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September 12, 2016

The fourth attempt to convict Hubert Zafke of war crimes committed during World War II

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Hubert Zafke sits in a wheelchair in the courtroom

Hubert Zafke bows his head as he sits in a wheelchair in the courtroom where he is charged with war crimes

Hubert Zafke, shown in the news photo above, tries to look as innocent as he can, as he sits in judgement for his crimes against the Jews during World War II.

I have written 3 previous blog posts about Hubert Zafke, the vicious German war criminal, who killed Jews when he worked as a medic at Auschwitz, seventy years ago.  He claims that he tried to save lives when he worked as a medic. Yeah, right. That’s what they all say.

My photo of Barack buildig #15 at Auschwitz

My photo of Barack building #15 in the Auschwitz main camp

My 3 previous blog posts about Zafke:

The following quote is from the news article:

Begin quote

According to the indictment, the SS medic [Zafke] served for several weeks in the summer of 1944 in the medical unit at Auschwitz during World War Two.

Hubert Zafke denies the charges, arguing he treated only wounded soldiers and members of the SS.

Prosecutors say that, like other SS guards at Auschwitz, Mr Zafke was well aware of the camp’s function as “an industrial-scale mass murder site”. According to the indictment, thousands of people died while he was there.

Teenage Jewish girl Anne Frank arrived at Auschwitz-Birkenau during the period covered by Hubert Zafke’s indictment. She died in another camp, at Bergen-Belsen, shortly before it was liberated by the British Army in 1945.

The chances of securing convictions for the last surviving Nazis have become harder as the remaining defendants are all now in their nineties.

In June, a German court sentenced former Auschwitz guard Reinhold Hanning, 94, to five years in jail for being accessory to the murder of at least 170,000 people.

But a state court in the northern city of Kiel ruled on Friday that a 92-year-old woman, Helma M, was unfit to stand trial on charges of being accessory to 260,000 counts of murder. She was the SS radio operator for the commandant at Auschwitz.

End quote from news article


February 28, 2016

German war criminal was stationed on “the path to the gas chamber” at Auschwitz

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The following quote is from a news article which you can read in full at

Begin quote:

A 95-year-old former Nazi SS paramedic at the Auschwitz death camp, accused of being an accomplice to the murder of thousands, is to stand trial in Germany on Monday, one in a series of such recent cases.

Hubert Zafke was serving as a medic in the SS at the biggest death camp in occupied Poland where he was deployed in 1943. During the trial, he will be faced with the accounts of at least two witnesses.

Prosecutors in the northern German city of Schwerin say that Zafke, in his function as a medic, supported the slaughter at Auschwitz, where over 1.2 million people, most of them Jews, were killed.

Zafke was responsible for treating SS members in case of sickness, not any of the inmates, but prosecutors say he was stationed directly on the path leading to the gas chambers.

End quote

My early morning shot of the SS hospital and the road that went past it

My early morning photo of the SS hospital at Auschwitz and the road that went past it

If Zafke was treating SS members at Auschwitz for sickness, that means that he was stationed at the hospital for SS men at the Auschwitz main camp, which is shown in my 1998 photo above.

Unfortunately, the road to the gas chamber, in the Auschwitz main camp, went right past the hospital where Zafke worked.  Zafke must have known what was going on, and he could have run out of the hospital and stopped the gassing of the Jews, but he didn’t.  So he is a criminal, for sure, and deserves to spend his last years in prison.

My 1998 photo above shows the path to the gas chamber

My 1998 photo above shows the road to the gas chamber [at the bottom of the photo]

Entrance to gas chamber was near the SS hospital

My 1998 photo shows the entrance to gas chamber which was near the SS hospital

The following quote is at the end of the news article cited above:

Begin quote:

Zafke’s charges focus on a month-long period between August and September 1944, when 14 deportation trains from Poland, Slovenia, Greece, Germany and the Netherlands arrived at the camp.

One carried Anne Frank, the German-born Jewish writer, whose “Diary of a young girl” became one of the most widely known witness accounts of the Holocaust, documenting her life in hiding during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands.

Anne Frank and her sister Margot were eventually transferred westwards to the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, where they died shortly before its liberation in April 1945.

Zafke has already been charged abroad for his role at Auschwitz. In 1946, a Polish court sentenced him to four years in prison. Afterwards, Zafke returned to Germany, where he worked as an agricultural salesman.

End quote

Did you catch that? Zafke was working at the hospital in the main Auschwitz camp on the the day that Anne Frank arrived at the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp, which was several miles down the road.

Zafke should have known that Anne Frank was arriving, and he should have had the common decency to run over to the Birkenau camp and say to Dr. Mengele: “What in the hell are you doing?  That young girl is Anne Frank, who will be famous some day. You have to save her!”


February 9, 2016

Holocaust survivor who was born in Auschwitz will testify in trial of former camp guards

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The main Auschwitz camp

The Auschwitz 1 camp was not a death camp

The following quote is from a news article about former Auschwitz guards who will soon go on trial, charged with committing war crimes, due to their former work in Auschwitz, a so-called Nazi death camp.

Begin quote

Two former SS men will go on trial this month for their alleged complicity in the murder of thousands of people at Auschwitz, as Germany accelerates its bid to prosecute ageing Third Reich criminals.

Reinhold Hanning, 93, faces court in the western town of Detmold from Thursday, charged with at least 170,000 counts of accessory to murder in his role as a former guard at the camp in occupied Poland.

Hubert Zafke, 95, will have to answer at least 3,681 counts of complicity in killings in separate proceedings in the eastern town of Neubrandenburg from Feb. 29.

Zafke was a medical orderly at the camp in a period when 14 trains carrying prisoners — including the teenage diarist Anne Frank — arrived at Auschwitz-Birkenau where many would eventually be killed in the gas chambers.

Holocaust survivor Angela Orosz, who will take the witness stand in the Hanning trial, told AFP that all Auschwitz staff “were part of this killing machine.”

“Without these people and their active support for the Holocaust, what happened in Auschwitz, the murder of 1.1 million people in just a few years, would not have been possible, and perhaps many of my family members would still be alive,” said Orosz, who was born in Auschwitz just over a month before it was liberated on January 27, 1945.

End quote

Did you catch that, dear readers? Angela Orosz was born in Auschwitz and allowed to live so that she could testify against former Auschwitz guards 71 years later. Why oh why were the Nazis so stupid?  Didn’t they know that the babies that were born in Auschwitz might live for 70 years and eventually testify about the Nazi war crimes that were not yet crimes, until ex-post-facto laws were passed after the war?

Arbeit Macht Frei gate at Auschwitz

Arbeit Macht Frei gate at Auschwitz 1 camp

The newspaper article continues with this quote:

Begin quote

The defendants face between three and 15 years in jail, but in view of their advanced age and the period required for any appeals, they are unlikely to serve time.

Nevertheless, Andreas Brendel, who leads the prosecuting team against Hanning, said Germany “owes it to victims and their relatives” to pursue Third Reich criminals.

“Age has no bearing for me,” he said.

Ronald Lauder, president of the World Jewish Congress, agreed.

“If anyone deemed responsible for any aspect of the Holocaust is still able to stand trial, he or she should be prosecuted,” he told AFP.

“As long as it’s possible to bring any of them to justice, it must be done. There is no statute of limitation for mass murder, and there shouldn’t be.”

The two trials come on the heels of last year’s high-profile case against Oskar Groening, dubbed the “Bookkeeper of Auschwitz”.

Groening was sentenced last July to four years in prison, even though he had previously been cleared by German authorities after lengthy criminal probes dating back to the 1970s.

But the legal foundation for prosecuting ex-Nazis changed in 2011 with the German conviction of former death camp guard John Demjanjuk, solely on the basis of his having worked at the Sobibor camp in occupied Poland.

Separately, a German court announced Friday that another former guard at Auschwitz, 93-year-old Ernst Remmel, would have to stand trial in April.

Hanning, like Demjanjuk, was a camp guard, and stands accused of having watched over the selection of which prisoners were fit for labour, and which should be sent to gas chambers.

He is also deemed to have been aware of the regular mass shooting of inmates at the camp, as well as the systematic starvation of prisoners.

“Through his capacity as a guard, he facilitated… the several thousand killings of inmates by the main perpetrator,” prosecutors said.

Hanning has admitted to working in Auschwitz but denies a role in the killings.

Zafke likewise claimed he knew nothing of the mass murder.

Ahead of proceedings, prosecutors said the former medic was “aware of the purpose of the Birkenau camp as an extermination camp” as well as of its structure.

End quote

The Jews are determined to destroy what is left of Germany and they are succeeding.  The motto of the Jews is “Revenge, revenge, revenge.”

December 3, 2015

95 year old German man will be put on trial for murdering 3,681 people at Auschwitz-Birkenau

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Hubert Zafke, depraved war criminal who will soon go on trial in Germany

Hubert Zafke, depraved war criminal who will soon go on trial in Germany

You can read the full story of this 95-year-old depraved criminal in a recent news story here.

This is the headline of the article:

Former Auschwitz guard who was on duty when Anne Frank arrived in 1944 is deemed fit enough to face charges of murdering 3,681 people.

Oh well, if he was at Auschwitz-Birkenau, when Anne Frank got off the train, and he didn’t lift a finger to help her, he should be put into prison for the rest of his life, provided that he lives through his trial.

This quote is from the news article:

Begin quote:

Hubert Zafke, 95, served as medic but claims he played no part in murders
Psychiatric doctors have ruled he is mentally sound enough to stand trial
Prosecutors say murders took place in medical block while he was on duty
Medics often poured Zyklon-B pesticide into the gas chambers to kill them

End quote

Oh no! As part of his job as a medic, “He often poured Zyklon-B pesticide into the gas chambers.”

He was pouring PESTICIDE into gas chambers?

Was he trying to kill lice or people? Would it have killed the Germans to execute the Jews in a nice way and save the pesticide for killing the lice that spread typhus.

Moving right along, this quote is from the news article:

Begin quote:
A former SS guard who was on duty when Jewish diarist Anne Frank arrived at the Auschwitz death camp in 1944 has been fit enough to stand trial on charges of mass murder.

Hubert Zafke, 95, was examined by psychiatric doctors this week appointed by a court in Rostock and judged mentally sound enough to go on trial for his part in the murders of 3,681 people.

Zafke served at the Nazi extermination facility in occupied Poland as a medic and claims he took no part in the estimated 1.2 million murders of Jews and others that took place there. [Only 1.2 million?  What about the 4 million Jews that were mentioned at the Nuremberg IMT? What happened to them?]

Earlier this year a lower court ruled Zafke was incompetent to stand trial but that has now been overturned and he could be in the dock by the early spring.

End quote

At the very end of the news article, there is a video that shows young children marching out of Auschwitz-Birkenau; it also shows old women talking to the Soviet liberators of Birkenau.  This video is completely inappropriate.  As everyone know, children under the age of 15 were gassed, and old ladies were also gassed.