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May 5, 2013

What’s worse than a Holocaust denier? A Republican!!! (Holocaust denier David Cole has outed himself and he’s a Republican)

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It has been all over the news recently that David Cole, who went into hiding years ago after his life was threatened, has surfaced as David Stein and it has become known that he is a Republican.  You can read the news about David Stein here.

Back in 1992, a young David Cole went to the Auschwitz main camp and hired a guide to show him the famous Auschwitz gas chamber.  He videotaped his visit and recorded the tour guide saying that the gas chamber was original.

I had a similar experience when I visited the Auschwitz main camp in 1998 with a Polish guide who spoke perfect English.  She also told me that the gas chamber was original.  I didn’t dare ask too many questions because it was obvious to me that she was suspicious that I was a non-believer because I wasn’t showing enough emotion to suit her.

The YouTube videos below shows David Cole on his trip to Auschwitz in 1992.