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June 26, 2016

the Holocaust has been turned into a game now?

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You can read the news article about a new Holocaust game for children at

The title of my blog post today is a quote from the news article, cited above.

The photo below was copied from the news article.

Auschwitz photo has been enhanced to make it look more incriminating

Auschwitz-Birkenau photo has been enhanced to make the child survivors look worse

same photo as the one above

original photo  of Birkenau child survivors

I have the photo above on my website. This is how the photo originally looked before it was photoshopped into a more incriminating photo. I use Photoshop to enhance my photos, not to make them look worse.

I don’t think that this photo should have been used in the news article. These children are under the age of 15. As everyone knows, children under 15 were sent to the gas chambers at Birkenau.

The young girl on the far right in the photo is Eva Moses Kor who has made a career out of being a survivor. You can read her story here:

The following quote is from the news article:

Begin quote

An app-based “game” posted on Google Play that let users “live like a real Jew in the Auschwitz Concentration Camp” has been removed after it was widely condemned.

At United with Israel, Colette Avital of the Center of Organizations of Holocaust Survivors said, “We cannot understand how the top management of Google approved such a cynical game, turning the martyrdom of six million Jews into an object for amusement and enjoyment.”

The World Jewish Congress noted that the comment section attached to the app offering attracted anti-Semitic comments. [and the comments were published]

End quote

You can read all about Auschwitz-Birkenau on my website at

On my website, I have photoshopped some photos, but to make them look better, not worse.

I wrote extensive notes about my trips to Auschwitz in 1998 and in 2005:

I returned to Auschwitz one more time — in 2007. It is very sad to see how Auschwitz-Birkenau has turned into a tourist attraction.  It is extremely disconcerting to see Jews walking around the Birkenau camp, laughing.  They are laughing “all the way to the bank” as an old saying goes.

December 15, 2010

It’s so fun to say Bergen-Belsen — another Holocaust game

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The title of my blog post today comes from what a young man named Jon said while playing a new board game, which was designed by Brenda Braithwaite.  You can read the full story on The Daily Beast here.

The new game, which is based on the  Holocaust, is called “Train” and it involves putting pawns (representing people) into trains; the player does not know what the destination of the train will be until he draws a “Terminus” card with the name of the concentration camp at which the people have arrived. According to the Daily Beast article, when a player named Helen drew her first Terminus card, she showed it to Jon, who said, “Bergen-Belsen, nice! It’s so fun to say.”    (more…)