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January 11, 2017

The Donald tweets: “Are we living in Nazi Germany?”

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You can read all about The Donald’s offensive tweet at

Here’s the short answer to your tweet, Donald:

Nazi Germany was a paradise because Hitler got the Jews out of Germany. The Trump administration will have Jews in high places, including your son-in-law Jared Kushner. So America will not be like Nazi Germany — it will be just the opposite of Nazi Germany.

Here is the full text of the news article:

President-elect Donald Trump on Wednesday claimed he has “nothing to do with Russia” and argued that he is the victim of political attacks after reports that intelligence officials briefed him with damaging accusations about ties to Moscow.

The FBI is not actively investigating the information, which was initially circulated among Trump opponents and has not been verified by intelligence agencies, two U.S. officials told NBC News. Those sources did not comment to NBC about the nature of the allegations.

On Twitter, Trump called the reports “unfair” and said, “Russia has never tried to use leverage over me.” Trump claimed that he has “no deals, no loans, no nothing” with Russia, an assertion that is difficult to verify because he has not released his tax returns, unlike every president since Jimmy Carter.

He [Trump] argued that political opponents “try to belittle” his electoral victory. Trump asked, “Are we living in Nazi Germany?”

End quote from news article.

On my website, I wrote about the conditions in Nazi Germany:

The following quote is from the web page, cited above:

In 1936, Hitler was more loved and admired than all the other world leaders put together. He was also the only world leader who was actively helping the Zionists with their plan to reclaim Palestine as their country.

While America and the rest of Europe were still in the depths of the depression caused by the stock market crash in October 1929, Germany had stabilized its economy and had virtually eliminated unemployment. Unlike the other countries in Europe in 1936, Nazi Germany was doing well, thanks in part to American investment capital. Many American businessmen, led by auto maker Henry Ford, supported Hitler and his Fascist form of government. Other prominent Americans who supported Hitler included Joseph P. Kennedy (the father of President John F. Kennedy), and Prescott Bush (the grandfather of President George W. Bush) and Charles Lindbergh.

End quote

December 27, 2016

When I am old, I shall wear purple — and red

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President Donald Trump

Donald J. Trump

The title of my blog post today is from a poem that I read many years ago. This was on my mind this morning, when I woke up, and remembered the day that I had voted for Hillary to be our next president — I wore purple and red that day: a red hat with a purple coat.

In the weeks before the election night, Wiki-Leaks was leaking news about the Democrats, but not about the Republicans. Wiki-Leaks was revealing bad thing about Hillary, but strangely, there were no leaks about Trump. It was at this time that TCM came out with film footage in which Trump revealed his “pussy grabbing” history. He said “when you’re a star, they let you do it. ”

Many people including me, think that Putin was involved with Wiki Leaks, and that he was “hacking” the election. It was Wiki Leaks that also revealed information about Hillary’s e-mail server and her e-mail messages. I knew that it was not a crime to have an e-mail server; I had such a server myself, at one time.

My voting place was less than a mile from my house — I could have walked there, but instead my son drove me there — in a red car. He parked the car near the door into the building and I walked up a long ramp, after declining a wheel chair. There was a very long hallway that we had to walk through.  There were no direction signs up yet, but there was a young woman there who gave us directions.

When we reached the polling place, I was asked if I needed help to mark my ballot, and to put it into the ballot box.  I declined all help — I wanted to do it myself.

After I voted, I was given a sticker to put on my coat, to show that I had voted. These stickers were in many different languages, including English. After voting, my son and I went to a local restaurant and had coffee along with a hearty meal.

As I sipped my coffee, I was hoping that I had just voted for the first woman president of the United States of America. The final count for the election showed that Hillary had gotten 2.9 million MORE votes than The Donald, but he won because of our electoral college voting system.

On the night of the election, all the pundits were predicting that Hillary would win the election. When I went to bed on the night of the election, Hillary had 2.3 million more votes than Trump, but all night long, Trump had been chanting that he would win. When I woke up, on the morning of the election, I found that Trump had been right: he had won the election.

How did Trump know that he would win? “When you are a star, they let you do it!”

December 18, 2016

New TV series: Hitler — a 6 part event, all new, 6 episodes

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There have been 3 episodes so far in a new 6 part TV series about Hitler. The ads for the show claim that Hitler is  the most hated man in history. Why is Hitler the most hated man in history? Hitler killed Jews, that’s why.

The first episode in the TV series was entitled “Hitler, the opportunist”. Tom Weber spoke on the first episode, about which I have already written.

The second episode was entitled “The actor”. The third episode was entitled “The Führer “.  The 4th episode, which we will see next, is entitled “The Victor”.

In all these episodes, so far, we have seen Hitler standing before huge crowds, as he gives his speeches. The people are cheering, and throwing flowers at his feet as he walks through the crowds, without fear that he will be killed. Could Donald Trump, who is called the new Hitler, do that? I don’t think so!

The 4th episode, which we will see next, is entitled “The Victor”. I will do a new blog post after I have seen this episode.

December 17, 2016

Why are so many people comparing Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler?

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You can read a recent news article, which compares Trump to Hitler, at

The following quote is from the news article:

Begin quote

The recent controversy in the USA over the selection of President-elect Donald Trump by Time Magazine as its ‘Person of the Year’ has seen critics drawing comparisons with a similar selection in the past featuring Nazi leader Adolf Hitler as the Man of the Year in 1938. Though one would not wish to get entangled in the current political debate, one recalls another controversial figure chosen by Time on the cover of its weekly in October 1943, Heinrich Himmler described by the cover as ‘the Police Chief of Nazi Europe’ with a chilling quote, ‘The dead do not speak’.

End quote

The Time magazine cover shows a photo of the person who has had the most impact on the news in the previous year. Sometimes, the person of the year is a woman. The most famous example of this was when a woman, who had had her nose cut off, was chosen as the person of the year.

The news article continues with this quote:

Begin quote

Heinrich Himmler was the chief architect of a sinister program designed by the Nazis (members of ‘Nationalsozialistishe Deutsche Arbeiterpartei’ ‘National Socialist German Worker’s Party’) to wipe out the entire Jewish population of Europe through planned detention of Jews in Nazi concentration camps where after initial torture and starvation, they were killed by ingeniously evil methods of mass extermination. The entire operation was later termed as ‘The Holocaust’ (Greek Holokauston referring to the sacrifice of an animal by fire) in the 1950s while the Jews used the Hebrew word, ‘Ha Shoah’ meaning ‘The Catastrophe’ to describe one of the world’s biggest and most systematic pogroms aimed at cleansing Europe of Jews and other minorities. The Holocaust which was termed as the ‘Final Solution (for the Jewish Problem)’ by the Nazis ended in the death of 60 lakh Jews including 11 lakh children. It sought to draw legitimacy from a popular but warped theory of population control called ‘Eugenics’ (Greek ~ Eu – well genos ~ born) which called for the promotion of breeding between people of ‘desired genetic traits’ (read ‘White Aryans’) with the limitation of breeding between people with ‘undesirable genetic traits’ (read Jews and other ethno-religious minorities) through sterilisation. Eugenics for the Nazis became the ‘social philosophy’ for creation of an ideal race of Aryans with the elimination of the ‘lesser races’ through mass murders approved by Hitler and executed by Himmler and his associates.

The Nazis began the prosecution [persecution] of Jews as soon as they assumed power in 1933 with a call for the boycott of Jewish businesses with posters in German pronouncing ‘Die Juden sind unser Unglück’ meaning ‘The Jews are our bad luck’; thus encouraging state-sponsored hate crimes against the community. The Nazis stepped up the persecution by bringing in the ‘Nuremberg Laws’ which barred Jews from holding public offices and mixing with other Germans. The Nuremberg Laws became a precedent for further anti-Jew legislation and anti-Semitic policies in the coming years. Unsurprisingly, violent activities against Jews began and culminated into what has been termed as the ‘Kristallnacht’ or ‘The Night of the broken glass’.

End quote

Is there any valid comparison between Trump and Hitler? I don’t think so. Hitler is famous for killing Jews. Trump loves Jews. His daughter has converted to the Jewish religion and she is married to a Jew. They will both be participating in Trump’s term as president.

Trump was born rich; Hitler was a self-made man, who was born poor.

November 14, 2016

Is Donald Trump a Nazi?

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Why would anyone think that Donald Trump is a Nazi?

Why would anyone think that Donald Trump is a Nazi?

The following quote is from a news article, which you can read in full at

Begin quote:

As a middle-class, white Ashkenazi Jew living in California in 2016, I’ve been privileged to avoid the systemic, cultural and interpersonal racism faced by many Muslims, immigrants and people of color across the U.S. today.

However, my uncle was not as fortunate. He was a Holocaust survivor who saw his entire family killed in front of him in a concentration camp. Although overt, violent anti-Semitism is largely absent from the United States and has not been part of my experience, I’ve begun to see a shift in the past six months.

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has forced me and thousands of other American Jews to face anti-Semitic threats for the first time. Throughout the election cycle, Jews have used a hashtag created by Bend the Arc Jewish Action, #WeveSeenThisBefore, as a reminder that Trump’s rhetoric and bigotry echo demagogues of the past.

End quote

Donald Trump has a daughter who is married to a Jew, and she has converted, so she is now a Jew.  So there will be Jews in the White House. The Donald is NOT a Nazi.

The name Trump is German, so his ancestors came to America from Germany. The town of Rothenburg in Germany has a tower that is named Trump Tower.

October 10, 2016

The Trump vs. Hillary debate

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I am still trying to recover from watching last night’s debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, who are shown in the photo above.

You can read about it at

I think that Hillary won the debate and that Donald Trump showed us again why he is not qualified to be the President of the United States.

Donald Trump thinks that Hillary belongs in prison. Read about it at

September 27, 2016

Hillary wore red, Trump wore a grey wig and a sour expression

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At last night’s debate, Hillary looked like a 30-year-old very attractive woman; Trump looked angry as usual.

The morning after the debate, Trump went on the attack, as reported by the New York Times:

Hillary held her head up high and looked at the camera; Donald looked at her, the entire time, with a scowl on his face. During the debate, he spoke to her. She looked into the camera and spoke to the audience of 100 million people world wide. She conducted herself as if she were the Queen of a country. Trump sipped water throughout the debate, while Hillary only took one sip of water. Having “dry mouth” is a serious sign of ill health; Trump should see his doctor. [Dry mouth is a symptom of failing kidneys.]

Hillary’s best line was this: “A man who can be provoked by a tweet should not have his fingers anywhere near the nuclear codes.”

Hillary was at the top of her game; Trump interrupted her 51 times. She interrupted him 17 times.

The subject of the famous e-mails on Hillary’s private e-mail server came up; Trump said that he would release his tax returns as soon as Hillary reveals the 33,000 e-mails on her private server. So – never! Hillary’s e-mails are gone — wiped clean from her private server.

I used to have a private e-mail server; the advantage of having your own e-mail server is that you can see where the e-mails are coming from, not  where they are claiming to be coming from.  It is not a crime to have a private e-mail server, and you are not required, by law, to save 33,000 e-mails until the end of time.

Over 100 million people world wide watched the debate; 62% of the people in the world wide audience said that Hillary won the debate, while only 27% thought that Trump was the winner. Six percent of the viewers thought that the debate ended in a draw.

Trump claims that his “strongest asset” is his temperment. Hillary’s strongest assets are that she has had 30 years of government experience and she has traveled the world.

During the debate, Hillary brought up the subject of Trump not paying his architect, Andrew Tesoro, his fee of $100,000 dollars for a job that he did. Trump defended this by saying that Tesoro had not done a good job, and that is why he didn’t pay him.

Trump pointed out that he had made 68 million dollars in one year, and that he has been audited by the government every year for 10 years.

I was audited the first year that I went into business, and I passed. My accountant told me that I would never be audited again because I passed the audit the first time. Trump was apparently audited every year for 10 years because his tax returns were suspicious.

After the debate, Trump bragged about the fact that he had not mentioned Hillary’s husband. Hillary never mentioned Trump’s wife, nor his two previous wives who left him.  Trump said that he did not mention Hillary’s husband because their daughter Chelsea was in the audience.

The subject of Obama’s birth certificate came up; Trump said that Obama was born in America. Is Kenya in America? That’s where Obama was born.

August 26, 2016

Were the “Holocaust ovens” too small to have been used to kill 6 million Jews?

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Trump Foreign Policy Adviser: The Holocaust Ovens Were ‘Too Small To Kill 6 Million Jews’

The “Holocaust ovens” are back in the news, as shown in the newspaper headline above.  Yes, yes, I know that the Jews were [allegedly] killed in gas chambers, not in gas  ovens.

The “Holocaust ovens” were used to burn the bodies after the Jews had allegedly been gassed.

What does this have to do with Donald Trump’s campaign? Absolutely nothing!

However, a news article claims that the Jews were killed in ovens. You can read the article in full at

My 2005 photo of an oven in the main Auschwitz camp

My 2005 photo of an oven in the main Auschwitz camp that was used to burn the bodies of Jews

In my photo above, notice how small the cremation oven is. The ovens at Auschwitz were deep enough to burn two bodies at a time, but that’s all. It would have taken a long time to kill 6 million Jews, two at a time, in the cremation ovens.

My photo of the rear of an Auscxhwitz oven

My photo of the rear of an Auschwitz oven

My photo above shows the rear of an oven where the ashes were removed.

My photo shows that the ovens were near the door into the Auschwitz gas chamber

My photo shows that the ovens were very close to an interior door into the Auschwitz gas chamber

A trolley car used to put bodies into oven

My photo of a trolley car used to put bodies into an oven in Auschwitz main camp


August 16, 2016

Donald Trump knows nothing about Holocust gas chambers

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Donald Trump pushing a button to turn on the gas

Donald Trump pushing a button to turn on the gas to kill Jews

What a revolting development this is! Bernie Sanders, who is Jewish, is in the gas chamber and Trump is punching the button to gas him to death.

July 25, 2016

Is Donald Trump the new Hitler?

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According to a news article, which you can read in full here, the answer to the question in the title of my blog post today is “Yes, Donald Trump is the new Hitler.”

The following quote is from the news article:

Begin quote:

Likening any modern politician to Hitler is a dodgy errand. And while people have been making the comparison this year, it’s usually unfair and inapt. Hitler was ultimate evil. Trump is no mass murderer; Trump is no Nazi; Trump has launched no wars.

But to any serious student of Hitler’s frightening and unforeseen rise to power in Germany, the recurring echoes in Trump’s speeches, interviews and his underlying thinking have become too blatant to overlook.

No resemblance has been stronger than Trump’s claim that he “alone” could rescue America from its misery. Hitler famously conjured the model of “the genius, the great man” who alone held the key to a country’s destiny. Calling democracy “a joke,” Hitler fiercely disdained what he called “weak majorities.” Progress and civilization could be achieved only through “the genius and energy of a great personality,” wrote Hitler in “Mein Kampf,” his racist political manifesto. Among the great personalities he included Frederick the Great of Prussia, Napoleon Bonaparte, Otto von Bismarck and, by implication, himself.

End quote


Most people would think that it is a great insult to compare anyone to Hitler. But what was Hitler really like?

When construction started on the Sachsenhausen concentration camp in the summer of 1936, Nazi Germany was the envy of the Western world. From the depths of the Great Depression in 1932, Hitler had achieved an “economic miracle” in Germany in less than three years.

In 1936, there was, as yet, no sign of Nazi aggression, nor any attempt at world domination by Germany. Gertrude Stein, the famous Jewish writer, who was a mentor to Ernest Hemingway, even suggested in 1937 that Hitler should be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Because of the Nazi program of nationalism, the German people had regained their self respect after the humiliating Treaty of Versailles, which Germany was forced to sign at the end of World War I. They now had great pride in their ethnicity and their country. No people in the world were more patriotic than the Germans in 1936 and no other world leader had the total dedication to his country that Adolph Hitler had.

The ordinary Germans were satisfied with their lives and had no reason to fear the concentration camps, nor the Gestapo. Hitler was a hero to the 127 million ethnic Germans throughout Europe, whom he wanted to unite into the Greater German Empire, a dream that had been discussed in his native Austria for over 50 years. In less than four years, this dream would be accomplished when Austria, parts of Poland that had formerly been German territory, Luxembourg, the French provinces of Alsace and Lorraine, and the Sudetenland were combined with Germany to form the Greater German Reich.

In 1936, Hitler was more loved and admired than all the other world leaders put together. He was also the only world leader who was actively helping the Zionists with their plan to reclaim Palestine as their country.

While America and the rest of Europe were still in the depths of the depression caused by the stock market crash in October 1929, Germany had stabilized its economy and had virtually eliminated unemployment.

Unlike the other countries in Europe in 1936, Nazi Germany was doing very  well, thanks in part to American investment capital. Many American businessmen, led by auto maker Henry Ford, supported Hitler and his Fascist form of government. Other prominent Americans who supported Hitler included Joseph P. Kennedy (the father of President John F. Kennedy), and Prescott Bush (the grandfather of President George W. Bush) and Charles Lindbergh.

Meanwhile, the American government was drifting to the liberal left; Communist refugees like playwright Bertold Brecht and Jewish refugees like Albert Einstein were flocking to America and their influence was strong in American politics. In the 1936 presidential election in America, Al Smith, who had run as the Democratic candidate in 1928 against Herbert Hoover, accused fellow Democrat President Roosevelt of being a Communist.

Hitler had thumbed his nose at the Versailles Treaty by stopping the payment of reparations to France and Great Britain, and a massive program of industrialization had restored Germany to full employment, compared to the 20% unemployment in America in 1936. Roosevelt had copied many of the social welfare programs in Germany, including Social Security, but America was still struggling to recover from the depression.

The workers in Nazi Germany enjoyed unprecedented social benefits such as paid vacations under the Strength Through Joy program (Kraft durch Freude). Factory workers listened to classical music as they worked, and took showers before going home. In order to demonstrate their importance to the country, workers were allowed to march in Nazi parades, carrying shovels on their shoulders just like the soldiers who marched with their rifles.

Everything in Nazi Germany was clean and orderly; there were no slums; the trains ran on time. By 1938, the crime rate was at an all-time low because repeat offenders were being sent to a concentration camp after they had completed their second sentence. Anyone who did not have a permanent address and some visible means of support was hauled off to Dachau and put to work.

The political parties of the opposition (Communists and Social Democrats) had been banned in Germany; political dissidents were being locked up; there was no more bomb throwing or revolutionary fighting in the streets. There were no more crippling general strikes because the trade unions had been banned to prevent the Communists from organizing the workers.

A healthy lifestyle was encouraged by the Nazis and group calisthenics for young people were compulsory. Family values were the order of the day: abortion was banned; homosexuals and prostitutes were imprisoned; women were encouraged to be homemakers, and mothers with four or more children would shortly be awarded military style medals for serving their country.

In Germany, it was safe to walk the city streets at night; no bars were needed on the windows of German homes to keep the criminal element out; all the social misfits were being sent away to the concentration camps; bums and vagrants were no longer allowed to beg on the streets.

Money that had formerly been spent to care for institutionalized persons with mental and physical disabilities was now being used for other purposes as the mentally ill and the severely disabled were being put to death at Hartheim.

The Nazis were attempting to achieve a perfect world like Disneyland’s Main Street, which ends at a replica of Germany’s Neuschwanstein Castle. Germany’s advanced technology was the Tomorrowland of its day.

In America today, the backlash from the Nazi ideology of racialism and nationalism has become the impetus for the creation of today’s Politically Correct world of diversity and tolerance, which is the exact opposite of what it was like in Nazi Germany.

Unfortunately, the end result of Hitler’s policies was the Holocaust, for which he can never be forgiven.


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