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January 9, 2017

When you google “Holocaust gas chambers” what do you get?

Every morning, I start my day by googling “Holocaust gas chambers” and then reading the news results first. There is always a long list of news stories about the Holocaust. Almost all the news stories are about the True Believer version of the Holocaust, as told by Holocaust survivors who have lived to an advanced age.

Today, I googled “Holocaust gas chambers” as usual, but  read the web results, instead of the news stories.

When you google “Holocaust gas chambers”, my website comes up at Number 7, and my blog comes up at Number 10.

When you google “Holocaust gas chambers” and click on “images”, four of my photos are in the top 10.

I am very happy that all of the time and effort that I have put into my website and my blog has not gone by the wayside.


June 24, 2016

90 Holocaust facts that you will need to know when a Holocaust denial law is passed in the USA

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Today I came across this website which gives “90 important facts” about the Holocaust:

I am writing about this website because this is important information that you will need to know when America eventually passes a law which makes it a crime to deny the Holocaust. Notice that these are not “90 PROVEN facts.” These are only “important facts.”

In my humble opinion, I think that a better title would be “90 UNPROVEN facts about the Holocaust.”

I have spent more than 5 years writing my blog. My latest stats show that my blog has been read over 4 million times by 1.6 million people.  Most of what I write is “Holocaust denial.” I will probably be the first person to be sent to prison, when a Holocaust denial law is passed in America.

There are numerous fake Holocaust photos on the internet. I wrote about the fake photos on this blog post:

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