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March 29, 2013

When a Holocaust denial law is eventually passed in America, what will US citizens be required to believe?

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I anticipate that America will eventually have a law against Holocaust denial and that Holocaust denial will be an exception to our 1st Amendment right of free speech.  Russia is currently contemplating such a law.  You can read more about the proposed law in Russia here.

When a Holocaust denial law is passed in the USA, what will Americans be required to believe, under the threat of 5 years in prison?

Today, I read an interesting article here, entitled “What do Creationists and Holocaust Deniers Have In Common?”

This quote is from the article cited above:

As distasteful and offensive as the Holocaust deniers analogy may seem (it’s such a morally repulsive idea that no sane historian would ever attempt to equivocate the truth of the Holocaust with radical conspiracy theories), we would be naive if we summarily discounted that denial without understanding its origins and its import. For a great many in the radicalized Middle East, Holocaust denial is a centerpiece in education policy, domestic policy, and international affairs. We are nearly seventy years removed from the Holocaust, and I suspect that, within my lifetime, I’ll one day read about the death of the last remaining survivor.

We know the Holocaust is true, because many of us lived through it. To be sure, I am far too young to remember the Holocaust, but when I was eighteen, a group of friends and I trekked through the Dachau Concentration Camp, one of the saddest but most illuminating moments of my young life: Confronting the vestiges of undeniable evil, the inhumanly cramped boarding rooms, the crematoriums, the gas chambers, the cast-iron sign emblazoned with the words “Arbeit Macht Frei.” A place that still smelled like soot and death and dust. This was not a Hollywood set. If I had possessed even a fragment of a thought about the remote possibility of a massive conspiracy, it was forever extinguished that afternoon. Dachau is a vivid, permanent, real place on our planet; Holocaust deniers are idiots.

The author doesn’t say how old he is now, so we don’t know what year it was when he was 18, but it must have been during the period of time when there was a sign in the Dachau shower room, saying that it was not a gas chamber, or never used as a gas chamber.

His trek through Dachau must have been after the barracks had been torn down, so that a Memorial Site could be constructed inside the former concentration camp.  The “inhumanly cramped boarding rooms” must have been the reconstructed barrack buildings. When the Dachau camp was used for 17 years to house the ethnic Germans who had been expelled from Czechoslovakia, tourists were not allowed to disturb these pathetic residents.

What did he think that the “Arbeit Macht Frei” sign proved? During the time that 30,000 German “war criminals” were crowded into the Dachau camp, designed for 5,000 prisoners, the “Arbeit Macht Frei” sign was not there, and the prisoners did not have to work.  During that time, the Dachau camp was called “War Crimes Enclosure No. 1.”

If he saw the “gas chambers” (plural), that means that he saw the disinfection chambers that were clearly labeled as such.  The disinfection chambers were used to SAVE lives.

David Irving was thrown into prison in Austria because he said that the gas chamber at the main Auschwitz camp was a “reconstruction.”  Now it is admitted that this gas chamber was reconstructed by the Soviets, and it is no longer a crime to say this.

When Holocaust denial becomes a crime in America, will we have to believe the stories told by Irene Zisblatt or face a 5 year prison sentence?

Hopefully, when America passes a Holocaust Denial law, there will be huge book (about the size of the book of rules on Obamacare) that gives details on each and every story that we are required to believe.

When a Holocaust denial law is finally passed in America, the prisons will become so overcrowded that a new punishment will have to be devised.  Maybe Holocaust deniers could be forced to stand on a street corner wearing a “neck violin” like ones that criminals were forced to wear in the old days.

Neck violin that criminals were forced to wear in the old days

Neck violin that criminals were forced to wear in the old days

Criminals were forced to wear a neck violin in the old days

Criminals were forced to wear a neck violin in the old days

Or should Holocaust deniers be thrown into a dungeon, as witches were, after a witch trial.  Holocaust denier trials have been compared to witch trials because the perpetrator is not allowed to defend himself or herself.

The photo below shows a dungeon for witches in Germany.

A dungeon for witches in Germany

A dungeon for witches in Germany

June 13, 2010

Criminal Museum in Rothenburg ob der Tauber

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I’ve been reading about the Natalee Holloway Resource Center that opened on June 8th in the National Museum of Crime and Punishment in Washington, DC.  That reminded me of several trips that I took to the German town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber which has something called the Criminal Museum.  I am putting up the photos that I took in the Museum. Click on the photos to see a larger size.