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October 24, 2015

If you could go back in time, would you kill baby Hitler?

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A news article which you can read in full here, tells about a Twitter question which asked readers: If you could go back in time, would you kill baby Hitler.  40% of those, who answered the question, said “Yes”.

The implication is that if Hiter had not been allowed to grow up, the Jews would not have been killed in the Holocaust.

Little Baby Hitler

Little Baby Hitler

Hitler's birthplace has a stone monument from Mauthausen casmp

Hitler’s birthplace is marked by a stone monument from Mauthausen concentration camp

Another view of the stone in front of Hitler's birthplace

Another view of the stone in front of Hitler’s birthplace

I wrote about Hitler on this previous blog post:

In my humble opinion, killing baby Hitler would not have saved the Jews. The Jews have been expelled from literally every country in the world, from the beginning of time.   You can read the full list of expulsions at

If not Hitler, someone else would have Holocausted the Jews.

This article explains it:

Choir loft and organ in Parish Church of St. Stephan in Braunau am Inn, Austria

Choir loft and organ in Parish Church of St. Stephan in Braunau am Inn, Austria

I took the photo above in the Catholic parish church in the town of Braunau am Inn, which Hitler attended as a child.

Why have the Jews been kicked out of every country in the world, except the USA, since the beginning of time? I will let the readers of my blog explain it.

On my website, I wrote about the Jews being killed in the city of Rothenburg ob der Tauber in the year 1298:

For some strange reason, Jews have been persecuted, all over the world, for 800 years.  You can’t blame baby Hitler for this.

April 10, 2012

Hitler’s birthplace in Braunau am Inn, Austria

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The parents of Adolf Hitler are in the news currently because their tombstone has been removed and hauled off. It has probably been smashed to pieces already. I blogged yesterday about the cemetery in Leonding, Austria where the bodies of Hitler’s parents now lie in an unmarked grave.  A reader of my blog commented that Hitler’s birthplace might be next on the list of places to be destroyed.

When I visited Austria a few years ago, I went to the small town of Braunau am Inn where Hitler was born.  As soon as I entered the town, I went to a bookstore and asked  for directions to the house where Hitler was born.  The clerk looked at me as though I were someone from outer space and then said that he could not tell me.  I asked for a map that would show the location, and I was told that there is no such map.

I started walking down the main street until I saw a stone monument in front of a building.  I recognized the golden granite as a stone from the Mauthausen quarry which I had just visited.  This must be the place!

Granite stone in front of Hitler’s birthplace in Braunau am Inn in Austria

The photo above shows Salzburger Vorstadt in the historic town of Braunau am Inn (Braunau on the Inn river). This is the street where Hitler was born on April 20, 1889.  In the background, the building with the tower is the gatehouse into the town.  Hitler’s birthplace is the building on the right.

While I was taking these photos, the locals who were passing by, gave me a big smile of approval.  As far as I could tell, I was the only American tourist in the town that day.

Braunau am Inn has a population of about 17,500 people. This was formerly a walled town; it is located on the south bank of the Inn river which separates Austria and Germany. The street was renamed Adolf-Hitler-Strasse after the Anschluss of Germany and Austria on March 12, 1938.

Building where Adolf Hitler was born is unmarked except for a large granite stone

The photo above shows the yellow three-story building in Braunau am Inn which was the Gasthof zum Pommer or Gasthof des Josef Pommer at the time when Hitler was born there. The original address of the building was Salzburger Vorstadt 219 when Adolf Hitler was born here at 6:30 p.m. on April 20, 1889, Easter Sunday.  A Gasthof is also called a Gasthaus.  A Gasthaus is a small hotel that has a restaurant and a bar on the ground floor.  The local Gasthaus used to be the hangout for the men in the town — the women were at home, having a Kaffeeklatsch.

The house where Hitler was born is unmarked, except for a large stone of Mauthausen granite which was placed on the corner in 1989, the 100th anniversary of Hitler’s birth.

The granite stone in front of Hitler’s birthplace

The English translation of the words on the stone are: “For peace, freedom and democracy, never again Fascism, millions of dead admonish.”   (more…)