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February 21, 2017

President Trump spoke out against anti-Semitic threats, but his words were not enough for the Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect

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The title of this blog post is a quote from this news article:

This is the headline on the news article:

Anne Frank Center slams Trump: ‘Do not make us Jews settle for crumbs of condescension’

The following quote is from the news article:

Begin quote

On Tuesday morning, Steven Goldstein, executive director of the Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect, blasted Trump in a Facebook post.

“His statement today is a pathetic asterisk of condescension after weeks in which he and his staff have committed grotesque acts and omissions reflecting Antisemitism, yet day after day have refused to apologize and correct the record,” Goldstein said in the statement. “Make no mistake: The Antisemitism coming out of this Administration is the worst we have ever seen from any Administration.”

End quote

Trump is learning that you can never bow low enough to the Jews.

I have a section on my website that is all about Anne Frank:

President Trump, under pressure to speak out against rising anti-Semitic vandalism in the country…

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The title of my blog post today is a quote from a news article which you can read in full at

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump

Jared Kushner and his wife Ivanka Trump

Why should there be “rising violence aimed at Jews” at this point? Is it because we have Jews in the White House now: Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner and his daughter Ivanka who converted to Judaism after she married Kushner?

The following quote is from the news article:

Begin quote

“The anti-Semitic threats targeting our Jewish community at community centers are horrible and are painful and a very sad reminder of the work that still must be done to root out hate and prejudice and evil,” Trump said.

During an earlier interview with NBC News at the site, Trump said: “Anti-Semitism is horrible and it’s going to stop, and it has to stop.”

End quote

February 16, 2017

Holocaust website can’t explain why the Holocaust happened

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Jewish men

With nothing better to do, I logged onto this website:
The Holocaust raises many perplexing questions.

The following quote is from the website, cited above:

Begin quote

Why did so many ordinary Europeans cooperate with Hitler’s programme of Jewish persecution (actively or passively), and why did relatively few resist?

Was the systematic murder of Jews on an industrial scale an anomaly of history, or merely the worst manifestation of a hatred that for thousands of years has simmered and frequently boiled over?

How was it possible that a “Christian” society as highly educated and cultured as that of 1930’s Germany could spawn such evil?

Shadows of Shoah [website], alone, cannot provide satisfactory answers. It can and does, however, convey some of what happened and, importantly, it provides a human face for what has become, for many, merely a faceless statistic.

End quote

What did the Jews ever do that caused so many non-Jews to hate them? The Jews have never done anything wrong in the entire history of the world, so why do so many people hate them?

White House Holocaust Remembrance Day statement failed to mention Jews

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Trump's wig blowing off his head

Trump’s wig blowing off his head

The photo above shows The Donald blowing his top.

This news article tells about Donald Trump’s Holocaust Remembrance Day statement:

The Donald failed to mention Jews in his Holocaust Remembrance Day statement.

The following quote is from the news article:

Begin quote from news article:

The resolution, a shrewd effort to pin Republicans down on something the Trump administration has needlessly made an issue, condemned the White House’s Holocaust Remembrance Day statement, which failed to mention Jews or the anti-Semitism that led to Adolf Hitler’s genocide against them. It also called for the House to reiterate “the indisputable fact that the Nazi regime targeted the Jewish people in its perpetration of the Holocaust,” condemn Holocaust denialism, and demand acknowledgment from the White House that Jews were targeted.

In the wake of controversy over the Holocaust Remembrance Day statement, the White House defended it, saying that it had wished to be inclusive by acknowledging that other groups had been killed by Hitler’s regime as well.

End quote

So-called “other groups” who were killed by “Hitler’s regime” don’t count. The Holocaust is about the Jews. Why didn’t Trump’s Jewish son-in-law advise him on this subject.

February 10, 2017

People are tweeting about the Jews, on the ship named St. Louis, who were turned away from America

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I must disclose, right up front, that I have never tweeted. I don’t want to become addicted to something that will waste my valuable time. I might be the only person in the world who does not tweet.

Today I read a news article, which tells about a “Twitter account which lists  hundreds of Jews who were killed after being refused entry to the US”.

I knew that this was a reference to the Jews on the ship named the Saint Louis, which was turned away from the USA and forced to return to Europe. In the past, I have written about the ship named the St. Louis, but I can’t find the link now.

Back then, no country wanted the Jews. I wonder why? Is it because Jews lie, steal and cheat? Why not blame the Jews for their behavior instead of blaming the people who don’t like being cheated and lied to.

August 4, 2016

What happened to the Gypsies during World War II?

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The Gypsies [who never gypped anyone] are now being honored at Auschwitz.

The road to the gas chambers at Birkenau

My photo of the road to the gas chambers at Auschwitz-Birkenau

The Gypsies walked down a road, similar to the road that is shown in the photo above, on their way to the gas chambers.

You can read about the gassing of the Gypsies in this news article:,Roma-Holocaust-victims-remembered-at-Auschwitz-death-camp

Brzezinka, 02.08.2016. Obchody Miêdzynarodowego Dnia Pamiêci o Zag³adzie Romów odby³y siê, 2 bm. w by³ym niemieckim obozie zag³ady Auschwitz II-Birkenau. Wziêli w nich udzia³ ocaleni Romowie i Sinti, przedstawicieli w³adz i dyplomatów. 2 sierpnia przypada 72. rocznica likwidacji tzw. obozu rodzinnego dla Cyganów. Noc¹ Niemcy zg³adzili w komorze gazowej 2897 ¿yj¹cych jeszcze Romów. (cat) PAP/Stanis³aw Rozpêdzik

Brzezinka, 02.08.2016.
Obchody Miêdzynarodowego Dnia Pamiêci o Zag³adzie Romów odby³y siê, 2 bm. w by³ym niemieckim obozie zag³ady Auschwitz II-Birkenau. Wziêli w nich udzia³ ocaleni Romowie i Sinti, przedstawicieli w³adz i dyplomatów. 2 sierpnia przypada 72. rocznica likwidacji tzw. obozu rodzinnego dla Cyganów. Noc¹ Niemcy zg³adzili w komorze gazowej 2897 ¿yj¹cych jeszcze Romów. (cat)
PAP/Stanis³aw Rozpêdzik

The following quote is from the news article:

Begin quote

On 2 August 1944, nearly 3,000 Roma men, women and children from the so-called ‘Gypsy camp’ (Zigeunerlager) were murdered by the Nazis in gas chambers in Auschwitz-Birkenau, which was run by the Germans in occupied Poland.

End quote

Why were those evil Nazis killing these innocent Gypsies, who had never gypped anyone? Why were the evil Nazis killing the innocent Jews, who had never jewed anyone down. Is there a verb for the Nazis? Did the Nazis ever nazi anyone?

I previously blogged about the Gypsies at

I wrote about the Museum for the Gypsies at Sachsenhausen, on my website at




March 11, 2010

School children in the UK forced to play Holocaust game

A friend alerted me to this article, in the Mail Online newspaper in the United Kingdom, about school children in St. Hiliary’s School being forced to play a “Holocaust game.” I have quoted the full article below:

Primary schoolchildren in tears after they are told they will be removed from families as part of Holocaust “game”

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 11:10 AM on 11th March 2010

A group of stunned primary schoolchildren began crying when their teacher told them during a bizarre Holocaust game that they were to be taken away from their families.

The pupils, aged 11, became upset after a number of them were segregated and told they were being sent away or might end up in an orphanage.

The ordeal was meant to give the youngsters at the Lanarkshire school an insight into the horrors faced by Jewish children during World War II.

The exercise was intended to give the pupils at St Hilary’s Primary School an insight into the horrors faced by Jewish children during World War II.

But the exercise, which was sprung without warning on the children at St Hilary’s Primary School in East Kilbride last Thursday morning, reduced several to tears.

Deputy head teacher Elizabeth McGlynn segregated nine pupils and told them they were to be sent away. After 15 minutes they were told it was all an act but that the role play would carry on up to lunchtime.

One angry parent, who has lodged an official complaint about the exercise, told how the “barbaric” role play upset the children.

In a letter sent to council bosses, the unnamed mother said:

“Mrs McGlynn told the children they would probably have to be sent away from their families and that their parents had been informed about this and knew all about it.

“When one child asked if that meant they might have to go to an orphanage, they were told that might be a possibility.

“At that point many of the children became very distressed.

“One boy kicked his chair over, one was angry and demanded to speak to someone in charge but most were crying on a scale ranging from mildly to severely.

“Their ordeal lasted between 12 and 15 minutes before the children were informed that it was all an act but that the role play would continue until lunchtime.

“One girl said her classmates began crying when Mrs. McGlynn told them she had a letter from the Scottish Executive saying nine children had to be separated from their classmates.

“She told the shocked youngsters those who were born in January, February and March had lower IQs than other children, ‘due to lack of sunlight in their mother’s womb’, and that they had to put yellow hats on and be sent to the library.

The mother added: “When I asked why on earth they thought it was appropriate to deliver a role play situation to the children in this way, Mrs. Stewart informed me that they didn’t inform the children beforehand.

“This was because they wanted the children to experience an “accurate emotional response” to this scenario in order for it to be reflected in their story writing.

“Mrs. Stewart then invited me to come up to the school and see the excellent work that had been produced as a result of the exercise.

“I declined and my position and opinion on the method used to extract emotive story writing from the children was cruel, barbaric, traumatic and totally, totally unethical.

“My daughter and indeed no child needs to feel the terror, fear, panic, segregation and horror that a child of the Holocaust experienced during one of the worst atrocities in history to be able to empathise with them in order to produce good story writing.”

A South Lanarkshire council spokeswoman, who confirmed that a role play activity took place, said: “The council can confirm that a parent handed in a letter to Education Resources on Monday, March 8, 2010, and this will be responded to shortly.”

An estimated six million Jews died in the Holocaust. Jewish children in Nazi Europe had to wear yellow Star of David badges during World War II.

Jews also had to live apart from the rest of the population in ghettos.

Finally they were taken to concentration camps, where most were separated from their parents then killed.

When I first skimmed through this article online, I thought it was about children in an American school.  I know that American children also do Holocaust role playing in the classroom.  It is one thing to make American children feel bad about what their great-grandparents did during the Holocaust, but British kids?

The British allowed Jewish children to come to the UK on “Kinder transports” in 1939 before World War II started.  But in America, Congress refused to amend two laws, passed in 1920 and 1921, which limited the number of Jews that could come to America from Poland and Germany.

Eleanor Roosevelt, the wife of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, went before Congress and personally begged the lawmakers to allow two transports of 10,000 Jewish children to come to America.  But Congress wouldn’t budge. Thank God, the British weren’t so cruel.  They allowed Kinder transports to bring Jewish children to the UK.

The children in St. Hiliary’s school should have played a game in which they were allowed to feel good about themselves because the British did the right thing in saving Jewish children.

America had a population of 125 million in 1933 when Hitler came to power.  There were less than 16 million Jews in the entire world at that time.  America could have opened its doors and allowed every Jew in the world to come here, but our great-grandparents wouldn’t lift a finger to save the Jews.

The first law, passed by Congress in America in 1920, was in response to a campaign by American Jews to save the Jews in Poland who were homeless and starving because they were living in eastern Poland where the Russians had burned everything when they retreated from the German Army in World War I.  American Jews warned that 6 million Jews would die in a “Holocaust” unless something was done.  America didn’t want these 6 million Polish Jews and that’s why Congress passed a law that severely limited the number of people from Poland who could get a visa to come to America.  When the Polish Jews tried to go to Germany and enter America from Germany, another law was passed in 1921 to stop this.

If schools in the UK want to make the children feel guilty about what their ancestors did, let them play a game about what the British did to the Irish.  My great-grandfather was shipped to America as a 16-year-old orphan on a “coffin ship” during the so-called Irish famine, which wasn’t a famine at all because there was plenty of grain to feed the Irish when the potato crop failed, but the British wouldn’t give the grain to the Irish.

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