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August 17, 2010

Lou Gehrig may not have had ALS

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I just heard on the TV news that Lou Gehrig may have been misdiagnosed; maybe he didn’t have Lou Gehrig’s disease, also known as ALS, which stands for Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. The latest theory is that he may have suffered from many concussions in his athletic career.


March 15, 2010

ALS — aka Lou Gehrig’s disease

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The other day, I had occasion to look up whether or not a certain famous person was dead or alive.  There is a web site called Dead or Alive which gives this information.  There is also a section of the web site which lists the names of famous people who have died from various diseases, including ALS.  I have two distant family members (not related to me) who died of ALS, so I have an interest in this subject. (more…)

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