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June 3, 2011

Glenn Beck is going to Auschwitz

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Yesterday, Glenn Beck announced that his last TV show will be on June 30, 2011. Then he will be going to Poland to visit Auschwitz.   He said that Auschwitz “is the last place on earth” that he wants to go. He wants to go to Red Square; he wants to go to England. Auschwitz is not on his list but he’s going there because he “knows the story” and he “knows it’s true.”

Has Glenn Beck’s life been threatened?  Has “Spooky Dude” ordered a hit on him?  Months ago, I wrote on my blog here “Is Glenn Beck Trying to Get Himself Killed?” After years of insulting the Jews, Glenn Beck has taken a 180 degree turn and he is now peddling “Stand with Israel” banners.

On yesterday’s show, Beck compared himself to Oskar Schindler. He pointed out that Schindler “didn’t get it at first.”  But then Schindler “saw the light” and he “put his life on the line to save the Jews.”  Now it seems that Glenn Beck is following in Schindler’s footsteps.  He is going to save Israel from the “Freedom for Palestine” people; the “Israeli occupation” is a LIE, according to Beck.  Why the concern over the “plight of the Palestinians?”  It is Israel that is in danger from Hamas and Hezbollah.

Beck cried more than John Boehner as he described how he was overwhelmed by the movie Schindler’s List. He said that he “was weeping at the end” and he couldn’t move.  He had to be escorted out of the theater.  He had been totaled out by the ending of the movie when Schindler’s Jews present him with a ring engraved with a line from the Talmud: “He who saves a single life, saves the world.”

Beck mentioned that he also saw the movie Life is Beautiful.  Then he said, regarding these two movies, “Here’s what hits you so hard — they are true.”  It’s been years since these movies came out, but Glenn Beck is just now “getting it” and he’s going to Auschwitz.  He’s never been to England, and he would like to see the pyramids in Egypt, but he’s going to Auschwitz instead.  Did he cut a deal with the Jews?

Beck’s show lost more than 300 advertisers over the years, which probably led to his show being taken off the air. But there is one ad that has been played many times — the one about the elderly Holocaust survivors who are now starving in Siberia.  Yesterday, the ad was shown again, and I noticed the part where the tattoo on the arm of one of the Jews is shown.  That part had been cut out, but now it’s back.  The tattoo starts with an A, followed by several numbers.  This indicates that the person with this identification number arrived at Auschwitz in 1944 when the Hungarian Jews were deported.

Beck’s show on Wednesday laid the groundwork for the theme of Thursday’s show.  On Wednesday’s show, Beck told about how the Jews have been “oppressed” since the year 175 BC when the King of Syria outlawed circumcision.  Now by an “amazing coincidence” it is starting all over again in San Francisco where a ban on circumcision has been proposed.

On Wednesday, Beck went through a long list of countries that had expelled the Jews over the years; he mentioned around 12 of the 82 times that the Jews were expelled and then said that the Jews had been “kicked out of every single country in the world.”  He was not blaming the Jews — it is the rest of the world that is at fault.  But don’t worry; Glenn Beck is going to save Israel.