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March 3, 2011

Christof Ludwig Knoll — the Kapo who took an interest in a prisoner at Dachau

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A big “Thank you” to the reader who made a comment on my previous blog post about Holocaust survivor Leslie Schwartz whose memoirs will be out in English soon, with a possible documentary to follow.

This is the comment from Marc:

Christof Ludwig Knoll was the capo who took an interest in Leslie. Knoll was executed in the war crimes trials after the war. No prisoner would have said anything good about him. He was incredibly brutal and a sadistic killer.

Leslie’s book is currently available only in German and I have not read it, so I could only guess the name of the man who took an interest in Leslie when he was a teenager in one of the Dachau sub-camps.  Now that I know that the man’s name was Christof Ludwig Knoll and that he was a capo or Kapo at Dachau, I can provide more information about his conviction and execution as a war criminal.   (more…)