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April 11, 2017

Denial is back in the news

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Denial is back in the news and I don’t mean a river in Egypt. I am writing about a movie about the Holocaust, which has the title “Denial.”

You can read about it in this news article:

The following quote is from the news article, cited above:

Begin quote

Denial opens in New Zealand cinemas on April 13.

It wasn’t that the holocaust touched  British filmmaker Mick Jackson, more that he touched it.

That’s what persuaded the former The Bodyguard and LA Story director to return to big screen filmmaking after 14 years to make Denial.

Based on Holocaust scholar Deborah Lipstadt’s book History on Trial: My Day in Court with a Holocaust Denier, it dramatists her defence against David Irving’s charges of libel. He claimed she was part of a worldwide conspiracy attempting to discredit him as a historian.

End quote


October 21, 2016

Understanding the movie entitled “Denial”

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Scene from movie entitled Denial

Here is the plot of the movie entitled “Denial”:

In 1996, an American historian, Deborah Lipstadt, was sued by a British historian, David Irving, over Lipstadt’s claim that Irving was a liar and a falsifier of history.

In his books and lectures, Irving had contended that Auschwitz had no gas chambers. In bringing the suit, Irving charged that Lipstadt had damaged his career and his reputation.

The following quote is from a news article which you can read in full at

Begin quote:

….because Lipstadt’s allegedly libelous comments are unambiguous and because she and her publisher don’t want to settle, she and her lawyers need to prove two things or lose the case:

• That Irving’s Auschwitz writings were inaccurate.

• That he did it intentionally, for the purpose of pushing an anti-Semitic agenda.

End quote

I have seen this movie, and I don’t think that it will win any awards.


September 9, 2016

New movie about Deborah Lipstadt will open nationwide on Oct. 21, 2016

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Rachel Weiss will play Deborah Lipstadt in new movie

Rachel Weiss will play Deborah Lipstadt in new movie

A news story, which you can read in full here, has this headline:

She had to prove the Holocaust happened

How does one prove that something happened? It either happened or it didn’t.

Deborah Lipstadt

Deborah Lipstadt

The news article begins with this quote:

Begin quote

ATLANTA – You’ll need your imagination for this one. [You can say that again.]

At issue is that it’s hard to imagine anyone having to prove in a court of law that the Holocaust happened [the way that the Jews say that it did].

Deborah Lipstadt did it, though, and her story has been made into a film called “Denial,” set to be released in New York on Sept. 30 and nationwide on Oct. 21.

Lipstadt, a professor of modern history and Jewish Holocaust studies at Emory University, was sued by prominent Holocaust denier and British historian David Irving in the 1990s, according to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. The film and her book that it’s based on, “History on Trial: My Day in Court with a Holocaust Denier,” recount how Irving sued Lipstadt for libel in England for calling him a “Holocaust denier.”

End quote

Of course, the Holocaust HAPPENED, but did it happen the way that David Irving wrote that it did, or did it happen the way that Debra thinks that it did.

David Irving

David Irving

I’m with David Irving on this one. I have met him. He’s a walking encyclopedia, as I have said many times. However, he is now old and senile, as am I. He will not be able to defend himself adequately now.


June 15, 2016

a recreated gas chamber is on display

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Reconsructed gas chamber room on display

Recreated gas chamber room on display

My photo of the Auschwitz gas chamber

My 2005 photo of the Auschwitz gas chamber shows the same view of the door

The following quote is from a recent news article, which explains the story:

Architects recreate a Nazi gas chamber.

Currently on display at a Venice exhibit is a recreation of a Nazi gas chamber which hopes to honour the victims of the Holocaust. The inception for the exhibit came after historian Deborah Lipstadt was sued by Holocaust denier David Irving for libel, and had an architectural historian help her case by proving the genocidal intent of Nazi concentration camps and gas chambers. That evidence was compiled to reconstruct such a gas chamber which may be ‘nightmarish’ to look at, but succeeds in proving to naysayers that the Nazis did, indeed, attempt to wipe us all out.

End quote

As far as I know, Fred Leuchter, the foremost gas chamber expert in the world, does not read my blog. I wouldn’t want him to die laughing after seeing these photos. However, it is my impression that Fred is very polite and he suffers fools gladly.

Around 10 years ago, my photo above was used to construct a huge display of the gas chamber in the main Auschwitz camp. The display was shown to tourists at some museum in southern California.

I tried to get the museum people to use a different photo for their display because the photo above shows the door through which the German SS soldiers entered what was then a bomb shelter. The door is in the center of the photo, and it is in the open position. This is not the door through which the victims allegedly entered the alleged gas chamber.

My 2005 photo below shows another view of the wooden door when it is in the open position. The door in the background of the photo is a metal door.

Wooden door into Aushwitz gas chamber

Wooden door into Auschwitz gas chamber in the open position

The alleged gas chamber room was originally a morgue, where dead bodies were stored before being put into the ovens in the oven room right next to it.

Door into the Auschwitsz gas chamber is on the right

Door into the Auschwitz gas chamber is on the right and cremation ovens are on the left

Allegedly, Zyklon-B gas was used to gas the Jews, in a room with an open door, that was right next to the hot ovens where bodies were being burned.

My 2007 photo of the Auschwitz gas chamber

My 2007 photo of the Auschwitz gas chamber

The Krema I gas chamber in the main Auschwitz camp, shown in my photo above, is a reconstruction which was done by the Soviet Union in 1947.

The original gas chamber had been converted by the Germans into an air raid shelter in September 1944. A new entrance door, which can be seen in the background of the photo above, had been added.

In September 1944, the original Auschwitz gas chamber had been divided into four small rooms. In the photo above, you can see the reconstructed opening into the oven room on the left hand side. This opening had been closed up when the gas chamber was converted into an air raid shelter. During the reconstruction, the opening into the oven room was moved a few feet.

You can read the news article by clicking on the link below:

Your daily spiel for Tuesday, June 14





March 10, 2016

Robert Jan van Pelt proves the use of gas chambers in the Holocaust — again!

Robert Jan van Pelt is back in the news. You can read the news about him here:

Peephole in the door of a gas chamber

Robert Jan Van Pelt claims this is a photo of a peephole in the door of a homicidal gas chamber at Auschwitz

The quote is from the news article:

Begin quote

Professor and Holocaust expert Robert Jan van Pelt was one of her [Deborah Lipstadt’s] key witnesses [in David Irving’s lawsuit against Lipstadt for libel.]

He’s [Robert Jan van Pelt] now heading one of Canada’s contributions to the upcoming Venice Architecture Biennale, and it emerges directly from the Irving case.


The Evidence Room was the combined effort of a team of students and faculty of the University of Waterloo School of Architecture headed by Anne Bordeleau, Sascha Hastings, Donald McKay, and [Robert Jan] van Pelt.

It features life-sized replicas and casts of key pieces described in his [Robert Jan van Pelt’s] testimony about Auschwitz, including a gas column, gas door, a section of wall with a gas-tight hatch and other items that definitively proved the site was a factory of death.

End quote

I have never seen this alleged photograph of a gas chamber peephole before, even though I have studied the Holocaust extensively.

Peephole in Dachau gas chamber

My photo of the alleged peephole in the Dachau gas chamber

The alleged gas chamber in the Auschwitz main camp had a peephole, which was installed in the outside door into the room when it was turned into a bomb shelter for the SS men. I believe that the so-called gas chamber in the Auschwitz main camp was actually a morgue where bodies were stored before they were burned in the ovens in the room next door.

Air Raid shelter door has a peephole

Air Raid shelter door peephole in the alleged Auschwitz gas chamber

The peep hole, shown in the photo above, was for the German SS men to look out, after a bombing raid, to see if it was safe to come out of the Auschwitz “gas chamber” after a bombing raid.

Ovens in Auschwitz crematorium were right next to the alleged gas chamber

Ovens in Auschwitz crematorium were right next to the alleged gas chamber

My 1998 photo, shown above, illustrates that the alleged gas chamber in the Auschwitz main camp was right next to the cremation ovens, which would have caused an explosion if this was actually a gas chamber.

September 12, 2015

Holocaust denial is explained by Deborah Lipstadt

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Cremation ovens at Majdanek death camp

Cremation ovens at Majdanek death camp (click on photo)

A black and white photo, similar to the photo above, is at the top of an article written by Deborah Lipstadt:

This quote is from the article written by Deborah Lipstadt:

Holocaust deniers are people who contend that the Holocaust – the attempt by Nazi Germany to annihilate European Jewry during World War Two – never happened. According to the deniers, the Nazis did not murder six million Jews, the notion of homicidal gas chambers is a myth, and any deaths of Jews that did occur under the Nazis were the result of wartime privations, not of systematic persecution and state-organised mass murder.

Some even claim that Hitler was the best friend the Jews had in Germany, and that he actively worked to protect them.

Deniers dismiss all assertions that the Holocaust took place as conscious fabrications, or as psychotic delusions. Some even claim that Hitler was the best friend the Jews had in Germany, and that he actively worked to protect them. According to deniers, Jews have perpetrated this hoax about the Holocaust on the world in order to gain political and financial advantage, and it was in fact Germany that was the true victim in World War Two.

The cremation ovens at Majdanek as seen by the Soviet liberators

The cremation ovens at Majdanek as allegedly seen by the Soviet liberators when they arrived

The black and white photo above shows the ruined Majdanek crematorium as it looked when Russian soldiers arrived to liberate the camp on July 23, 1944. Or maybe it was the Russians who set the building on fire.  Who knows? It might have been the Russians who killed the prisoners before the building was burned.

The wooden crematorium building had allegedly been set on fire by the Nazis in order to burn the bodies of Polish political prisoners who had been brought from the Gestapo prison at the Castle in Lublin and executed the day before liberation. Their charred remains are shown in the foreground in the photo above.

In the background of the photo are the brick ovens with iron doors which were not damaged in the fire. The main gas chamber building, which is located down the slope at the other end of the camp, was not burned, leaving behind so-called evidence of alleged Nazi crimes.

So what am I complaining about now, you ask. O.K. I am nitpicking the article by Deborah Lipstadt, because I don’t think that she should have used a photo of the Majdanek ovens in her article.  She should have used a photo of the Majdanek gas chambers which are now a joke.

The latest official statistics on the Majdanek camp is that 59,000 Jews died there — of all causes.

I blogged about the updated information on the Majdanek gas chamber at

The moral of this story is that Holocaust True Believers must keep up with the story of the Holocaust, as known today, so they won’t be criticized  by deniers.

January 4, 2011

Denying the Holocaust

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I bought the paperback edition of Deborah Lipstadt’s book Denying the Holocaust – The Growing Assault on Truth and Memory when it first came out in July 1994.  It has been sitting on a shelf, gathering dust, ever since.  Yesterday, I started going through it again, to refresh my memory.  This was the book that caused David Irving to sue Ms. Lipstadt for libel.

The civil suit was considered to be The Holocaust on Trial, which is the title of a book about the case, written by D.D. Guttenplan.   I started thinking about all this when it was brought up in comments on one of my previous posts.

The last chapter in Denying the Holocaust does not have a chapter number; it is labeled APPENDIX.  I don’t know if this was included in the original hard cover edition or not.

In the Forward of the paperback edition, Ms. Lipstadt makes a big case for not arguing with Holocaust deniers; she mentions her “steadfast refusal to debate deniers.”   She wrote that deniers want to be thought of as “the other side.”  Of course, there is no other side to the Holocaust.  The old saying, that there are two sides to everything, doesn’t apply to the Holocaust: “the other side” of the Holocaust is currently a crime in seventeen countries.

In the court case, Ms. Lipstadt did not take the witness stand; she left it up to the experts to prove the Holocaust in court.  In the APPENDIX, Ms. Lipstadt breaks her own rule about never debating the Holocaust deniers.  She disputes evidence presented by “the other side.”

The title of the APPENDIX is “Twisting the Truth.”  Her side is the Truth and she gives her proof that “the Truth” is the truth.  Her arguments seem to apply only to the gas chambers at Auschwitz-Birkenau and specifically, only to Birkenau, where there were four gas chambers in Crematorium II, Crematorium III, Crematorium IV and Crematorium V.  This numbering system is based on Crematorium I being the gas chamber in the main Aushwitz camp. The discussion about the crematoria is based “on a brief summary of Pressac’s extensive findings.”

I haven’t read Pressac, so I’m not an expert.  Curiously, Germar Rudolf is not mentioned at all in the book Denying the Holocaust.  He is the real expert, but he was not called as a witness by David Irving, and the defense did not put Ms. Lipstadt on the stand.  So the main part of the civil case consisted of Irving, who is a World War II historian (not a Holocaust historian), arguing with the experts, who were on the side of “the Truth.”

But I digress.  The main point here concerns what was brought up in the APPENDIX of the paperback edition of Denying the Holocaust.  On page 226, it is stated that “A gas tight door could only be used for a gas chamber.”  This is followed by  a rhetorical question:  “Why would a room that functioned as a shower room need a gas-tight door?”

The gas chambers at Dachau and Mauthausen, which are still in existence, both have gas-tight doors.  The gas chamber at Dachau was originally a  shower room and the gas chamber at Mauthausen is still a fully functioning shower room with real water pipes going into the room.  These shower rooms didn’t NEED a gas-tight door, but with the addition of a gas-tight door, the shower rooms could be used as rooms which the SS men could go into if they needed protection against a gas attack by the enemy.  Remember the mustard gas that was used in World War I?  There was an expectation that gas might be used again in World War II.  Why not be prepared?

On page 228 in the APPENDIX, we read that the gas-tight door for Crematorium II “was to be fitted with a rubberized sealing strip and a peephole for inspection.  Why would a morgue or a disinfection chamber need a peephole?”

Of course, a morgue doesn’t NEED a peephole, but what if the room is also going to be used as an air-raid shelter in case of a bomb attack?  The gas chamber in the main Auschwitz camp has a peephole, but the peephole is on a door to the outside because the peephole was intended for the people inside to look OUT, not for the SS men to look IN to see if the people inside were dead.

At the time that Ms. Lipstadt wrote her book, the staff at the Auschwitz Museum was claiming that the gas chamber in the Auschwitz main camp was original.  Now it is admitted that the gas chamber was reconstructed after it had been turned into an air raid shelter.

Air raid shelter door on Crematorium I at Auschwitz

The photo above, taken by me in October 2005, shows a metal air raid shelter door into the vestibule of the gas chamber in the main Auschwitz camp.  The wooden door, which is the entrance into the gas chamber, was not there before the gas chamber was reconstructed for the benefit of tourists.

Air raid shelter door has a peephole

The photo above shows the air raid shelter door into the gas chamber at the Auschwitz main camp.  Anyone looking through this peephole would not have been able to see the people inside, but people looking out could see if it was all clear and safe to come out.

On page 225 of her book, Ms. Lipstadt denies that Zyklon-B was used for disinfection.  She wrote:  “Disinfection is carried out with a bactericide not an insecticide, particularly one so powerful as Zyklon-B.”

I’m not a scientist, but is a louse considered to be bacteria or an insect?  There is no question that Zyklon-B was used in the concentration camps to kill the lice that spreads typhus.  The Degesh company, that supplied the Zyklon-B to Dachau, also supplied a fancy machine that could  automatically open a can of Zyklon-B and dump it into a basket.

Degesh machine used to open can of Zyklon-B

On page 226 of Denying the Holocaust, we read this startling information:  “The company contracted to design and install the execution chambers was Topf and Sons.”  I always thought that Topf and Sons was the company that made the crematoria ovens, but what do I know?

Cremation oven designed by Topf and Sons

Topf and Sons logo on cremation oven at Dachau

The photos above were taken in the old crematorium at Dachau.  Topf and sons was a well-known maker of ovens in Germany.  Did this company also design “execution chambers” as Deborah Lipstadt wrote?  A few people believe that the Jews were executed in “gas ovens.”  Is that what Ms. Lipstadt was talking about?

On page 226, we also read this:  “An inventory of equipment in Crematorium III called for the installation of one gas door and fourteen showers. […] On the inventory drawings, the water pipes are not connected to the showers themselves.”  This information came from “Pressac’s extensive findings.”

Wow! Where can I get a copy of Pressac’s book?  Where is Germar Rudolf when we need him?  As I recall, Rudolf climbed down into the ruins of Crematorium II which was identical to Crematorium III, but I don’t think he mentioned any shower heads on the ceiling of Crematorium II in his Holocaust denier books.

Ruins of Crematorium III gas chamber

The photo above shows the ruins of the Crematorium III gas chamber; in the background is the soccer field, where the inmates played soccer while other prisoners were gassed to death.  The Holocaust perpetrators didn’t consider that the location of the gas chamber building would mean that there were a lot of witnesses to the gassing at Birkenau.

Can anyone explain to me the fourteen shower heads, not connected to the plumbing, which are on the plans for Crematorium II that were found by Pressac?  Did Pressac get the Birkenau gas chamber mixed up with the Dachau gas chamber where one can see that the shower heads are not connected to any pipes?

BTW, where is Pressac these days?  Is he still alive and is he still a True Believer?