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July 8, 2016

the famous letter from Sigman Rascher to Himmler

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A letter written by Sigman Rascher to Heinrich Himmler is used by Holocaust True Believers to prove that there was a homicidal gas chamber at Dachau.

The letter is quoted below, first in German and then in English.

Esteemed Reichsführer! [Himmler]

Wie Sie wissen, wird im KL Dachau dieselbe Einricht[ung] wie in Linz gebaut. Nachdem die “Invalidentransporte” sowieso in bestimmten Kammern enden, frage ich, ob nicht in diesen Kammern an der sowieso dazu bestimmten Personen dieWirkung unserer verschiedenen Kampfgase erprobt werden kann? Bis jetzt liegen nur Tierversuche bezw. Berichte ueber Unfaelle bei Herrstellung dieser Gase vor. Wegen dieses Absatzes schicke ich den Brief als “Geheimsache.”
S. Rascher 28

The English translation of the body of the letter is as follows:

As you know, the same installation as in Linz [Austria] is to be built in Dachau. As the ‘invalid transports’ terminate in the special chambers [in Linz] anyway I wondered if it would be possible to test the effects of our combat gases in these chambers [in Dachau] using the persons who are destined for those chambers anyway. The only reports which are available so far are for experiments on animals or of accidents in the manufacture of these gases.

June 19, 2016

Jews killed in “faux showers” at Auschwitz

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A news article, which you can read in full here, describes how a young Jewish boy was saved from the Auschwitz gas chamber, which had been disguised as a “faux shower.”

My photo of the shower room at Dachau

My photo of the “faux shower” at Dachau which is still alleged to have been a gas chamber

Note the holes on the ceiling of the alleged gas chamber at Dachau; all of the shower heads have now been stolen by tourists. My photo of the last remaining shower head at Dachau is shown below; this shower head is now gone, apparently stolen as a souvenir by a tourist.

My photo of the last remaining shower head at Dachau

My photo of last remaining Dachau shower head

The news article, cited above, tells about [Holocaust survivor] Chaim Schwimmer’s miraculous rescue, in 1944, from certain death at Auschwitz. In October that year, the 14-year-old was pulled from a crowd just a few steps from being murdered in the concentration camp’s gas chamber.

The following quote is from the news article:

Begin quote

Schwimmer was one of the approximately 50 young men selected for labor after having been forcibly disrobed and prepared to be marched to their deaths in the faux showers along with hundreds of others.

End quote

Note the term “faux showers.” There were allegedly faux showers at Dachau and Mauthausen, but as far as I know, no one has ever claimed that there were fake showers at Auschwitz.

My photo of a real shower room in the Sauna building at Birkenau

My photo of a real shower room in the Sauna building at Auschwitz-Birkenau

At Auschwitz-Birkenau there was a real shower in the sauna building; it is shown in my photo above. The shower heads have been removed.

The alleged gas chambers at Birkenau were underground and they did not have shower fixtures.

The alleged faux showers at Dachau and Mauthausen were actually real showers. There were no gas chambers at either of these camps, although tourists are now told that the real showers at these camps were gas chambers.

My photo of the gas chamber at Mauthausen

My photo of the shower heads on the ceiling of the alleged gas chamber at Mauthausen

So where did the prisoners, at these camps, take a shower? Allegedly, the prisoners at these camps never took a shower; the prisoners just stayed dirty for 4 or 5 years.  This was in Germany, a country that is noted for cleanliness.  You can walk down a city street in Germany, and you think that you are in Disneyland, in the early morning, because the streets are so clean.

This quote is from the news article:

Begin quote

Chaim Schwimmer, 85, recalled what happened after reaching the gas chamber’s building on that rainy afternoon.

“They told us to undress. We were expecting right away that they’d take us to the gas chamber. But we stood — and waited and waited and waited,” he said.

Three German soldiers entered the room. One ordered a young prisoner to sprint to the end of the room — apparently, Schwimmer thought, to test his fitness. Schwimmer boasted of his own ability to work. A soldier berated him, but ordered him to leave the building with the others selected.

Herskovic, now 88, was unusually calm that day, not dreading what likely awaited. He mumbled a passage from the Talmud on keeping the faith even when a sword was pressed against one’s neck.

After he had undressed, three soldiers appeared. One ordered the boys to line up, three per row.

“When he said that, I knew we’d be saved now. I stood in the second row, and I was immediately picked and sent to the right side, where we were to go back to the camp and remain alive,” Herskovic said.

End quote

My first job, after I graduated from college, was at a city newspaper, working as a fact checker. Apparently, this job of fact checking, does not exist on today’s newspapers. Reporters write anything that they feel like writing, and no one cares about the facts.


June 14, 2016

the mother of Gene Simmons saw her mother walk into the gas chamber…

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The title of my blog post today comes from a line in a news article which you can read in full here:

Begin quote from news article:

[Gene] Simmons was born Chaim Witz in 1949. He and his mother immigrated [emigrated] to the United States from Israel when he was eight years old.

Speaking with Big Issue, Simmons discussed her [his mother’s] traumatizing past with the Nazis. “My mother was 14 when she was in the concentration camp in Nazi Germany,” he said. “My father left us when I was about six. She, bless her—she continues to be a force—she never spoke about it.”

Even though his mother didn’t want to discuss what she’d been through, Simmons pushed forward by investigating what it was like. “I did my own research and found out just now terrible it was,” he said. “I’ve tried to talk about it but she just won’t do it. She saw her mother walk into the gas chambers. Her whole family was destroyed. My mother was the only one left alive. And she was 14. I’ve been to the Holocaust museum in Israel. The Nazis kept detailed records of every name and I saw my mother’s name at 14, listed as one of the passengers on the train.”

End quote

Wait a minute! His mother was 14, but she was not sent to the gas chamber? Only children 15 and older were allowed to live. Obviously, she lied about her age. One of the Sonderkommano men, who was standing beside the train, probably told her to lie about her age and say that she was 15, not 14.

To which gas chamber was his grandmother sent?

Gas chamber at Auschwitz-Birkeanu

Gas chamber number IV at Auschwitz-Birkenau

Gas chamber at Auschwitz-Birkenau

Gas chamber number III at Auschwitz-Birkenau

How cruel the Nazis were! To let a 14 year girl live, so that she could watch as her mother walked to her death!

But how did she know that her mother was walking into a gas chamber?

Birkenau was a 425 acre site, but the gas chambers could be seen from the trains, as the Jews arrived.  Especially gas chamber number III which was very near the tracks. This is the same gas chamber from which Irene Zisblatt was saved when a young boy threw her over the fence and into an open train car on the tracks.

So we have proof that the mother of Gene Simmons was on a train that arrived at Auschwitz-Birkenau. What is the proof that she was gassed?

One would think that the Nazis would have tried to keep the gassing of the Jews a secret. But No! They were too stupid to put the gas chambers out of sight.

May 8, 2016

New Holocaust movie coming soon to a theater near you

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 Actors in new Holocaust movie

Actors in new Holocaust movie

Just what we need: another Holocaust movie!

You can read about the latest Holocaust movie at

The following quote is from the article, cited above:

Begin quote

The octogenarian [Max, played by Christopher Plummer] has dementia, but that doesn’t stop his wheelchair-bound fellow resident Max Rosenbaum (Martin Landau) pressing on him written instructions and a reminder of a pledge to carry out their shared plan now he’s a widower. Like a hypnotist instructing a subject, Max grimly sets Zev in motion.

Their scheme, which has Zev unsteadily travelling across American and Canada, is a revenge quest to find the Nazi officer who ushered the pair’s families into the gas chambers at the Auschwitz concentration camp 70 years ago: Max has a name – Rudy Kurlander – and four possible candidates. Zev means wolf in Hebrew, Max reminds him, but with his shaky hands and easy confusion, the ageing Holocaust survivor is an unlikely weapon.

End quote

Excuse me for living, but in my humble opinion, the basic premise of this movie is wrong.  A “Nazi officer” would not have escorted Jews into a gas chamber. That was a job for a Sonderkommando, a Jewish helper who assisted the Nazi officers in the gassing of the Jews. Nazi officers were strutting around in their nice clean uniforms; they did not dirty their hands by shoving Jews into the gas chambers.

This movie will open in a theater near you on May 12, 2016.




April 3, 2016

British students were hesitant to enter one of the gas chambers at Auschwitz…

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My photo of the gas chamber in the main Auschwitz camp

My photo of the gas chamber in Auschwitz main camp shows a door into the chamber

The victims did not enter the gas chamber through the door shown in the photo above.  This door was for the SS men to enter the room, which was used for a bomb shelter by the SS men stationed at Auschwitz.

I put this photo on my blog because it is a favorite of some of the readers of my website.

The title of my blog post today comes from a line in a news article which you can read in full here.

This quote from the news article, cited above, is about the gas chamber in the main Auschwitz camp. The following quote is the words of one of the students, who went on a trip to Auschwitz recently:

Begin quote

I could tell some students were incredibly hesitant to enter one of the gas chambers, a place where thousands of innocent people were killed.

Chillingly, it took the Germans two days to kill the first innocent group due to a lack of knowledge in knowing how much Zyklon B to add to the chamber.

From killing hundreds in days, the Germans tweaked the quantity of Zyklon B pellets used and could now kill thousands in minutes.

We entered, and you felt an incredible sense of what those entering the chamber would’ve felt – though obviously nowhere near as terrifying or shocking.

A concrete bunker it was, just a room with plain concrete walls, a plain concrete ceiling and very claustrophobic.

End quote


My photo above shows the opening into the gas chamber from the oven room where the bodies were burned after the gassing.  According to the Holocaust legend, 2000 Jews were gassed at one time, but this would have taken months to burn the bodies in the few cremation ovens that were in this building.

After the students had seen the gas chamber in the main camp, they toured the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp.

The following quote is from the news article:

Begin quote

[Auschwitz] Home to millions of people during World War II, we all know the outcome of the holocaust – the pain it caused, the separation of families, the killing of men, women and children of all ages.

But it’s not until you stand in the footprints of those innocent people who were killed because of their race, belief, or way of life, that you grasp maybe just one per cent of the feeling that prisoners felt when stepping off the train.

The irony of stepping off that train, onto the platform, and inhaling your first drop of fresh air in days.

End quote

Jews getting off a train at Birkenau

Jews getting off a train at Birkenau. Where is the platform?

This quote is also from the news article:

Begin quote

Standing on the platform, I look to my left and see an endless train line – running deep into the woods that helped the Germans disguise the true purpose of Auschwiz [Auschwitz].

I look to my right and see the iconic building that shadows the death camp – looking forwards and backwards just fields, fields as far as the eye can see.

It’s near impossible to describe the day, the place, the feeling of standing in a spot where millions of people were once murdered.

End quote

Railroad tracks into Auschwitz-Birkenau

End of railroad tracks into Auschwitz-Birkenau

Tracks were built inside the Birkenau camp in 1944 to bring the Jews to the gas chambers on either side of the tracks. The tracks ended at the gas chambers.

The news article continues with this quote:

Now a museum, Auschwitz I [the main camp] is something I will never, ever, forget.

Prior to arrival [at the main camp], prisoners were shown images of a ‘swimming pool’ with green grass, flowers and beautiful countryside in the background – a lie which clearly worked.

Little did they know this swimming pool’s only purpose was to extinguish any fires that broke out – and lying directly next to the ‘pool’ was endless amounts of fencing, barbed wire and lookout bases to stop any prisoners escaping.

End quote

Swimming pool in Auschwitz main camp

1996 photo of swimming pool in Auschwitz camp

When I visited Auschwitz, for the first time, back in 1998, I asked to see the swimming pool, but I was told that it was not on the tour.

My tour guide told me that there were two swimming pools at Auschwitz, one for the prisoners and one for the SS men, but she would not show me either pool.

When I returned in 2005, the swimming pool for the prisoners was still not included on the tour, but I found it myself as I wandered around on my own in the early morning.

The swimming pool is now called a water reservoir on a sign board that was erected some time after my visit to Auschwitz in October 2005. The words on the sign board are in Polish, English and Hebrew; the sign reads as follows: “Fire brigade reservoir built in the form of a swimming pool, probably in early 1944.”

Note the clever way that the Nazis disguised the Fire brigade reservoir by putting diving boards there. God forbid that today’s British students should know that Auschwitz prisoners were diving and swimming at a death camp.



February 25, 2016

Irving Roth still out speaking to school children but can’t keep his story straight

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Today I am commenting on a news article about Holocaust survivor Irving Roth, who is still out speaking to school children about his ordeal in the Nazi concentration camps.

I previously blogged about Irving Roth at

The following quote is from the news article:

Roth experienced first-hand the horrors that most of us have only read about in textbooks. He recounted being separated from his family, only to watch his grandparents, aunt and cousin be led to the gas chambers. Through the holes in the ceilings, Roth watched as Zyklon B, a cyanide-based pesticide infamous for its use in camps like Auschwitz and Dachau, kill his family and hundreds of others. Meanwhile, he was ushered away to Auschwitz with his brother, where he had to perform manual labor while being starved.

In the above quote, it sounds as if Irving Roth were allowed to watch as gas pellets were thrown through the holes in the ceiling of the gas chamber [in the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp] when what the writer obviously meant was that Irving Roth was allowed to watch while the Zyklon-B gas was poured into the gas chamber in the main Auschwitz camp through holes in the ceiling.

My 1998 photo of the holes in the roof of the Auschwitz gas chamber

My 1998 photo of the holes in the roof of the gas chamber in the Auschwitz main camp

Irving Roth was a prisoner at the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp, not at the main Auschwitz camp. Was he taken to the main camp so that he could watch the gassing procedure?  Did the Nazis allow him to live so that he could come to America after the war and educate children about the Holohoax?

This quote is also from the news article:

At the age of ten, Irving Roth was in a war with the world that he was not capable of fighting, and at the age of fourteen, he was taken from his family, packed inside a cattle-car with hundreds of people and forced to fight for his life in Auschwitz Death Camp.

So little Irving was 14 years old when he was taken to the “Auschwitz Death Camp.”  As we all know, children under the age of 15 were sent immediately to the gas chamber. But not Irving Ross; he was saved so that he could tell his story to little children 70 years later.

What effect does this have on these children?  Are they being taught to hate the German people?  Yes, I think that Irving Ross is teaching hatred.

This quote is also from the news article:

Most people that entered Auschwitz died there. Each night while entering the showers, the prisoners were inspected by a doctor, who decided whether or not each of the prisoners were allowed to continue on living.

“If you walked bent over, obviously you shouldn’t live,” Roth said. “If you’re dragging your foot, obviously you shouldn’t live. My brother and I survived that.”

Did you catch that?  The prisoners at Auschwitz were given a shower “each night” during a time when most people in America did not have a shower in their bathroom; most people, in the 1940ies, took a Saturday night bath. The water was not changed after each person’s bath — the whole family bathed in the same water which had been heated on a wood-burning stove.

My personal opinion is that Irving Roth was never in a concentration camp.  I think that he has made up his stupid stories in order to educate young children in the Holohoax.


The young boy on the far left has been identified as Stephan Ross, who was liberated from the Dachau camp. Were there two young boys named Ross who were involved in the Holohoax?



February 4, 2016

Another Holocaust survivor who was saved by lying about her age

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Jews arriving at Auschwitz-Birkeanu

Jews arriving at Auschwitz-Birkeanu death camp

In the photo above, notice the men, wearing striped shirts, who are helping with the unloading of prisoners who have been brought on a train to the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp.

The real function of these prisoners was to advise young people to lie about their age, so that they would not be sent immediately to the gas chamber.  Children under the age of 15 were automatically sent to the gas chamber soon after they had arrived.

One of the many Holocaust survivors, who was saved by lying about her age was Mindu Hornick. You can read her story in this news article:

The following quote is from the news article, cited above:

Auschwitz-Birkenau survivor Mindu Hornick

Begin quote:

An inspirational grandmother who survived the horrors of Auschwitz concentration camp has shared her experience with pupils at a Birmingham school.

Mindu Hornick , of Edgbaston, was just 13 years old when she was sent to the notorious Nazi extermination camp with her mother, sister and two younger brothers.

The 86-year-old arrived at Auschwitz in a cattle carriage, but survived along with her older sister Bilu after a Polish prisoner advised the girls to lie about their ages and claim they were skilled seamstresses.

“When we arrived at the camp there were 70 of us, all women, mothers and children, in the [train] wagon,”

“As we got out of the wagon a Polish man, in striped uniform, spoke Yiddish to my mother and told her to send us ahead, and say we were 17 and 19 years old.

“He said ‘don’t worry, you will see them later’.

“I realise now that saved our lives, my mother and brothers were sent to the gas chambers.

“I can still remember walking away from my mother, looking back and seeing her scarf blowing over her face.

“Little did I know at the time that I would never see her or my young brothers again.”

Mindu was one of a number of survivors of a host of atrocities to give talks at Rockwood Academy, which has been working with charity the Anne Frank Trust UK – teaching pupils about the holocaust as well as raising awareness of lesbian, gay and transgender issues.

End quote

Before you say that the Nazis were all bad, you must remember that they had the decency to place prisoners at the train ramp, so that they could advise young girls to lie about their age, so that they would not be sent immediately to the gas chamber.

This quote is also from the news article, cited above:

Begin quote

Mindu said her life was saved thanks to being sent to work in an underground ammunitions factory, seven months after she first arrived at Auschwitz-Birkenau in 1942.

“When people ask how I survived, I always tell them the same thing – sheer luck,” said Mindu.

After being liberated by the American army in May 1945 Mindu initially returned to Prague, but was forced to flee to live with an uncle in Birmingham in 1948 during the Soviet occupation.

“After the cafe culture of Prague, Birmingham [in England] felt very smoky and dark, but I was safe and free for the first time,” said Mindu.

End quote

My photo of the ruins of the Krema III gas chamber

My photo of the ruins of the Krema III gas chamber at Auschwitz-Birkenau

How 11-year-old Mala Langholz, a Jewish girl, fooled the Nazis and survived the gas chamber

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My photo of the gas chamber in the main Auschwitz camp

My 2005 photo of the gas chamber in the main Auschwitz  extermination camp

Every day, it seems, there is another story in the news about an 11 or 12 year-old Jewish child who was saved from the gas chambers during the Holocaust.  Today’s story is about Mala Langholz, who is still alive, and is currently out on the lecture circuit, telling her heart-warming story.

Holocaust survivor Mala

Holocaust survivor Mala Langholz was an 11-year-old Jewish child who survived the Holocaust

As everyone knows, children under the age of 15 were gassed by the Nazis, so how did Mala manage to survive?

Young children waiting for their turn in the gas chamber at Auschwitz-Birkenau

Young children waiting for their turn in the gas chamber at Auschwitz-Birkenau

Begin quote from news story:

In an article published by the Jewish Journal in last year’s commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, Ms. [Mala] Lanholz [Langholz] said it was only by the will of God and the humanity of those around her that she survived her ordeal.

Born in 1931 in Lodz, Poland, she was the second youngest of six children. Her family was gathered up and relocated to a ghetto where her father was murdered by a member of the SS. Not long afterwards they were all rounded up and sent to Auschwitz. Of the 60 members of her extended family, 58 were murdered.

In her story in the Jewish Journal, she said, “The horrors of Auschwitz will always live in my memory. I remember classical music playing to camouflage the cries of those in the gas chambers. Each evening, instead of saying good night to each other, we would say goodbye, not knowing whether we would live through the night. I’d often wake up to find a frozen or starved body next to mine.”

The Nazis would line them up to determine who would go to the gas chambers next. “At that critical moment, the older women in the camp would lift me—a child of just 11-years old—up on their shoulders so that I’d look older. They saved my life,” she said.

End quote

January 31, 2016

Jewish girl escaped the gas chamber at Theresienstadt by lying about her age

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The location of the alleged gas chamber at Theresienstadt

The location of the alleged gas chamber at Theresienstadt

According to 84-year-old Holocaust survivor Ruth Kluger, there was a gas chamber at Theresienstadt, but she survived by lying about her age, claiming that she was 15 years old when she was only 12.

Of course, as we all know, the Germans were so stupid that they could not tell the difference between a child of 12 and a girl of 15.  Thank God for this, as otherwise there would be no Holocaust survivors alive today.

I have previously written about the alleged gas chamber at Theresienstadt on this blog post:

and on this previous blog post:

and this previous blog post:

So was there a gas chamber at Theresienstadt or not?  According to Wolf Murmelstein, who was a prisoner there when he was a child, there was a indeed a gas chamber at Theresienstadt.

I have written about the alleged gas chamber at Theresienstadt on my website at

In my humble opinion, the alleged gas chamber at Theresienstadt was a place where the clothing of the prisoners was disinfected to prevent disease.

The alleged homicidal gas chamber at Theresienstadt was directly across from the Jäger (Hunter) barracks, an identical building on the opposite side of the town, which was used as a disinfection station where the prisoners and their clothing were deloused.

The prisoners were disinfected by being completely submerged in a tub containing a chemical which would kill the lice on their bodies. At the same time, their clothing was disinfected by hot steam, and they would have to put their clothes back on while they were still wet and then return to their barracks.

The oldest inmates of the Theresienstadt ghetto were housed in the Jäger barracks so that they wouldn’t get chilled by walking through the cold in wet clothes. Behind the Jäger barracks was the Südberg or South Hill where a a soccer field had been built for the inmates.

January 10, 2016

Letter written by Holocaust victim moments before she entered the gas chamber

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There is a common mistaken perception that the German people are cruel and hateful.  After all, they did kill 6 million Jews — for no reason at all.

But in my personal experience, I have always found the German people to be extremely nice and always helpful.  To give you an idea, I have traveled extensively in Germany, in my old age, and I never once had to throw my suitcase up on a train.  The person behind me, man or woman, always grabbed my suitcase and threw it onto the train for me. And this was not a heavy suitcase; I could have handled it myself, in case the person behind me was not German.

This morning, I read a news story about a woman who was gassed at Auschwitz, but the Nazis were kind enough to allow her to write a letter to her family, just before she boarded a truck that would take her to the gas chamber.  That letter survived the war.

To me, this proves that the Germans are nice people, always considerate and helpful.

You can read the story of the letter in this news article:

Begin quote:

PALM BEACH, Fla. —Frank Grunwald is a Holocaust survivor. He was separated from his family when he was 12 years old.

Grunwald and his father survived. His older brother and his mother were never to be seen or heard from again.

Grunwald always wondered what happened to his mother, and it wasn’t until his father passed away years later that he discovered a letter that explained it all. He found a note written on July 11, 1944, hours before she [his mother] was killed in a gas chamber.

Grunwald wanted the letter to be preserved, so he is donating it to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C.

At the Temple Emanu-El of Palm Beach on Wednesday night, museum officials accepted the letter and shared the story of Grunwald.

End quote from news article

In the video that is included with the news article, a woman explains that the Nazis allowed the Jews to “keep pencil and paper” in case the Red Cross made an inspection of the camp.

So it was only because of the Red Cross that this woman was able to write a letter while she was on the truck taking her to the gas chamber.

Wait a minute! Where was this “gas chamber” located?

Was it at the far end of the the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp, over a mile from the entrance to the camp?


The building called “the central sauna” is shown in the photo above

Was this woman actually on a truck that was taking her to the Sauna for a shower.  The Sauna building, where the clothing was disinfected and incoming prisoners were given a shower, was at the far end of the camp, about a mile from the entrance gate into the camp.

This woman might have been confused about where the truck was taking her.  Her 12 year old daughter was not being taken on this same truck.  This should have alerted the woman to the possibility that she was not on her way to the gas chamber.  The daughter survived, although the alleged policy of the Nazis was to gas everyone under the age of 15.

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