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February 13, 2017

Dresden Frauenkirche has been desecrated

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The two photos below show the memorial sculpture in front of the Dresden church.

DresdenMemorial.jpgTOPSHOT - Demonstrators hold up posters reading

A hideous sculpture has been erected in front of the beautiful German church in the center of the city of Dresden. After the church was bombed during World War II, the church was restored in 2004 and the interior was restored in 2005.

Frauenkirche bei Nacht.jpg

Night time view of the church

You can read about the beautiful Dresden church by clicking on the link to Wikipedia above.

You can read about the eyesore of degenerate art, that has been placed in front of the church, by clicking on the link below:

The following information is from the Breitbart article:

In the central square of Dresden, Syrian artist Manaf Halbouni has erected three buses to recreate a famous photograph taken during the battle of Aleppo.

End quote