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June 27, 2017

German vocabulary word of the day: “Scheißhaufen”

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The video, which you can see by clicking on the link above, is an example of “Scheißhaufen” according to an outstanding native German speaker.

You can see the German word “Scheißhaufen” used in a sentence in a comment made by Herbert Stolpmann, which you can read in the quote below.

Begin quote from Stolpmann

Well hermie -FG

That strong and vibrant voice of mein Führer is now silent [actually it sounds like a dog barking] and the world he set on fire will never be the same, at least not for me.
Just keep cranking out some more of these Scheißhaufen, some people like you seem to like it!

End quote from Stolpmann

In his youth, Stolpmann fought for Germany all the way to the bitter end, until he was ordered to surrender.  Then he survived as a member of the Disarmed Enemy Forces.  His first-hand recollections of those days are very valuable, and I have the utmost respect for his stories.  However, I fear that the word Scheißhaufen might lose something in translation.

Stolpmann is an outstanding blogger in his own right.

You can read his 2017 blog posts, about Dachau, by clicking here: