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May 28, 2012

Aerial photos of Auschwitz were altered by the CIA to manufacture evidence

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This morning I spent a lot of time reading about the air photos of Auschwitz-Birkenau taken from American reconnaissance planes in 1944 and 1945.  I downloaded the photos from the website of Germar Rudolf here.  In case you don’t know who Germar Rudolf is, he was the first highly qualified Holocaust revisionist, by virtue of his education and intelligence. His books are highly scientific and technical — no hatred nor anti-Semitism involved — just the facts. You can get to know Germar Rudolf on his website here.

The pdf files about the air photos which you can download from Germar Rudolf’s website include photos taken from the Auschwitz Album.  These are photos taken by the Germans during the time that the Hungarian Jews were arriving at Birkenau.  These photos are used by Holocaustians to prove that Jews were gassed, but actually, they prove the opposite.

You can also read about the air photos on this website.  This quote is from the website:

… the photos of Auschwitz (Illustrations 8 and following) were taken by the Americans. It took the Allied landing in Italy in autumn of 1943 before the Americans were able to bomb the industrial area of Upper Silesia; Allied reconnaissance flights over this area therefore did not begin until the winter of 1943/44. However, the corresponding air photos were not submitted to the National Archives by the CIA, and thus made accessible to the public, until the late 1970s. It was also the CIA which published the first photos of Auschwitz-Birkenau in 1979.(16)

The pdf files that you can download from Germar Rudolf’s website explain where and how the photos were altered by the CIA.

The area where the two main crematoria were located has been changed by the building of the International Monument between Krema II and Krema III.  Tourists can no longer see that the main camp road went on into the countryside where there were farms very near the camp.  The International Monument has been built over the intersection of the main road and the road to the Sauna where the Jews took a shower before entering the camp as prisoners.

The aerial photos show that the soccer field was very near one crematorium and that there were 12 kitchens near the crematoria.  The photos show that there was no secrecy surrounding the crematoria; the prisoners could see everything that was going on.  The CIA altered the aerial photos to show high fences around some of the buildings.  The alternations done by the CIA show little chimneys where the Zyklon-B gas could have been poured in, but photos taken by the Germans do not show these openings.

The bottom line is that there is no air photo evidence to support the claim of mass murder at Auschwitz-Birkenau.  You can read it here.

September 29, 2010

“fabulous policemen” of the German Gestapo

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This quote is from a UK2U blog post about David Irving’s tour of Poland:

Revisionist historian David Irving has praised Adolf Hitler and described the Gestapo as “fabulous Policemen” during a controversial tour of Nazi death camps in Poland.

David Irving’s tour of Poland was infiltrated by a spy who reported on the new crimes committed by Irving a couple of days ago, when he had the audacity to praise Hitler and the Gestapo policemen. This could mean more prison time for “Holocaust Denier David Irving,” as he is known in the mainstream media.

The word Gestapo is an abbreviation of the words Geheime Staatspolizei which mean Secret State Police.  The organization was formed by Hermann Goering, but it was put under the administration of Heinrich Himmler who was the Chief of German Police.

How would David Irving know if the German policemen were fabulous or not?  Well for one thing, Irving translated the memoirs of General Reinhard Gehlen into English. When I attended one of Irving’s lectures in 2009, this book was one of the books that he had for sale; the book was at least 4 inches thick.  I wish now that I had purchased the book and had it autographed by Irving.  Since Irving’s latest crime is all over the news, the value of this book has probably increased.

General Reinhard von Gehlen

I assumed that the younger generation has never heard of Reinhard Gehlen, who used to be known as Reinhard von Gehlen.  I asked a young family member if he had ever heard of him.  Of course, he had heard of Reinhard Gehlen, and he proceeded to tell me several anecdotes about him.  One of the stories was that Reinhard Gehlen was dressed up in the uniform of an American General and sneaked into the United States shortly before World War II was over because America was so anxious to use his services in setting up the CIA.

The story above is apparently not true because I found this quote on the Internet:

On September 20, 1945, Gehlen and three close associates were flown to the United States to begin work for them.

Reinhard Gehlen was not the only German who was used as a secret agent by the United States, after the war.  Klaus Barbie was also brought to America.

In 1947, Klaus Barbie, who is shown in the photo below, became an agent for the 66th Detachment of the U.S. Army Counter Intelligence Corps (CIC).

Klaus Barbie

Horst Kopkow whose death was faked by the British

David Irving undoubtedly knows the story of Horst Kopkow who became a British secret agent after the war.  Kopkow was the senior counter intelligence officer with RSHA ( the Reich Security Head Office in Berlin).

In 1946, Kopkow was in British custody;  he was taken to England for interrogation in 1948, but as soon as he arrived, the British claimed that he was running a temperature. Two days later, it was announced that  Kopkow had died from bronchial pneumonia before any information could be obtained from him.  A death certificate was issued for him and information was released that he had been buried in the POW section of a Military Cemetery.

But Kopkow was not dead. He had been recruited by the British to work for them.

By 1948, the Allies had realized that the real enemy was the Communist Soviet Union. Kopkow had been “released from custody to work for British and American intelligence,” according to the book A Life in Secrets, by Sarah Helm. Kopkow’s death had been faked so that he could help the Allies in fighting the Cold War against the Soviets.

These men were recruited by the Allies because they were “fabulous policemen.” They helped America and Great Britain win the Cold War against the Soviet Union.

BTW, look at how skinny all three of the German men look in the photos above. They practically look like concentration camp prisoners.