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May 9, 2011

The concrete bathtub at the Majdanek death camp

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Bathtub inside the Crematorium at Majdanek death camp Photo Credit: PickledPru

This morning, I was reading an excellent article on the PickledPru blog here when I saw the photo above. This quote is from the blog post:

In Majdanek, there is a bathtub.  It was most likely used by the head of the crematorium.  After all, in a building where fires are constantly roaring is the easiest place to get hot water.  It sickened me to see this, and hear this, from the tour guide.  We all walked right up to it.  We all touched it.  We could smell the smells of the room, empty for the last sixty years, thinking of what had occurred there.

Once back in the states, at the Holocaust Memorial Museum, there is a replica of this bathtub.  It sits behind glass.