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August 26, 2011

bashing the heads of babies and desecrating cemeteries, the two most frequent crimes of the Nazis (Updated)

Update April 21, 2015

Oskar Groening as a young man, and as he looks now

Oskar Groening as a young man, and as he looks now.  (Click on the photo to enlarge)

This quote is from a news article which you can read in full at

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A frail, white-haired former Nazi SS guard has described in harrowing detail how he watched one of his comrades batter to death the baby of a Jewish prisoner at the Auschwitz extermination camp and admitted that was “morally complicit” in the crimes against humanity committed during the Holocaust.

93-year-old Oskar Gröning, who served in the SS at Auschwitz from 1942 until 1944, shook visibly as he told a court in the German city of Lüneburg how, shortly after he arrived at the Nazi death camp, he was dispatched to the so-called “ramp” where prisoners were selected either for work or immediate death in the gas chambers.

“There was a little baby left lying behind on the ramp, after the main group was marched away, and it was crying,” Gröning told the court, “I turned round and saw one of my comrades pick up the child. He grabbed it by the legs and smashed it again and again against the iron side of a truck until it was silent – when I saw that my world broke down,” he added.

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Oskar Gröning will soon be put on trial under the “common plan” ex-post-facto law, which dictates that if any German person was anywhere near a Nazi camp, during the Holocaust, they are guilty of every crime ever committed at the camp, whether the crime has ever been proven or not.

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If you’ve ever read anything about the Holocaust, or seen a movie based on the Holocaust, you know that every Holocaust survivor claims to have witnessed a German soldier kill a baby by bashing its head against a tree or the side of a train.  If you believe the stories of the survivors, this was the most universal atrocity committed by the Germans against the Jews, except for desecrating every Jewish cemetery in Poland.

In a recent news article, I read about a group of students, who will be the future military leaders of America. They visited the last remaining synagogue in the town of Auschwitz, then toured the main Auschwitz concentration camp, after which they did some work in a Jewish cemetery.

These quotes are from the news article which you can read here:

On their last day in Oswiecim [Auschwitz], the group worked in a Jewish cemetery. Although, no Holocaust victims are buried there, the Germans desecrated the cemetery that dates from the 18th century.


[a student] recalled the Auschwitz guide’s story about a German bashing an infant’s head against a concrete wall. “How can someone do that to a human being?” he asked.

Note that this story was told by an Auschwitz guide.  In the story, it was a concrete wall, not a tree or a train.  Could this be the story of Wilhelm Boger, who bashed the head of a young boy and then ate the apple that the boy was carrying?  I previously blogged about this story here.  Did the guide give the name of the basher so that the students could do some research and make up their own minds about the truth of the story?

There was a time when I believed the head bashing stories, but then I heard one too many account of a German soldier bashing the head of a baby. There was even a story of a head bashing at Treblinka where there was a fake train station built to calm the fears of the Jews.  Did it make any sense to kill a baby right in front of the Jews who were being told that they would be taking a shower before being transported to the East to work?  The German army was noted for having strict disciple — except for bashing babies, which was apparently allowed.

Now I am beginning to doubt the desecrating of Jewish cemeteries stories.  Especially when I read these two atrocities told in the same newspaper article.  Are the Jews over-playing their hand in telling these stories?  I say Enough Already!

I previously blogged about the stories of desecrating cemeteries here. Read all the way to the end of the blog post cited above and you will learn about the cemetery in Krakow which was allegedly desecrated by the Germans.

My question is: Why do American students have to go to Poland to learn about alleged German atrocities during World War II? Shouldn’t they be learning about American atrocities so that these crimes will not be repeated by Americans in the future?