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July 7, 2017

More about the Clay Higgins video

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The video that was put up by Clay Higgins should have been entitled “Jews good, Germans bad”. Sub title: “That’s all you know on earth, and all you need to know.”

The article should have mentioned that, over the years, Jews have been expelled from every country on earth, not just from Germany.

The first mass murder of Jews in Germany took place in the German city of Rothenburg on June 25, 1298. The Jews did not let that stop them from going back to Germany, where they would continue to lie, steal and cheat, causing them to be thrown out of Germany many more times.

I have a section about the Jews in Rothenburg on my website at

Map of Jewish Rothenburg

The video done by Clay Higgins does not say that the Jews have been given billions of dollars in reparations by the Germans, and that they will continue to collect money from Germany until there are no more Germans left. Then the Jews will go after people of German heritage in other countries, demanding more money.


More about the video done by Clay Higgins

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At the very end of the video about Auschwitz, done by Clay Higgins, there is a photo which shows a small hill of grass, right next to the back door into the gas chamber in the main camp. I have a photo of this hill on my website, as shown below.


The photo above shows a brick chimney that is a reconstruction that was done in 1947. Note that the chimney is completely detached from the building and it is not connected to the reconstructed crematory ovens.

The original chimney was round, according to Filip Müller, a prisoner who worked in the crematorium, but it had to be replaced and the new chimney was square shaped. Other witnesses say that the original chimney was square.

What does this have to do with anything you say? When someone puts up a video, they should identify everything in the video and say what it has to do with subject, about which they are bloviating.