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May 23, 2016

Pregnant women and their babies survived because the Nazis ran out of gas the day before

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Stop laughing, all you disbelieving deniers! There were actually Jewish women and their babies who survived the Nazi plan to kill all the Jews in gas chambers.

This news article tells the story:

Wendy Holden

Wendy Holden is on the left; the woman on the right is Hannah Berger Moran, who was born in a Nazi death camp and survived.

Begin quote from news article:

“But some wonderful things happened and again luck played a part,” [Wendy] Holden said. “They [the pregnant women] arrived on April 29, 1945. The gas in Mauthausen-Gusen [had] ran out April 28. Hitler killed himself on April 30.

End quote

What a difference a day makes!

But I am getting ahead of the story. The news article begins with this quote:

Begin quote

Technology plays an important role in society, but it also poses a danger with its ability to disseminate hateful messages and propaganda to people all over the world, according to Sara J. Bloomfield, director of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C.

“Hitler once said, ‘Propaganda is truly a terrible weapon in the hands of an expert,’ and the unprecedented challenge that we now face, and that our grandchildren and their children will face, is that with the internet, anyone’s an expert,” said Bloomfield during the museum’s annual “What You Do Matters” luncheon May 19. About 425 people attended the event at Executive Caterers at Landerhaven in Mayfield Heights.

The event featured Wendy Holden, author of “Born Survivors: Three Young Mothers and Their Extraordinary Story of Courage, Defiance and Hope,” and Hana Berger Moran, a child Holocaust survivor and the daughter of one of the mothers written about in Holden’s book.

The book tells the story of how three young mothers survived through various concentration and labor camps and the harrowing way they gave birth and kept their newborn babies safe from the Nazis.

Holden said she developed the idea for the book after stumbling across an obituary a few years ago of a woman who had survived Auschwitz when she was a baby.

“It occurred to me that I had never before read anything about babies who had survived the Holocaust, and I thought that’s probably because there weren’t any,” Holden said.

End quote from news article

One would think that the Nazis would have made sure that the supply of Zyklon-B gas pellets did not run out.  Especially near the end, when they were desperate to kill all the Jews before they lost the war.

You can read all about the Mauthausen camp on my website at

You can read all about the Mauthausen gas chamber on my website at

Caution: Don’t deny that there was a gas chamber at Mauthausen unless you want to risk going to prison in the 19 countries that now have Holocaust denial laws.  For the time being, you are relatively safe in America, but don’t push your luck.