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April 25, 2014

Jesus gets sent to the left — to the showers (gas chamber)

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Clink on the link below to see a YouTube video of Jesus, getting sent to the left, to the gas chamber, in the main Auschwitz camp.

Gas chamber in  the main Auschwitz camp

Gas chamber in the main Auschwitz camp  Click on the photo to see a larger size.

Note that the YouTube video shows the Jews arriving, in 1943, at the gate into the main Auschwitz camp, which has a sign which reads: Arbeit Macht Frei.  The main camp had a gas chamber, but in 1943, it was no longer being used.  That doesn’t matter; this video depicts Jewish art, not history.

A handsome SS man (maybe Dr. Mengele) is shown, directing the Jews to the right (to work) or to the left, to the showers, meaning the gas chamber.  The gas chamber in the main camp had no showers, but that doesn’t matter.

Finally, half way through the video, Jesus arrives and stands in front of the two SS men, who are doing the selections. Jesus is carrying his cross, and he is sent to the left to the gas chamber.  Keep in mind that Jesus was a Jew.