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October 4, 2011

If Hitler were alive today, would he play golf with Netanyahu?

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Yesterday on the Fox and Friends TV news show, country singer Hank Williams, Jr. made a remark that got him into big trouble.  He said that the recent golf game that President Obama played with John Boehner was “not a good idea” because, as he said:  “It would be like Hitler playing golf with (Israeli leader) Netanyahu.”  He was trying to say that Obama and Boehner are enemies, just as Adolf Hitler and Benjamin Netanyahu would have been enemies if they had lived in the same time period. He was not comparing Obama with Hitler, as some people incorrectly interpreted this remark.

If Hitler were alive today, would he play golf with Netanyahu?  No, Hitler did not play any sports.  The only exercise he ever got was walking to his tea house to have tea with his good buddies and any foreign diplomats who happened to be around at the time.

Hitler and Himmler walking to his tea house in 1943

Hitler was a Zionist, meaning a person who was in favor of the Jews having their own country.  He would have welcomed the opportunity to talk with Netanyahu.  Hitler was a Zionist when Zionism wasn’t cool.  If it had not been for Hitler and his Final Solution to the Jewish Question, there would be no Israel today.  The Jewish Question was “Should the Jews have their own state, or should they assimilate into the country where they live?”  Of course, Hitler wanted the Jews to have their own state; he did not want the Jews to assimilate into the German population.   Hitler was a German nationalist, just as Netanyahu is a Jewish nationalist today. (more…)