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August 20, 2016

What exactly did Hitler write in Mein Kampf about killing the Jews?

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Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler

There has been a lively discussion, about Hitler, going on recently in the comment section of my blog.  The discussion centers on Hitler’s use of gas to kill Jews during World War II.

I have had to look up Hitler’s exact words, written in his long boring book, entitled “Mein Kampf”, in order to refresh my memory.

In doing a search, I found this website which gives quotes, from Hitler, in an organized manner:

Reading Mein Kampf

The following quote is from the website, cited above:

Reading Mein Kampf

[…] However, the most disturbing and horrifying quote comes right at the end of the book when Hitler gives a hint of the great evil he would soon commit.

[Begin quote]

“At the beginning of the War, or even during the War, if twelve or fifteen thousand of these Jews who were corrupting the nation had been forced to submit to poison gas, just as hundreds of thousands of our best German workers from every social stratum and from every trade and calling had to face it in the field, then the millions of sacrifices made at the front would not have been in vain. On the contrary if twelve thousand of these [Jewish] malefactors had been eliminated in proper time probably the lives of a million decent men, who would be of value to Germany in the future, might have been saved.”

End quote

Correct me if I am wrong, but I think that Hitler was referring to the use of poison gas, by the Allies, on the battlefield during World War One.

I could not find any quote in which Hitler advocated killing thousands of Jews, using Zyklon-B gas, in huge underground gas chambers, which looked like crematoria, nor in rooms that looked like shower rooms.

Ask yourself this: If Hitler was so terrible, why did a beautiful young woman stay with him to the bitter end, and then kill herself, beside him.