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September 23, 2010

Why did the U.S. government deny that American flyers were held in Buchenwald?

This post is in response to Peg, a reader who commented today on a previous post that I wrote about the American pilots who were held in the Buchenwald concentration camp during World War II.

Peg’s comment is quoted here:

My uncle, Robert Ward from Boone, Iowa was one of the men that was taken to Buchenwald. He is no longer alive, he nearly died while being held, but did manage to survive. He broke his ankle when they had to jump from their airplane and was then forced to walk without ever being treated for his injury. The story of their captivity is an amazing, but terrible one. I am amazed that they lived to tell about it.

He was definately a different man when he returned. For many many years even the American government denied that they were held in this camp.

One would think that the American government would have had a field day in condemning the Germans for violating the Geneva Convention of 1929 by putting POWs into a concentration camp instead of a POW camp, as required by the Geneva Convention. In fact, why didn’t the American government take advantage of this situation to retaliate against the German POWs being held in America?    (more…)