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July 17, 2016

Holocaust denier kicked to the curb in Canada

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You can read about Holocaust Denier Monika Schaefer at

Photo from Monika Schaefer's website

Photo from Monika’s website

If you have no interest in the Holocaust, nor in Holocaust denial, at least listen to Monika play the fiddle in the video below.  I hope that I am correct in calling her instrument a fiddle, not a violin.

The following quote is from the news article:

Begin quote

The Canadian Green Party on Friday issued a press release condemning “statements made by former candidate” Monika Schaefer. Green Party leader MP Elizabeth May said in the same press release: “I am shocked by comments made by Ms. Schaefer and I condemn her terribly misguided and untrue statements. Ms. Schaefer does not represent the values of the Green Party nor of our membership.”

It began on Thursday, when B’nai Brith Canada exposed Schaefer—the Green Party’s candidate in Alberta in 2006, 2008 and 2011—as denying the Holocaust in a homemade YouTube video. Schaefer described the Holocaust as “the most persistent lie in all of history,” and claimed that victims of Nazi death camps “were kept as healthy and as well-fed as was possible,” and that “there were no gas chambers there.” She denounced “the 6-million lie” and recommended the writings of Ernst Zündel, a German Holocaust denier who had been deported from Canada in 2005.

End quote

If this is happening in Canada, can America be far behind? The Jews will do anything to preserve their cash cow — the Holocaust

This quote from the news article explains it:

Emily McMillan, Executive Director of the Green Party of Canada, said “Monika Schaefer’s comments denying the Holocaust are outrageous and shocking. Ms. Schaefer has no standing within the Green Party of Canada, and her views are exclusively her own. Ms. Schaefer was rejected as a potential Green candidate for the riding of Yellowhead prior to the 2015 federal election, and also rejected as a potential candidate for the 2014 by-election in Fort McMurray-Athabasca.”

“In light of Ms. Schaefer’s untrue statements made in a recent online video, we will be initiating the process to terminate her membership with the Green Party of Canada at the earliest possible opportunity,” McMillan added.

A Green Party member may be expelled by a resolution of Federal Council or a General Meeting of members. The Party will request a motion be put forward to terminate Schaefer’s membership at its next Federal Council meeting, according to the press release.

August 5, 2013

Did 6 million Jews really die in the Holocaust — not according to David Irving

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David Irving may have changed some of his writing, in recent years, in an attempt to preserve his reputation as the foremost historian of World War II, and to eke out a living after he was destroyed by the Holocaustians during his libel suit against Deborah Lipstadt a few years ago, but it cannot be denied that David Irving is the best person to know if 6 million Jews really died in the Holocaust.  I’ve met the man.  He is a walking encyclopedia, when it comes to the history of World War II.

Photo of David Irving, 2003

Photo of David Irving, 2003

There has been a lot of discussion recently in the comments on my blog, regarding the 6 million Jews who allegedly died in the Holocaust.  The Nazis didn’t bother to keep records on the 6 million, so the argument continues.

Way back in 1985 and 1988, Ernst Zündel was put on trial, twice, in Canada because he had distributed a pamphlet entitled Did Six Million Really Die?  He was charged with spreading “false news.”  You can read about the two trials of Ernst Zündel here.

David Irving was a witness for the defense of Ernst Zündel in the second trial in 1988.

The following quote is from this website, which gives some of the testimony from the 1988 trial, including the testimony of David Irving:

If the ‘Holocaust’ is represented as the allegation of the extermination of 6 million Jews during the Second World War as a direct result of official German policy of extermination, what would you [David Irving] say to that thesis?, asked Christie.

“There are several elements of that sentence I would dispute,” said Irving. “Firstly, the allegation that it was official German policy. We are not familiar, neither the academic nor the professional historians are familiar with the slightest documentary evidence that there was any such German policy. And I should be familiar with it having spent ten years wading around in the archives of the German High Command and speaking with Hitler’s private staff. It isn’t there. I am not familiar with any documentary evidence of any such figure as 6 million and I think I know how the figure originated because I am familiar with the private papers of the American Chief Justice at Nuremberg, the Justice Robert H. Jackson and I saw the actual interview on which that figure was…arrived at…Many years ago, I wrote a very detailed analysis of the Nuremberg trial and the procedures and the sequence of events at the Nuremberg trial. In the course of which I obtained privileged access to all the private and official records of the American chief prosecutor, Justice Robert H. Jackson, in the course of which I changed my opinion about him. I set off with a bad opinion of him and in the light of what I read in his diaries, I came to realize he was a profound and honest American lawyer.” (33-9349, 9350)

Do you have any opinion as a result of your research as to the number of Jews who died in concentration camps during the Second World War?, asked Christie. Said Irving: “I am not sure that an opinion here would be of use. I have opinions. I have opinions, however, in the kind of statistical orders of magnitude, where you can see there’s a minimum number and a maximum number, and I can only set these two limits and say that to my mind, it must have been of the order of 100,000 or more, but to my mind it was certainly less than the figure which is quoted nowadays of 6 million. Because on the evidence of comparison with other similar tragedies which happened in the Second World War, it is unlikely that the Jewish community would have suffered any worse than these communities. You can weigh the figures in certain ways and look at air raid damage and look at other communities like the gypsies and so on and say, this is the balance of probabilities. But it shouldn’t be necessary to talk about probabilities. All Hitler’s other crimes are documented in statistical details in the archives. This is supposed to have been the biggest crime of all and yet the documents just aren’t there so why do we have to speculate? Why do we have to have opinions about figures?” Irving pointed out that there was documentary evidence to support the German policy of deporting the Jews: “Oh, yes. Quite definitely. In the course of my Hitler research I came across acceptable German archival evidence which met the criteria which Hugh Trevor-Roper had taught me, being authentic documents written by people in a position to know. I came across documents showing that Hitler had given the orders for the deportation of the Jews to the east. This deportation was in full swing by the middle of 1942 and you find, for example, Heinrich Himmler writing to Gauleiters that the Führer, Adolf Hitler, has given me the order to make Europe free of the Jews, clean of the Jews from west to east, stage-by- stage, and it’s quite clearly referred to as Hitler’s order, the deportation.” (33-9351, 9352)

There were, however, no orders for the extermination of Jews: “None whatsoever. I have not found in any archives of the world, including I mentioned the Israeli archives which have been co-operating with me; I also underline the fact even in the British archives, where we were reading the signals, the code signals of the SS units operating on the eastern front, with our code- breaking machinery, not even in the British archives are there any deciphered Hitler orders for the killing of Jews…There are no explicit orders and this is where the academic historians start asking us to read between the lines and find fancy translations for certain words and I wouldn’t go along with those methods. I want in a crime as big as this to find explicit evidence.” (33-9352, 9353)

So there you have it.  A man, who has spent most of his life studying the German archives and talking to people who knew Hitler, says that Hitler did not order the genocide of the Jews, and there is no evidence that 6 million Jews died during World War II.

This quote is also from the IHR website:

Irving had read Did Six Million Really Die?: “…I have seen this book before over several years. I have never read it until two days ago when a copy was sent to me by courier in Florida with a request that I should read it for the purposes of this trial. And I read it with great interest and I must say that I was surprised by the quality of the arguments that it represented. It has obvious flaws. It uses sources that I would not personally use. In fact, the entire body of sources is different. This is based entirely on secondary literature, books by other people, including some experts, whereas I use no books. I use just the archives. But independently, the author of this came to conclusions and asked questions of a logical nature which I had arrived at by an entirely different route, so-to-speak. I give one example. On one page, which I can’t remember, he asks the obvious logical question, if you are going to exterminate millions of people, why did you go to all the trouble of shipping them thousands of miles across Europe first? This is the kind of logical question which the academic historian[s] have ducked until now. And if I was to ask what is the value of a brochure like this, I think it is that it provokes people to ask questions, rather as my book on Hitler’s War provoked the historians. I think I am told that this court has heard about the historians’ dispute that has opened up in Germany. That was entirely as a result of my controversial book on Hitler. Until 1977, the German historians had never asked the obvious questions. This is the kind of value which I found this brochure to have. It was asking proper questions on the basis of an entirely different set of sources. But I do emphasize that it contains flaws and it contains also some opinions with which I personally wouldn’t agree.” (33-9347, 9348)

Did you catch that?  The obvious question is “if you were going to exterminate millions of people, why did you go to all the trouble of shipping them thousands of miles across Europe first?”

Specifically, if you are going to exterminate Jews in Holland, why ship them across Europe, in passenger trains, to the banks of the Bug river, to kill them in gas chambers using carbon monoxide, and then bury them 30 feet deep because there are no ovens in which to burn the bodies?

Use your heads, people!  The number one characteristic of the German people, after cleanliness, is efficiency.  The Germans would never have carried out the “extermination” of the Jews in the way that the Holocaustians claim.  And if they had, the Germans would have kept records.  If records had been kept, David Irving would have found them.

Don’t criticize David Irving, unless you have written as many books as he has, and you still have dust in your lungs from years of searching the German archives.