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December 26, 2011

Florida Holocaust survivors reject “tainted money” from SNCF

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You can read the latest news on SNCF and the Holocaust survivors in Floria here. This quote is from the Sun Sentinel:

The state of Florida has canceled a controversial Holocaust education program for teachers.

The cancellation by Florida Education Commissioner Gerard Robinson was seen as a victory by Holocaust survivors who were angered by the department and it’s Task Force on Holocaust Education’s acceptance of a three-year teacher training program created by the Shoah Memorial in Paris and funded by an $80,000 grant from SNCF America, the U.S. subsidiary of the French National Railroad.

The [French] railroad transported more than 76,000 Jews to the German border where they were taken to death camps.

Note that the news article explains that SNCF America is a subsidiary of the French railroad which transported 76,000 Jews to Nazi concentration camps during World War II. SNCF apologized to the Jews last year for its connection to the French railroad; the company tried to make amends by making a $80,000 donation to the Jews in order to get in on the $2.6 billion high-speed rail plan in Florida, but the plan was canceled. SNCF honored the $80,000 donation anyway.

I previously blogged about the role of the French railway in the Holocaust here.

Holocaust survivors in Florida were upset with the deal between Florida and SNCF to fund a Holocaust education program because they regarded a $80,000 donation from SNDF as “tainted money.”   As reported by the South Florida Sun Sentinel on September 9, 2011,  the donation had been given by SNCF to develop a school curriculum focusing on the role of France in the Holocaust.  This quote is from the South Florida Sun Sentinel article in September 2011:

“We don’t need SNCF to whitewash its image here,” Rita G. Hofrichter, 84, a Florida woman who lost her parents and other relatives in the Holocaust, told the newspaper. “It’s really shameful that they think they can buy us with their blood money.”    (more…)