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March 13, 2010

American Idol – dreadlocks, tattoos and piercings?

Simon Cowell is predicting Chrystal Bowersox to win American Idol this season.  Chrystal is a fantastic singer and I love her; she reminds me of Janis Joplin, my all time favorite singer. But will America vote a woman with dreadlocks and a stud in her lower lip into the number one spot?  I don’t think so.

Update, May 27, 2010: I told you so!  On Tuesday night, I thought that Chrystal might win and prove me wrong; she clearly sang better than Lee in her last performance. I was tempted to vote for her after she sang my very most favorite song in the whole world: “Me and Bobby McGee.”  She will go on to have a great career, I’m sure.  If she cuts off her dreadlocks, she will be even more successful.

Chrystal Bowersox Photo by Chris Hatcher, PR Photos

Remember Jason Castro in 2008?  He was eliminated early on, and I think it was because Middle America couldn’t relate to a white man with dreadlocks.

Carly Smithson was also eliminated early on in 2008 even though she was a good singer.  She deliberately showed off her tattooed arms and that was the end of her. I think the same thing will happen to Andy Garcia who has a very distracting tattoo on his neck. Siobhan Magnus has three tattoos and unless she keeps them covered, she will soon be eliminated from the competition.

Andrew Garcia Photo by Chris Hatcher, PR Photos

Lee De Wyze Photo by Chris Hatcher, PR Photos

I am predicting Lee De Wyze as the winner this year.  Simon says that he has the best voice of all the contestants, and I agree.  But the reason that he will win is because he is a regular guy. He is the kind of person that Middle America can relate to.  Remember last year’s winner?  Kris Allen – the kind of guy that Middle America loves.  And make no mistake about it, Middle America picks the winner.  Simon thinks that America consists of the East Coast and the Left Coast, and that the contestants won’t be judged on how they look and act.  He’s dead wrong.

I picked Lee De Wyze as the winner when I saw him pull up his pants while he was singing. If he starts singing country songs at every opportunity, he can’t miss.  Sixty percent of all records sold in America are country music.  But you can’t take a country song and murder it like Lilly Scott did with her rendition of Patsy Cline’s song “I fall to pieces.”

About her Patsy Cline song choice, Lily said:

“I picked that song because I love Patsy Cline, but then again, the “American Idol” voting demographic is mostly tweens and I’m sure they don’t know who Patsy Cline is. That probably affected me but I’m staying true to my song choice.”

It wasn’t because of her song choice that she was voted off, but because she didn’t do the song justice.  You can listen to the original version by Patsy Cline herself on YouTube.  My favorite Patsy Cline recording is “She’s Got You,” which is also on YouTube.

The most successful Idol winner of all time is Carrie Underwood, a country singer.  There are no country singers in this year’s top 12, unless Lee decides to go country, which I hope he will.

I think that Todrick Hall will go the way of Jennifer Hudson.  He’ll be on Broadway, or in the movies or on TV, or maybe all three. He is good looking and has loads of charisma.  He is sure to have a great career.