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July 14, 2017

The Diet of Worms

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The video above is a short version and the video below is a longer version of the same scene.  Both show living off a “diet of worms”.

I am writing today about a Klingon food called gagh.  This food is basically live raw serpent worms.  Gagh is always best served live.  Klingons basically live on a “diet of worms”.

I have been getting a lot of good, but off topic comments, this month. Here are  a few examples.

The link above is to a recent outstanding but off topic comment quoted below.

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This is off topic (once again), but how come no one ever drags Martin Luther into this?

Luther wrote: “On the Jews and Their Lies”.

He hammered down on them. He said they were full of “Devils feces”. He said that ”they wallow in it like swine”. The synagogue was a “defiled bride, incorrigible whore and evil slut”. Can’t people see why Jews have been hated since the dawn of time.

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The link below was to another off top comment which is also quoted.

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Martin Luther was a defender of the Jews when he was young. He condemned the Catholic Church for it’s treatment of the Jews. He even wrote an article entitled “Jesus Christ was born a Jew” in 1523.

Then he learned Hebrew (in order to verify the conformity of the translated Scriptures with the original texts) and so became able to read what the Talmud and rabbinical teachings stated about Christianity.

From that time, his tone changed. He advised that: “Their private houses must be destroyed and devastated, they could be lodged in stables. Let the magistrates burn their synagogues and let whatever escapes be covered with sand and mud.

Let them be forced to work, and if this avails nothing, we will be compelled to expel them like dogs in order not to expose ourselves to incurring divine wrath and eternal damnation from the Jews and their lies.”

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What did Martin Luther have to do with the “diet of worms”

A long time ago, I blogged about the “diet of worms”.