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July 13, 2017

Germany agrees to pay pensions for Lasi Holocaust survivors

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Lasi survivors receive compensation

You can read about Germany’s plan to pay pensions for Lasi Holocaust survivors in this news article:

[I previously blogged about this on July 4, 2017]

As it turns out, Germany made a big mistake in allowing some of the Jews to live. Now they are going to pay pensions for the survivors that they didn’t kill. What a revolting development this is.

The following quote is from the news article:

Begin quote

George Herscu’s eyes filled with tears when he got the news: More than 75 years after he survived a Holocaust massacre, the German government had finally agreed to recognize his suffering.

“After so many years, justice is done,” the 90-year-old said, crying in his Springfield, New Jersey, home.

“My mother, my father…” he said, his voice trailing off as he remembered his murdered family. “For me it’s a little bit too late, you know. But it’s just the fact that they recognized the barbaric way they killed my father.”

Herscu is one of 1,000 survivors of what’s known as the Iasi Pogrom, a 1940 roundup of Romanian Jews planned by Romanian and German officials.

For years, the Germans refused to compensate the Iasi survivors the same way it compensates those who made it out of concentration camps or were trapped in open ghettos.

But the Conference on Jewish Claims Against Germany announced Wednesday that it negotiated an agreement that makes Iasi survivors eligible for pensions.

Now the survivors who meet the criteria will receive pensions of about $400 a month and are eligible for more home care services. Herscu and his wife Sonia, who is also a survivor, will each get pensions.

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Germany can’t win for losing. Now they have to pay pensions to the Jews that they didn’t kill.