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June 22, 2014

“photogenic felon” looks like a “Hitler youth” sez Bob Beckel on “The Five” talk show

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Mug shot of a criminal in California that has gone viral

Mug shot of a criminal in California has gone viral

Update, July 2, 2014:  Fox News reported today that the “photogenic felon” has signed with an agent, who will be in charge of finding modeling jobs for him. His photo would be great in advertisements, but what kind of products would show him — with his teardrop tattoo, which means that he has killed people.

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On Friday, Bob Beckel said, on “The Five” talk show on Fox News, that “the photogenic felon” shown in the photo above looks like a Hitler Youth.

I think that what über liberal Bob Beckel was trying to say is that this 30-year-old American felon looks like the worst criminal in the world.  The worst criminals in the world are the Germans, especially the German citizens who were followers of Hitler.

When I started to write this blog post today, I had to look up the spelling of the name, to make sure that I got it right. I thought that the correct spelling would be Bechel since this is obviously a German name.  During World War I, a lot of German-Americans changed the spelling of their names; his family had probably changed their name long before that.

Bob Beckel is on The Five show on Fox News

Bob Beckel is on The Five show on Fox News

How many blue-eyed “Rhineland bastards” were in the Hitler Youth?

A mixed race German boy

A mixed race German boy

I was surprised to learn that the “photogenic felon” is from Stockton, California, which is only a few miles from Sacramento.  Around 20 years ago, I was riding on a city bus in Sacramento, and a little boy about 10 years old was sitting across from me.  He had beautiful light blue eyes, and the light complexion of a mixed race African American person.  I was stunned by his uncommon good looks.  It could be that this little boy grew up to be the “photogenic felon.”

In Germany, in the 1930s, there were Afro-German children, who were the offspring of French soldiers stationed in the Rhineland. When Hitler came to power, he ordered that these children must be sterilized or leave Germany.  You can be sure that none of these children, with African blood, were in the Hitler Youth.

This quote about Afro-Germans, in World War II, is from Wikipedia:

Under eugenics laws during the Third Reich, race alone was not sufficient criteria for forced sterilization, but anyone could request sterilization for themselves or a minor under their care.[12] The cohort of mixed-race children born during occupation were approaching adulthood when, in 1937, with Hitler’s approval, a special Gestapo commission was created and charged with “the discrete sterilization of the Rhineland bastards.”[13] It is unclear how much these minors were told about the procedures, or how many parents only consented under pressure from the Gestapo.[14] An estimated 500 children were sterilized under this program, including girls as young as 12.[15]

Bob Beckel’s comment was a grave insult to today’s German people.

If you don’t know who Bob Beckel is, you can read more about his antics on “The Five” TV show at