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August 21, 2015

Jews were “culled from the crowd” of new arrivals and “sent to showers scented with Zyklon-B”

My photo of a can of Zyklon-B, taken at Mauthausen Memorial Site

My photo of a can of Zyklon-B, taken at Mauthausen Memorial Site (click on the photo to enlarge)

What is the scent of Zyklon-B, the poison gas used by the Nazis to exterminate the Jews? I don’t know.  Is it anything like “the scent of a woman”?

I have just finished reading a news article, from which I copied the following quote:

[In the Auschwitz Museum] We saw their shoes and eyeglasses, their toys and toiletries, all taken when they arrived on tiny train cars where dozens upon dozens were crammed so close they could not sit, kneel, sleep or toilet. These who stared could work. They lasted mere months. The weaker ones were culled from the crowd and sent to showers scented with Zyklon B, the gas the Nazis used to exterminate more than 1 million at Auschwitz.

Some people believe that the Nazis removed the scent from Zyklon-B, so that the Jews would not smell it when they were packed inside a gas chamber, 2,000 at a time.

My photo of the gas chamber in the main Auschwitz camp, October 2005

My photo of the gas chamber in the main Auschwitz camp, October 2005

I did a google search on this subject, and I learned that the scent WAS removed from the Zyklon-B gas pellets, but not by the Nazis.

I found the following quote here which mentions the scent.

Begin quote:
Another gaff by [Holocaust True Believer Andrew] Mathis is his suggestion that Zyklon had its indicator substance removed in order to prevent those being gassed from knowing and panicking. This is silly since the alleged mesh columns would have had a clearly visible container of material being lowered on a string. Even non-mesh column chambers would have had pellets poured through the roof portals. How in the world would those inside not realize what was going on at that point? It’s absurd to suggest that scented or unscented would make a difference at that point. This is just another case of so-called holocaust experts exposing their ineptitude and therefore the falseness of their claims.

By 1944 Zyklon was being supplied to Auschwitz without the warning ingredient, but the reason for this exceptional practice was a supply shortage rather than any desire, as alleged by Exterminationists, to deceive potential murder victims. One cause of considerable concern to some of the German technicians at the time was that since the warning ingredient also contributed to the chemical stability of the Zyklon-B, its removal could present a serious hazard to the end-user. One result of the removal of the warning ingredient seems to have been the shortening of the shelf-life of even properly sealed cans of Zyklon-B.

The removal of the warning scent was decided upon by the DEGESCH manufacturers and not by the SS. This came out during testimony given by Mr. Breitweiser during the course of the Auschwitz Frankfurt trial in 1961. Breitweiser was in charge of disinfestation at Auschwitz. He was never charged with or convicted of a crime.

End quote