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March 1, 2011

What really happened to Ernst Thälmann?

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Ernst Thälmann was the leader of the KPD (Communist political party) in Germany before the start of World War II.

In a recent comment on my blog, Herbert Stolpman wrote that Ernst Thälmann was shot on the orders of Hitler at Buchenwald in 1944. The death of Ernst Thälmann is a controversial subject which deserves a blog post of its own.

In October 1999, I visited the Buchenwald Memorial Site where I saw a plaque on the wall of the crematorium, which is shown in the photo below.  The plaque hangs at the spot where Thälmann was allegedly shot on the orders of Hitler.

Plaque on the wall of the crematorium at Buchenwald

The day after I visited Buchenwald, I went to the Sachsenhausen Memorial Site where I learned that two of the most prominent political prisoners who were imprisoned there were the Chairman of the German Communist party, Ernst Thälmann, and the Chairman of the Social Democrat party, Dr. Rudolf Breitscheid. Just the day before, I had learned that Thälmann was executed in front of the crematorium at Buchenwald on August 18, 1944 and that Dr. Breitscheid was killed in an Allied bombing raid on Buchenwald on August 24, 1944.   (more…)