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July 7, 2017

Congressman goes inside Auschwitz “gas chamber” and completely misunderstands everything

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Congressman Clay Higgins poses beside two cremation ovens at Auschwitz

My photo of the ovens where Congressman posed

What’s wrong with posing for photos inside the oven room at Auschwitz, you ask?

What the Congressman did was completely disrespectful to the Jews who were gassed and burned during the Holocaust. My photo above shows the back side of the ovens where Jews were burned.

When I visited Auschwitz three times [in 1998, 2005 and 2007] there were signs everywhere, telling tourists that photos were not allowed. I ignored these signs. I am a senile old woman who does not know how to use a camera — my camera kept going off by itself.  That’s my story — and I’m sticking to it.

My photo of the device used to shove the bodies into the oven

Oven on the left — gas chamber on the right

As everyone knows, a gas chamber should not be in a room that is only a few feet from an oven, but the Nazis somehow managed to kill Jews in gas chambers without blowing up the whole building.

My photo of a cremation oven for a single body at Auschwitz

I blogged about Clay Higgins in this earlier blog post.

July 5, 2017

Auschwitz memorial site has a twitter account

“Everything is up to date in Kansas City” — and at the Auschwitz Memorial Site which now has a twitter account to honor the Jews who were killed there.

Sign at the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp says in English: “You are in a building where the SS murdered thousands of people. Please maintain silence here: remember their suffering and show respect for their memory.”

My photo below shows the signs at the location of an alleged gas chamber that was allegedly destroyed by the Nazis before they abandoned the camp. Or was it destroyed by the prisoners who stayed behind and hid when the prisoners were marched out of the camp by the Nazis? Who knows?

My photo of signs at the location of Krema IV where Jews were allegedly gassed

My photo of the ruins of Krema IV


June 2, 2017

“the evidence room” is back in the news about the Holocaust

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Door into Auschwitz gas chamber has a glass window

My photo of the gas chamber at Auschsitz

I have visited the Auschwitz gas chamber several times. On my visits, I took photos of the reconstructed holes through which the Zyklon-B gas pellets were allegedly poured.

Gas pellets were allegedly poured into the gas chamber through this reconstructed hole in the gas chamber

Side view of reconstructed hole through which gas pellets were allegedly poured

A grate in the ceiling of the alleged Auschwitz gas chamber

Another hole in the ceiling of the alleged Auschwitz gas chamber

The following quote is from a news article which you can read in full at

Begin quote:

Now there is another book, The Evidence Room, written by Prof. van Pelt and three colleagues – Donald McKay, Anne Bordeleau and Sascha Hastings – to supplement the exhibition.

“It is difficult to imagine the details of a gas chamber, where humans were locked in to die,” says one Holocaust survivor, quoted in the new book.

Published by New Jewish Press, a Toronto firm, it will be available at select bookstores during the ROM run.

“One has to feel the double grates that protected the bucket filled with poison pellets from the desperate hands of the condemned, peer into the bucket, imagine the pellets melting away, the poison oozing out of them,” says the survivor. “Only then can real awareness arise in the soul and place the viewer inside the gas chamber.”

Most people are aware of the Holocaust, but to be taken inside the obscene killing machine is by all accounts an overwhelming and unforgettable experience. The Nazis killed about six million Jews, including three million in gas chambers (one million in Auschwitz and two million elsewhere).

“I touched the gas column – a reproduction of the device that inserted Zyklon B into the gas chambers at Auschwitz,” says the same witness to the 20th century’s worst nightmare. “As a Holocaust survivor, I felt the cold hand of history on my spine. I knew a good deal about the Auschwitz-Birkenau murder factory, but the gas column really shocked me. Because of what I had read about people thinking they were going into a shower room, I had always imagined the gas being dispersed by sprinklers.

Touching that construction had a profound effect on me – a new visceral recognition all these years later.”

The plans behind the killing machine are at once simple and obscene. The designers, engineers and architects who created it came up with a cheap and shocking solution.

The exhibit provides a reconstruction of the steel mesh gas column through which the Zyklon B pellets were lowered into the chamber. Viewers also examine a reproduction of original architectural drawings. Among the details: the door of the gas chamber with a tight seal around the edge.

End quote

April 2, 2017

entrance into Auschwitz gas chamber through the back door

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My 1998 photo of the back door into the Auschwitz gas chamber

The photo above shows the door through which visitors used to enter the gas chamber in the main Auschwitz camp, a few years ago. This door, which has a glass panel on the top, was originally the door into a washroom which is shown in the foreground. The room in the background of the photo is the “laying out room” which was used as an autopsy room when the gas chamber was originally used as a morgue.

The Holocaust victims allegedly entered the washroom and then proceeded into the gas chamber through another door which is no longer there. When the gas chamber was reconstructed by the Soviet Union in 1947, the washroom was included in the gas chamber.

You can see my photo of the back door into the Auschwitz gas chamber [shown above] on this page of my website:

One of the readers of my blog put up a link to a video about Auschwitz which you can watch at

In the video, cited above, you can see my photo, which is claimed in the video to be have been the door INTO the gas chamber. Yes, that door does open inward as shown in my photo, but it was never claimed, by anyone, to have been the door into the gas chamber.

When I visited Auschwitz for the first time in 1998, I was the only tourist there. I had a private tour guide, who flew in from New York city and met me at the Munich airport when I arrived.

The next day, she took me on a tour of the Auschwitz I camp where we went through the front door of the alleged gas chamber  building. The door in the photo above is the back door. My tour guide told me that the bodies in the gas chamber were removed through this back door and burned in the ovens. However, she would not allow me to go through this door; she said that it was forbidden for tourists to go through the back door.  I wonder what she did not want me to see.

My tour guide took me into the Auschwitz gas chamber through the front door which is shown in the background of my photo below.

My 2005 photo of the Auschwitz 1 gas chamber shows the front door in the background

February 11, 2017

Leaflets that deny the existence of gas chambers are dropped on college campus in the UK

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The following quote is from a news story, which you can read in full at

Begin quote

Literature denying and belittling the Nazi genocide [of Jews] has been found at University College London, Cambridge University, Edinburgh University and Glasgow University, according to the Union of Jewish Students (UJS).

The leaflets deny the existence of gas chambers.

End quote

Gas chamber in main Auschwitz camp

My 2007 photo of the alleged gas chamber in the main Auschwitz camp

Look at my photo above, which shows the alleged gas chamber in the main Auschwitz camp. I composed this photo to show that there is an open doorway into the oven room where bodies were burned after they had allegedly been gassed.

Actually, this doorway was not there when these rooms were used by the Nazis. It was added later so that tourists could easily move through the rooms, on their tour of the gas chamber.

If gas had been used in a room right next to hot ovens, it would have caused an explosion. That is why Holocaust deniers say that this room was not a gas chamber. The alleged gas chamber room was actually a morgue where bodies were stored, waiting to be burned in the ovens next door.

You can read about the oven room, next to the alleged gas chamber, on this page of my website:

January 28, 2017

My blog is breaking all records for the number of hits

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In the last two days, my blog has been breaking records for the number of hits. This morning, I set out to find out why.

It seems that it is one of my blog posts, written several years ago, that is suddenly getting thousands of hits:

Fingernail marks on Auschwitz gas chamber wall

Fingernail marks on gas chamber wall

I believe that these scratches on the wall have been made by tourists in recent years. I don’t believe that little babies were held up to scratch the gas chamber walls, in an attempt to get out.

January 14, 2017

The Auschwitz main camp as caught on a drone camera

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You can see what the main camp at Auschwitz looks like today, as caught on a drone camera:


My photo of the gas chamber in the main Auschwitz camp

My photo of the gas chamber in the main Auschwitz camp

I have a section on my website where you can see more of my photos of the Auschwitz I camp:


November 7, 2016

Holocaust survivor Nesse Godin is back in the news

Holocaust survivor Nesse Godwin

Holocaust survivor Nesse Godwin was honored at the US Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC

I previously blogged about Nessie Godwin at

The following quote is from a recent news article in the Stars and Stripes newspaper:

Begin quote

A Holocaust survivor [Nesse Godwin] was honored by the US Naval Academy in Annapolis on Wednesday for her 20 years of teaching cadets about the Nazi genocide, the US Armed Forces newspaper Stars and Stripes reported.

At a ceremony at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC, Nesse Godin, 88, was presented the Meritorious Public Service Award  for her lectures to midshipmen about their “professional and individual responsibility to make ethical decisions and help prevent genocide and mass atrocities in the future.”

Godin, a Silver Spring, Maryland resident originally from Siauliai, Lithuania, was imprisoned in several concentration camps, and her father lost his life in the gas chambers of Auschwitz. Her mother and two brothers survived.

End quote

Note that this woman’s father was killed in the gas chambers [plural] of Auschwitz. How many gas chambers did it take to kill him?

My 2005 photo of the Auschwitz gas chamber

My 2005 photo of Auschwitz gas chamber

Why did the Nazis give up and not try to gas the mother and her three children? Did they run out of gas chambers?

The article continues with this quote:

“After the war, Godin married a Polish Holocaust survivor, and they immigrated to the United States the 1950s.”

End quote

August 24, 2016

What the length of your fingers says about you

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Why am I concerned about the length of anyone’s fingers, you ask. What does this have to do with the Holocaust, which is the main subject of my blog, you ask.

You can read about the various lengths of fingers, and see photos of fingers on this website:

As you will note, no one has fingers that are all the same length.

Scratches on the wll of the Auschwitz gas chamber

Scratches on the wall of the alleged Auschwitz gas chamber

As the photo above shows, the fingernail scratches on the wall of the gas chamber were made by fingers that are are all the same length, which is unknown in real life.

Five years ago, I put up a blog post about the fingernail scratches on the walls of the gas chamber in the main Auschwitz camp. These scratches were allegedly put there by children who were held up by their dying parents so that the the children could scratch the walls made of concrete. This was allegedly done to provide proof for future generations that Jews were gassed in the morgue at Auschwitz.


July 30, 2016

How did the Holocaust gas chambers really work?

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One of the readers of my blog asked this in a comment: “Lets just say for now that the Holocaust actually happened? How would you describe it?”

I assume that the real question is “How did the gas chambers work?”

I have been blogging for over six years now; in the year 2001, I wrote an explanation of how the gas chambers worked, according to two eye-witnesses who wrote books about it.

My photo of the gas chamber in the main Auschwitz camp

My 2005 photo of the gas chamber in Auschwitz

The Krema I gas chamber in the main Auschwitz camp, shown in the photo above, is a reconstruction which was done by the Soviet Union in 1947.

The original gas chamber had been converted by the Germans into an air raid shelter in September 1944. A new entrance door, which can be seen in the background of the photo above, had been added.

In September 1944, the original gas chamber in the Auschwitz main camp had been divided into four small rooms. In the photo above, you can see the reconstructed opening into the oven room on the left hand side. This opening had been closed up when the gas chamber was converted into an air raid shelter. During the reconstruction, the opening into the oven room was moved a few feet.

My photo above was taken with flash; the room is actually very dimly lit and looks much darker.

This YouTube video shows what tourists see today, when they take a tour of the main Auschwitz camp:

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