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July 26, 2015

Good news! Rudolf Hess is alive and well and giving speeches in England (updated)

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Update 6:50 a.m. July 27, 2015

Yesterday, I mistakenly wrote that Rudolf Hess was present. It was actually a friend of Hess who spoke at the meeting. This quote is from another news article:

Former Spandau prison worker Abdallah Melaouhi, self-described ‘best friend’ of Hitler’s deputy, Rudolf Hess, was also a speaker at yesterday’s event.
Speaking in German, with translation provided by Irving, Melaouhi told the crowd about his time working as a prison nurse. He attended to Hess between 1982 and 1987 when Hess was held prisoner in Spandau, Germany, for war crimes.

Hess, Hitler’s deputy who during the Second World War was held prisoner after his plane crashed in Scotland in 1941, hanged himself in 1987. Melaouhi claimed Hess was murdered and released a book about him, describing him as ‘a man of great vision, intelligence and compassion’.

Update 1:37 p.m. July 26, 2015  Now that I have read the article more carefully, I see that it was the “best friend of Rudolf Hess”, who was there, not Rudolf Hess himself.

Continue reading my original post.

According to a news article, which you can read in full here, Rudolf Hess, who was Hitler’s deputy, is alive and well and he is speaking to Holocaust deniers in London, even women and teenagers.

I wrote about Rudolf Hess in this previous blog post:

This headline is part of the article, cited above:

  • Neo Nazis held secret meeting in four-star hotel in South Kensington
  • Event attracted 120 Right-wing sympathisers, including women and teens
  • ‘Best friend’ of Hitler’s deputy, Rudolf Hess, was also a guest speaker 
Read more:

This quote is from the news article:

Convicted Holocaust denier David Irving addressed fascist sympathisers and neo Nazis at a secret meeting in London yesterday.

Irving, a historian who famously lost a libel case after denying the existence of Nazi gas chambers, was the star speaker at an event that attracted an audience of 120 Right-wing sympathisers, including women and teenagers.

Behind closed doors at a four-star hotel in South Kensington, the discredited author gave a speech condemning the Second World War Allied bombing campaign over Germany and Nazi-occupied Europe as ‘a war crime’.

Irving’s contentious speech was titled: ‘Saturation Bombing in World War II – who is to blame?’

David Irving, famous Holocaust denier

David Irving, famous Holocaust denier

The photo of David Irving, shown above, was included with the news article.  Is this a recent photo?  If so, I am happy to see that he is doing so well.  I assume that Rudolf Hess, who died years ago, was also looking well.

July 24, 2015

Jean-Marie Le Pen will appear in court for saying Nazi gas chambers were “merely a detail”

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According to a news story, which you can read in full here, Jean-Marie Le Pen is in trouble for saying that the Holocaust gas chambers were “merely a detail.”

Put his guy in prison as fast as possible!  Who does he think he is? The Holocaust gas chambers are the linchpin of the Holocaust, not a mere detail.

The photo below shows the gas chamber in the main Auschwitz camp.

The gas chamber in the main Auschwitz camp

The gas chamber in the main Auschwitz camp (click on the photo to enlarge)

My 2005 photo of the gas chamber in the main Auschwitz camp shows a REAL gas chamber, and don’t even try to deny it, unless you want to go to prison for 5 years.

You can see more photos of the Auschwitz gas chambers on my website at

June 17, 2015

Where can I get a “2015 Revisionist Guidebook”?

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Entrance into the famous Gate of Death at Auschwitz-Birkenau

My 2005 photo of the entrance into the famous Gate of Death at Auschwitz-Birkenau

The British are at the forefront today in keeping the Holocaust alive. They send thousands of students to Auschwitz every year to be indoctrinated with lies. I have written about the British HET tours many times on my blog, including this blog post:

Now the British are contemplating a Holocaust denial law, according to a news story, which you can read in full here.

The following quote is from the news article:

Begin quote:

[Tony] Blair’s charms and inward palms failed to win over the Israelis and Palestinians during a tricky stint as the Quartet’s Middle East envoy, so now he’s taken on another tough gig – chairman of the European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation, which aims to make Holocaust denial illegal.


First, people have every right to be outed as idiots. They should be free to say that fish get around on bikes, Qatar is an appropriate World Cup host and the Holocaust never happened. Others react accordingly. The village idiot has always been treated the same way. But criminalising stupidity? Where does that end?

Secondly, free speech is too damned important. Mess with it at your peril. Take it from a Jew. We know. Hitler denied virtually every freedom, but he started with free speech. Silencing opinion, no matter how obscene, is the first step on a perilous road.

Third, Tony’s way off-target. He’s fighting the wrong fight. Flat-out Holocaust deniers are few and febrile. These days they tend to wear red trousers and tweed jackets and stare oddly into the middle-distance. Think of goons like Nick Griffin or oafs like David Irving. Granted, Holocaust denial is still rampant throughout the Muslim world, where it is often seen alongside Jewish plans for world domination (ah, those…), but in countries where Protocols of the Elders of Zion isn’t a bestseller, you have to work harder to get an audience.

Flat out Holocaust denial is so last century. Instead, Tony should focus on the Holocaust blurrers. They’re a whole different kettle of bike-riding fish.

End quote

I suspect that I might be one of those dreaded “blurrers” or maybe an “oaf” like David Irving. I am certainly not normal because every time I see a so-called Holocaust gas chamber, I say “Something wrong!”

I assume that a “blurrer” is a person who blurs something, but there is no such word as blurrer — I checked.

I had to look up the word febrile:

I have never had a “seizure” when touring a concentration camp, but I have had to suppress laughter many times on my trips to the death camps.

The proof of the Holocaust is the ruins of the gas chambers. The photo below shows the ruins of Krema II.

The ruins of the Krema II gas chamber at Auschwitz-Birkenau

The ruins of the Krema II gas chamber at Auschwitz-Birkenau

What is the proof that the ruins, shown in my 2005 photo above, are the ruins of a gas chamber?  Oh, ye of little faith! The Holocaust is a religion. If you don’t believe in the Holocaust religion, in 19 countries, you will go to prison for 5 years.

June 9, 2015

Holocaust denier Ursala Haverbeck in trouble again in Germany

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Ursala Haverbeck

Ursala Haverbeck

You can read about Ursala Haverbeck, a German citizen, in this old news article:

She is in the news again:

The old news article cited above includes a statement allegedly made by Sir Hartley Shawcross.  I blogged about this statement on these two previous blog posts:

The problem with the Jews in Germany all started with Der Dolchstoss which you can read about here:

Wikipedia has the following information about Ursala Haverbeck:

In November 2014 Haverbeck lodged a complaint against the Central Council of Jews. She threw the Association “persecution of innocent people” ago. The procedure was established in early December 2014 reinstated. The Bielefeld prosecutor finally considered a case against them for false accusation.[13]

In March 2015 she again denied the Holocaust in the NDR broadcast Panorama. She described the Holocaust as a “sustainable lie in history”[14][15][16][17] Her home was subsequently searched by German police to seize evidence for possible criminal charges.[18]

May 17, 2015

Freedom of speech in North America — going, going, gone!

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The gas chamber in the Auschwitz main camp

The gas chamber in the Auschwitz main camp (click on the photo to enlarge)

Is the room shown in the photo above a “gas chamber” or a crematorium? You had better believe that it is a gas chamber, if you don’t want to go to prison for 5 years.  There will soon be laws against Holocaust denial in North America.

In a recent news article, which you can read in full here, I learned that a football player in Canada was fined for tweeting about a You Tube video that was put up on March 18, 2015. The video contains factual information, which constitutes “Holocaust denial.”

This quote is from the news article:

Begin quote

A CFL player was fined and apologized on Friday for making inappropriate tweets.

Montreal Alouettes defensive lineman Khalif Mitchell took to Twitter and made inappropriate statements, including linking to a Holocaust denial video.

Mitchell, a defensive tackle who previously spent two years on the San Francisco 49ers’ practice squad, posted a link to a video titled “The greatest lie ever told — The Holocaust” on May 8.

The CFL Playes’ Association and B’nai Brith Canada, a Jewish human-rights organization, were both part of the apology.

“I wholeheartedly apologize to all those who I know I let down by posting those videos, especially those who look up to me as a professional athlete,” Mitchell said. “I fell into a trap by watching that video and I hope others can learn from my very public mistake.


Mitchell was fined undisclosed amounts by the CFL and the Alouettes for violating the league’s social media policy. The league fine will be donated to a charity of the player’s choice.

End Quote

It is my personal opinion that a Holocaust denial law will soon be passed in America.  I blogged about this at

February 25, 2015

Former attorney Sylvia Stoltz convicted yet again of Holocaust denial

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Sylvia Stolz, former German lawyer, convicted of Holocaust denial

Sylvia Stolz, former German lawyer, convicted of Holocaust denial

I previously wrote about Sylvia Stoltz in a blog post with the title Witch trials in Germany — yesterday and today. 

In Germany, Holocaust denial is called Volksverhetzung which, in English, means “Incitement of the Masses”  God forbid that anyone should incite the masses in Germany, which might result in the extermination of 6 million more Jews.

Today, I read a news story with the headline:

German Ex-Lawyer Convicted of Holocaust Denial in Munich

A former German attorney with well-known links to the far right has been convicted of Holocaust denial and sentenced to 20 months in prison.

Munich state court spokeswoman Andrea Titz said 51-year-old Sylvia Stolz was convicted of inciting racial hatred for denying the Holocaust in a 2012 speech. She argued during her trial that she was exercising her right to free speech.

Stolz already served time for Holocaust denial after a 2008 conviction related to her defense of notorious Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel, who was convicted himself of the crime in Mannheim in 2007.

Zundel’s initial Mannheim trial collapsed after Stolz was banned from the proceedings on grounds she was trying to sabotage them. During the trial, she repeatedly denied the Holocaust and ended a legal document with “Heil Hitler.”

Sylvia Stolz

Sylvia Stolz

Look up the word “Stolz” on google translate and you will learn that it means “proud” in English. Sylvia Stolz is not only a proud German woman, she is also very brave.  She has literally given up her career as a lawyer to defend Holocaust deniers in Germany.

Correct me if I am wrong, but as I recall, Sylvia Stolz also defended Germar Rudolf in court in Germany.

Holocaust denial is now a crime in 19 countries, but people still continue to deny the Holocaust.  Strangely, no one has ever been able to prove the Holocaust to the satisfaction of the deniers.


October 10, 2014

Why do people deny the Holocaust, the most documented event in the history of the world?

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The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC has a website, which has a page on Holocaust Denial, with this headline: COMBATING HOLOCAUST DENIAL: ORIGINS OF HOLOCAUST DENIAL

This quote is from the USHMM website page about Holocaust Denial:

The Holocaust was a state secret in Nazi Germany. The Germans wrote down as little as possible. Most of the killing orders were verbal, particularly at the highest levels. Hitler’s order to kill Jews was issued only on a need-to-know basis. The Nazi leaders generally avoided detailed planning of killing operations, preferring to proceed in a systematic but often improvised manner. The Germans destroyed most documentation that did exist before the end of the war. The documents that survived and related directly to the killing program were virtually all classified and stamped “Geheime Reichssache” (Top Secret), requiring special handling and destruction to prevent capture by the enemy. Heinrich Himmler, Reich Leader of the SS and Chief of the German Police, said in a secret speech to SS generals in Posen in 1943 that the mass murder of the European Jews was a secret, never to be recorded. 

Oops, Himmler has been cut off in mid-Sentence again.  I previously blogged here about the Posen speech which is routinely cut off in mid-sentence by the Holohoaxers.

The USHMM article on Holocaust Denial continues with this statement:

In order to hide the killing operation as much as possible from the uninitiated, Hitler ordered that the killings not be spoken of directly in German documentation or in public statements. Instead, the Germans used codenames and neutral-sounding terms for the killing process. In Nazi parlance, for example, “action” (Aktion) referred to a violent operation against Jewish (or other) civilians by German security forces; “resettlement to the East” (Umsiedlung nach dem Osten) referred to the forced deportation of Jewish civilians to killing centers in German-occupied Poland; and “special treatment” (Sonderbehandlung) meant killing.

So it turns out that the Nazis had planned the current “Holocaust Denial” from the very beginning.

There is a Holocaust Museum at the house in Wannsee, 50 miles from Berlin, where the Nazis planned the Holocaust. The dining room of the house, where the conference was held is shown in the photo below.   The minutes of the meeting were not found until many years later.

The dining room in the Wannsee house where the genocide of the Jews was planned

The dining room in the Wannsee house where the genocide of the Jews was planned

An excerpt from Heinrich Himmler’s famous speech at Posen on October 4, 1943 is quoted in the museum display:

…”The Jewish people are being exterminated.” every party member says. “Of course, it’s in our program, elimination of the Jews, extermination, we’ll do it all right.” Among all those who talk like this, no one has witnessed it, no one has seen it through. Most of you will know, however, what it means to see 100 corpses lying together, or 500, or 1,000. To have stuck it out and at the same time to have remained decent – aside from a few exceptions succumbing to human weakness – that has made us tough. This is a page of glory in our history, unwritten and never to be written…

As quoted by the museum, Himmler’s speech is cut off in mid sentence. According to Holocaust historian Martin Gilbert, the full sentence from Himmler’s speech is as follows:

This is an unwritten and never-to-be-written page of glory in our history, for we know how difficult it would be for us if today under bombing raids and the hardships and deprivations of war – if we were still to have the Jews in every city as secret saboteurs, agitators, and inciters. If the Jews were still lodged in the body of the German nation, we would probably by now have reached the stage of 1917-18.”

The last part of the sentence is a reference to 1917-18 during World War I when the Jewish labor leaders called a strike of ammunition workers in 1917 and the Jewish Social Democrats overthrew the established government and declared a Republic in Germany in 1918. The Nazis believed that the Jews were responsible for their defeat in World War I because Jewish Social Democrats had signed the Armistice and the Treaty of Versailles. The part of the sentence, that the museum display cut out, explains why the Nazis made the decision to “transport the Jews to the east” six months after they attacked the Soviet Union.

October 3, 2014

“Holocaust denier” wins case in Greece when his conviction is overturned

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You can read about Konstaninos Plevris, a “Holocaust denier”  in this article:

This quote is from the article cited above:

Greek nationalist lawyer and self-confessed anti-Semite, Konstaninos Plevris, author of The Jews: The Whole Truth, was initially found guilty of inciting racial hatred against Jews in December 2007, this verdict being based entirely on outspoken quotations found in the above-mentioned 1400-page book.  […]

Plevris appealed the court ruling, and on the 27th of March 2009 the court of appeals overturned all charges against him. His complete exoneration by the most distinguished legal brains in Greek jurisprudence was to prompt angry charges from Jewish sources that there had been a “miscarriage of justice”.
However, it was not easy to prove that admiration of Adolf Hitler or doubts about the Holocaust could in any way equate with incitement to violence against Jews; nor that failure to love Jews or hold them in high esteem was in itself a crime.

The article cited above includes an interview with Plevris.  This quote is from the interview:

KONSTANINOS PLEVRIS: Three years ago, I published in Athens my book “The Jews: The Whole Truth.” (Picks up book and shows it to camera.) This is 1,400 pages long. This book is full of facts, proofs, references to 270 authors, writers, other books and of course photos. Immediately after the publication of my book, the Central Council of Jews in Greece and the European Jewish Congress started a campaign against me. They went to the prime minister of Greece asking me to be condemned. They went to the Justice Department, and, after three years of legal fights, I have finally won 100 percent in the Supreme Court of Athens. Justice prevailed; the court proved itself to be independent and not under Jewish control.

As far as I know, Plevris is the first person in the history of the world to have had a conviction of “Holocaust Denial” overturned.  This could have a horrendous effect on the Holocaust denial laws in 18 countries, but not in Germany.  In Germany, there is no way that you can beat a Holocaust denial rap because truth is no defense.

This quote is from an interview with Plevris:

PLEVRIS: First of all we have to use common sense. If the Jews are telling the truth, if they are right in what they say, they don’t need to legally penalize so-called “Holocaust Deniers.” If you’re right about something and someone denies it, you can prove that he is wrong. But the Jews use the penal law. This is unbelievable to me. […]
If the Jews are right, they are obliged to accept a public dialogue. This they refuse. It’s not only forbidden to deny that the “Holocaust” occurred as such — even to doubt it is a crime! In Germany and Austria you are not even allowed to express doubts about the “Holocaust.” Unfortunately, there is no more any Deutschland. Instead there is “Judenland.” If you go to Germany, you will see “Holocaust” monuments and memorials everywhere.

Here is one final quote from the article:

During my trial [Prevris] said to the court: “Look, these people claim that they are God’s chosen people, and they have the nerve to accuse me of being a racist! How can I be the racist here when it is they who claim that they, the Jews, are chosen by God?”

The photo below is included in the article about Holocaust denial.

Fake photo taken at Buchenwald

Fake photo taken at Buchenwald (Click for larger size)

The photo above is very controversial. You can read about the photo on this website:

I have blogged several times about inappropriate photos being used in Holocaust articles. The photo above, which is a fake photo, should not be used in a story about Holocaust denial because it is FAKE, FAKE, FAKE.




July 15, 2014

At least 50 students denied the Holocaust in Rialto critical thinking essays

According to a news article, which you can read in full here, at least 50 of the Ridalto 8th grade students, who participated in a “critical thinking” assignment about the Holocaust, wrote an essay in which they expressed doubt about the Holocaust, or flatly denied it.

What a revolting development this is! [1]

This quote is from the article: “To write the in-class essay, students were given printouts from, and Holocaust denial site

I went to the website and read their “Holocaust Denial” web page.   Very clever!  Click on the link and see for yourself.  The article starts out by mentioning Fred Lauchter. As everyone knows this is the kiss of death because Lauchter has been thoroughly discredited by the Holocaust Believers. Fred doesn’t have a degree in Engineering, so what does he know!

Years ago, I put up a page on my website, on which I quoted the Leuchter Report on the Dachau gas chamber, with links to my Dachau photos to illustrate what he was talking about.  I got a lot of flak for doing this, and I had to refuse many requests, from Holocaust Believers, to take down this page.

This quote is from the news article:

Rialto Unified School District administrators, besieged by criticism after the assignment became public in May, claimed at the time that none of the students who completed the assignment questioned or denied the Holocaust, but a survey of the students’ work by this news organization found numerous examples of students expressing doubt or flatly denying that the Holocaust occurred.


Administrators have said the district’s roughly 2,000 eighth-grade students were assigned the essays in April as a critical thinking project. After the assignment became public, the district was roundly criticized by angry parents, Jewish advocacy groups and scholars and members of the state Legislature.

“Students got high praise and grades for writing that the Holocaust was a hoax. I’m sick about that, I’m sick about that,” said Rabbi Suzanne Singer of Temple Beth El in Riverside. “It’s worse than I thought it was.”

At the time that the news came out, about this story, I was highly suspicious of the claim that none of the students had written an essay in which they had expressed any Holocaust denial.  I wrote several posts about this subject, including this blog post:

This morning, I went to the website and checked it out.  I decided to see what says about the Dachau gas chamber:

American soldier looks at the door into a disinfection chamber at Dachau

American soldier looks at the sign on the door into a disinfection chamber at the Dachau concentration camp

I have the same photo, which is shown by, on this page of my website:

If you want to stay out of prison in 19 countries, you should get your Holocaust education from  Don’t be reading my website, or you could wind up in prison for 5 years.


May 15, 2014

At Auschwitz-Birkenau, the “execution chambers” are now “roped off and in ruins”

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I have visited the ruins of the Krema II and Krema III gas chambers at the Auschwitz-Birkenau memorial site on two separate occasions: in September 1998 and again in October 2005.

I have not been back to Auschwitz since 2005, but I have long suspected that the ruins of the Krema II gas chamber have now been roped off, to prevent anyone from climbing down into the ruins. My suspicion was confirmed when I read an article about tourist travel to Auschwitz-Birkenau here.

Seeing the inside of Krema II causes people, who try this stunt, to be instantly turned into “Holocaust deniers.”  Don’t let this happen to you.

My 2005 photo of the ruins of Krema II is shown below.

The ruins of Krema II has a hole in the roof

The ruins of Krema II has a hole in the roof

Three people, that I know of, have descended into a hole in the roof of Krema II, shown in my photo above, and have emerged as Holocaust deniers.

Thankfully, the ruins of Krema II have now been roped off to prevent any more people from climbing down into the ruins of the gas chamber.  Two of the three people, who descended into the gas chamber, before it was roped off, were put into prison for Holocaust denial, which is now a crime in 19 countries.  The third person, Fred Leuchter, barely escaped prison. He is an American citizen, which is the only thing that saved him; he has since gone into hiding.

Ruins of the oven room in Krema II at Auschwitz-Birkenau

Ruins of the oven room in Krema II at Auschwitz-Birkenau

This quote is from the website, cited above:

Leaving the row of prison blocks [in the main Auschwitz camp], visitors exit past watchtowers and barbed wire, arriving at the former ammunition bunker that was repurposed as the camp’s first gas chamber and crematorium. Jews from the Silesian region and Soviet POW’s were put to death here. Two of the three furnaces used to cremate the bodies of murdered Silesian Jews and Soviet POW’s are displayed. Candles flicker by flowers placed in remembrance in front of the open oven doors.

In the above quote, the “first gas chamber and crematorium” is a reference to the gas chamber in the main Auschwitz camp.

Krema I gas chamber in the main Auschwitz camp

Krema I gas chamber in the main Auschwitz camp

The quote below is from this page of my website:

The first gas chamber, that was used at the Auschwitz-Birkenau complex, was in a room that was being used as a morgue in Krema I, the crematorium in the main camp. The gas chamber in Krema I was only used between September 1941 and March 1942, according to the Auschwitz Museum, although the ovens were used for cremation until 1943.

Jews were gassed in Krema I only during a six-week period in 1942; the rest of the time, it was used for gassing Soviet Prisoners of War. According to Jean-Claude Pressac, who wrote a book entitled “Auschwitz: Technique and Operation of the Gas Chambers,” there was a total of approximately 10,000 people gassed in Krema I, which had a capacity of 600 to 800 persons for each gassing. By the end of March 1942, the gassing operation was moved to the Auschwitz II camp, also known as Birkenau. Two old farm houses at the western end of the Birkenau camp were used for gassing while four new gas chambers were under construction.

I wrote about the Sachsenhausen gas chamber on this page of my website:

Don’t start denying that there was a gas chamber at Sachsenhausen; it was proved in “the Berlin trial.”

According to the Auschwitz Museum, the first prisoners to be gassed at Auschwitz were 600 Soviet Prisoners of War and 250 sick prisoners who were killed with Zyklon-B gas on September 3, 1941 in Cell No. 27 in Block 11, the prison block in the main Auschwitz camp.

Keep in mind that Auschwitz was liberated by Soviet soldiers, so the Soviets had the opportunity to tell their story first.  The Soviets arrived on January 27th, after the Germans had abandoned the camp on January 18th.

The Soviet story is that the Germans sneaked back into the Auschwitz camp TWICE and blew up the Krema II and Krema III gas chambers, in order to destroy the evidence of gassing. (Or did some Soviet soldiers visit the camp on January 20th, and blow up the gas chambers?)

Thankfully, the Germans did not destroy the Krema I gas chamber in the main camp.  Tourists can see the Krema I gas chamber, although the room is now roped off, so that no one can walk around in the room, as I was able to do in 2005.

The gas chamber in the main Auschwitz camp

This section of the gas chamber in the main Auschwitz camp is now roped off

Ruins of Krema III gas chamber

Ruins of Krema III gas chamber

Ruins of Krema III gas chamber

Ruins of Krema III gas chamber

Ruins of Krema III undressing room

Ruins of Krema III undressing room

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