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December 16, 2015

Dario Gabbai — the last living Sonderkommando Jew

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Dario Gabbai the last living Sonderkommando Jew

Dario Gabbai the last living Sonderkommando Jew

Today I am commenting on a news article, which you can read in full at

DarioGabbai points to a photo of Jews getting off a train at Asuchwitz-Birkenau

Dario Gabbai points to a photo of an incoming train at Auschwitz-Birkenau

The news article tells about Dario Gabbai, who is the last living member of the Sonderkommando.  The Sonderkommando was a group of Jewish men who carried their fellow Jews out of the gas chambers after they were dead.  The Sonderkommando men were killed after serving for 3 months; they were replaced by new prisoners who carried on the work of clearing the gas chambers.

This quote from Wikipedia explains the Sonderkommando:

David Dario Gabbai (born September 2, 1922) is a Greek Sephardi Jew and Holocaust survivor, notable for his role as a member of the Sonderkommando at Auschwitz. He was deported to the camp in March 1944 and put to work in one of the crematoria at Birkenau, where he was forced to assist in the burning of the hundreds of thousands of Hungarian Jews that were deported to the camp during the spring and summer of that year.

Gabbai remained at Auschwitz until its evacuation in January 1945. He was liberated from Ebensee concentration camp in Austria by the United States Army, and has publicly spoken about what he witnessed and experienced during the Holocaust.

End quote from Wikipedia

Why was the last Sonderkommando group allowed to live?  Was it because the Nazis were proud of their work in gassing the Jews and they wanted men to live to tell the world about it?

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