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April 13, 2016

The misuse of Holocaust photos in today’s news articles

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The photo above was used to illustrate a news article which you can read at

Nazism is an abomination, not a term of casual abuse

The following quote is from the news article, cited above:

Begin quote

Nazis, who represent the ultimate evil and conjure horrific visions of suffering and depravity, are appearing in our culture with disturbing frequency and obscenely littering our public square. We have soup Nazis, grammar Nazis, eco-Nazis, femi-Nazis, nico-Nazis, health Nazis, jazz Nazis, ticket Nazis, lunchbox Nazis and traffic Nazis, to name but a few. The real Nazis must be delighted with these distortions.

I get why people are tempted to introduce Nazis into a discussion, why the appeal of invoking and exploiting this imagery is so powerful. The Third Reich embodies a unique historical evil and is a convenient metaphor for illustrating the concept of right versus wrong. It’s a cheap trick that packs a punch as a scare tactic, is hard to beat for shock value and is guaranteed to work as a sensational headline generator.

End quote

The photo above is a very poor choice to illustrate the Holocaust. Note the warm clothing, including warm caps and coats. Many of the women in the photo are past the age to be selected as workers.

Note that some of the women have a full head of hair, which means that they have been in the camp long enough for their hair to grow out after the hair was initially shaved to get rid of any lice.

These women appear to be in good health, not starving to death. Would it have killed the people who wrote this article, to have used a proper photograph of starving, emaciated prisoners, freezing to death without proper clothing?