gone public with such criticisms.

This outcry resulted from the White House statement on Holocaust Remembrance Day, which  omitted any mention that the Holocaust was an effort to get rid of the Jewish population of Europe. All previous presidents had made mention of the fact that while many non-Jewish people were killed in Nazi Germany’s concentration camps, the machinery of the Holocaust was created and effectively used to kill more than 60 percent of Europe’s Jewish population.

The news article ends with this quote:

Begin quote

The fact of the matter is that the Holocaust, as defined by historians, is not ‘all the bad things the Nazis did,’” explained historian Deborah Lipstadt over the phone. “The Nazis did lots and lots of bad things. But the Holocaust is the attempt to annihilate European Jewry.”

End quote

Oh no! Debra Lipstadt is weighing in. Remember the movie entitled “Denial” which ruined David Irving’s reputation? Now Debra is going to ruin Donald Trump’s reputation.

Where is Jared Kushner, the Jewish son-in-law of Donald Trump? Why isn’t he advising The Donald on these matters?

People are tweeting about the Jews, on the ship named St. Louis, who were turned away from America

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I must disclose, right up front, that I have never tweeted. I don’t want to become addicted to something that will waste my valuable time. I might be the only person in the world who does not tweet.

Today I read a news article, which tells about a “Twitter account which lists  hundreds of Jews who were killed after being refused entry to the US”.

I knew that this was a reference to the Jews on the ship named the Saint Louis, which was turned away from the USA and forced to return to Europe. In the past, I have written about the ship named the St. Louis, but I can’t find the link now.

Back then, no country wanted the Jews. I wonder why? Is it because Jews lie, steal and cheat? Why not blame the Jews for their behavior instead of blaming the people who don’t like being cheated and lied to.

A blog post that I wrote 7 years ago is still being read all over the world

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I wrote the blog post which is cited above, 7 years ago, and it is still being read today.  Why are people all over the world still interested in the Dachau shower room?

My photo of the Dachau gas chamber

My 2001 photo of  the alleged Dachau gas chamber

The title of the blog post, cited above, is

The gas chamber disguised as a shower room in the crematorium at Dachau

You can read about the alleged Dachau gas chamber on my website at

The website page, cited above, was written before I became a Holocaust denier. That’s what happens to people who see too many fake gas chambers — they become deniers, and they might be thrown into prison in 20 different countries which now have Holocaust denier laws.

You can read more about the Dachau gas chamber on my website at

February 9, 2017

calling Trump a Nazi is a new kind of Holocaust denial

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You can read about Trump and Holocaust denial in this recent news article:

The following quote is from the news article:

President Trump has done some rash, bad things since he took power three weeks ago. But his critics have done something rasher. Something even more bereft of reason than Trump’s orders and tweets. Something more likely to stoke prejudice.

They’ve reduced the Holocaust to a meme.

They have used and abused the greatest crime in history to underscore their contempt for Trump, comparing him to Hitler, talking of his travel ban in the same breath as the Nazis’ persecution of Jews, warning darkly that ‘we know how this ends’. And in the process they’ve relativised the Holocaust. They’ve normalised it. They have dented its gravity and uniqueness by presenting it as a routine, recurring feeling in history that currently finds expression in ‘Trumpism’. They have turned the extermination of Europe’s Jews into an exclamation mark to their angst over Trump, and that is unforgivable. Morally, politically and historically, it is worse than anything Trump has done so far.

There is more than one way to deny the Holocaust. Some do it maliciously, with racist intent, arguing that the Holocaust is a hoax, an invention of Jews who wanted to secure their moral and political power in the postwar era. Others do it more thoughtlessly, with what they consider to be good intentions: they treat the Holocaust as a motif, to be wielded against any contemporary political idea or movement they find terrifying or simply don’t like. Bad people become ‘New Hitlers’, awful conflicts are said to echo the Holocaust. Holocaust dilution, we might call it. And it is a close, if sometimes unwitting, cousin of Holocaust denial.

Holocaust dilution has been rampant in media and radical circles over the past three weeks. In the overblown, sometimes even unhinged response to Trump, all sense of moral and political decorum, or basic reason, seems to have been abandoned. Journalists speak openly of ignoring Godwin’s Law in the Trump era — Godwin’s Law being the internet adage that if a web-based discussion about politics goes on long enough, someone will make a potty Hitler analogy. This grating BTL (‘below the line’) habit has now burst upwards, into actual commentary, and is embraced by the very hacks who for years sneered at the sad web-surfers who couldn’t go five minutes without typing ‘HITLER’.

End of quote from news article

Comparing someone to Hitler is the worst insult you can make.

Holocaust photo that is often identified incorrectly

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This is NOT the gage into Theresienstadt gheto

A picture taken inside Theresienstadt Concentration Camp, also known as Terezin. (photo credit:JEFFR_TRAVEL / WIKIMEDIA COMMONS)

My photo of gate in the background

Same gate is shown in the background of my photo taken in the year 2000

The following quote is from the news article which claims that the top photo above shows the gate into the Theresienstadt ghetto. No, this is the gate into a prison on the other side of the road, not the gate into the Theresienstadt ghetto.

Begin quote from news article:

BOSTON — Edgar Krasa, a Holocaust survivor who sang in the Theresienstadt concentration camp’s chorus, has died.

His death Monday was confirmed by a spokesperson for the Defiant Requiem Foundation, which performs the music created by inmates at Theresienstadt (also known as Terezin). Krasa, who had moved to Boston with his family in the 1960s, was 95.

End quote

Another view of Arbeit gate

My photo of the Arbeit macht Frei gate at the end of a long courtyard

An interior gate in the Small Fortress at Theresienstadt, which is shown in the background of my photograph above, has black letters on a white band over the arch; the letters read “Arbeit Macht Frei.” This same cynical slogan was also used at Dachau, Sachsenhausen, the main Auschwitz camp and a few other Nazi concentration camps.

The slogan means that “work will set you free”.

On the day that I took these photos, two Jewish members of our tour group, who were from Israel, were quite upset when they saw these cruel words Arbeit macht Frei displayed inside the prison. They began screaming and crying.

Our tour guide explained that there were actually some prisoners who were released from the Small Fortress, so there were some prisoners who were actually set free.

According to a booklet that I purchased at the Theresienstadt Museum, there were 5,600 prisoners released from the Small Fortress, which was a Gestapo prison for political prisoners and captured partisans.

When Theresienstadt was built as a military fortress in 1780, it consisted of two parts: the Main Fortress, where the Jews were later imprisoned by the Nazis in World War II, and the Small Fortress which was originally built as a prison and was used as such from the time it was completed until a few years after World War II, when the last of the German war criminals, who were incarcerated here by the victorious Allies, were executed.

The Small Fortress is on the east side of the Ohre river that divides the two parts of the old military fortress, and the Theresienstadt ghetto is on the west side.

The Small Fortress was open to tourists from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. daily when I visited in October 2000.

The Main Fortress is now the town of Terezin, which is, of course, always open to visitors, and even has hotels where tourists can stay if they don’t mind spending the night in the exact location where Hitler’s SS soldiers once slept.

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