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July 8, 2011

The monuments and memorials at Mauthausen

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This morning I was browsing the blogs and came across this blog post by the Black Rabbit which tells about the unique method used to gas prisoners at Mauthausen. (I wrote about the gassing of prisoners at Mauthausen on my web site here.) A photo at the top of the Black Rabbit blog shows the gate house at Mauthausen.

In the photo, there is a monument in front of the gate house which obstructs the view.  This photo upset me because I disapprove of a monument being placed in front of this beautiful gate.  I’m glad that I got to see Mauthausen before this memorial was added to the thousands of memorials which clutter up the site of the former Mauthausen camp and distract visitors who want to see what the camp looked like when it was in operation.  Enough already!

My photo of the gate house at Mauthausen

The prisoners referred to this entrance, pictured above, as the Mongol gate or the Mongolian gate. Note the two guard towers on the top which look like Chinese architecture. On the right is the former Jourhaus which has been converted into a bookstore.   (more…)